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Just bought a badminton racket, Racket Grip is not a flat surface, and how to do? (With photos)

tent3332010-02-12 21:01:48 +0000 #1
to buy genuine victory of the new explorers pro660, particularly like. Came back and found the rhythm and the beat ruffled look Grip surface angle of the plane have about 23-degree bar, depressed dead. A photo, clear photos here , this common? Can be replaced do?
intellimouse2010-02-12 21:13:30 +0000 #2
What do you think "right straight" was in fact case back and the racket is just right Debu, Grip is actually positive.

Bottom Cover only haphazard set of the wooden, and then use a nail nailed the only, the case back in fact loose some, and Wood also is likely to result in different angles.

Of course, as a non-high-end film, a little careless about quality control aspects are not impossible. . .

Sue you have heart disease and complete the approach. . . Put at the end of glue (handle skin) exposing a direct look at Wood and racket angle to clear the.

I have a RSL prior to the beat, looking at this than the lz is also distorted, expose a direct look at the end of plastic handle, is positive. . A false alarm. . .
Ah Sasuke Sasuke2010-02-12 21:44:36 +0000 #3
pros and cons of their practice is not recommended for quality Quhuan呀will give you genuine change in general do not understand very few know how to beat the clerk will give you not to go for complaint! Hello buddies with the invoice receipt to go out of the
freestylema2010-02-12 21:26:18 +0000 #4
FAQ - not a very serious impact if and when playing golf on the Quhuan bar.
vieto_yoyo2010-02-12 22:47:37 +0000 #5
quality problem, install the Grip are not equipped with a good time.

If you can remove your own reasons for use or not properly maintained, can generally be a replacement.
huanshidefeng2010-02-12 21:24:18 +0000 #6
You made two mistakes

1. for the time being do not look at else you think your plane is not placed on the level of the racket even if it is a perfect shot out of beat effects are definitely crooked.

2. Select the time you beat Do not use planes in balancing point and then gently turn film shot Mody? If you have problems at that time should be found.

In general badminton racket is not sold, to be replaced even if the tempo is really a problem when you are shopping on-line payment did not see it even if you have a problem after the line is still want you out of the money should be There warranty is the racket has nothing to do with the line

PS is strongly recommended that if your level is not the kind of old woman passer-A's then do not play with this kind of angle of the racket because once you get used to the hand after the split-type crane He may have been changed if you change the normal beat is difficult to grasp the ball-point cut in order to complete movement of the crane split
lcc4252010-02-12 23:05:55 +0000 #7
If it is not your own practice, and can exchange
Glass Pavilion War Dream2010-02-13 00:26:46 +0000 #8
quite common. Breaking a look at the line of breaking off a hand do



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