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Badminton smash the power problem

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themselves are also playing badminton for some time as an increase of technology in general can not kill the ball when it was mainly lack of strength to the opponent with no effort too little pressure on badminton expert please help out a policy more detailed the better Xie a!
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judge Start: use the correct place after the market moving pace. When the ball drop to a certain height, holding the elbow swarmed clapping, arm external rotation, full recline, to the shoulder axis to make an action to do loopback cited, wrist fully extended, form a ball before the long arm, left hand with the transfer stretch the left side of body movements, coordination hair right hand edge, ready to hit the ball.

Batting Action: Click in the right shoulder hit the ball hit the top of the more high-lob dribble a little closer to the top position. Before hitting the arm of force in order to obtain a larger distance can be fully mobilize the lower limbs, waist and upper extremity strength, and lean back almost was "bow-shaped" to prepare the power stroke. An instant hit from the probe the flexor forearm and wrist driven rapid flashing, in order to face before being shot hit the bottom of the full-fat beat.

Hit the ball with the ball moves after the holders of clapping after the completion of inertia to the left before the bottom of waving his left hand co-ordination to maintain the body balance, hopping from rock-bottom moment ie the center of memorable bits, while holding the bottom of the rapid recovery of clapping from the left anterior to the front of body in preparation for hit the next ball.

Killing the ball is to suddenly accelerates the speed of arm and wrist, so that the "flashing", the use of waist and back bow strength.

Major error: 1, beat face angle control is not good, and the force direction of improper

2, ball-point control is not good, too front or on the list

3, wrist shots, muscle tension, resulting in flashing wrist is not enough, hit Ball inability to

4, when the arm hit the ball down, resulting in the net

kill the ball is also divided into two forehand smash ball, overhead smash ball, backhand smash the ball. Concrete may contact me.

Hope your game progress



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