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Badminton Racket-line issue

Lone Aberdeen2010-02-12 22:01:09 +0000 #1
My badminton rackets break today, the next question is to understand this line of friends, pull thin thick line comparison is good, or pull a comparison Well, two kinds of what kind of easier to break, ah , there are pull-pull lines and 22 lines 20 lines which three lines Well, there are any good?
POP900002010-02-12 22:06:39 +0000 #2
read suggestions put up their own doctrine, the right itself is like

Wuhan threading division
xianhaocan2010-02-12 22:27:36 +0000 #3
hitting a sense of shock-absorbing elastic nature of controlling the durability

BG-95 better than that of hard best best better 50 yuan / Article

BG-6 well in the soft general general general 25 yuan / Article

BG-65 in general in the soft good good good 28 yuan / Article

BG-70Pro generally better better better in the soft 34 yuan / Article

BG-80 best hard good good good 38 yuan / Article

BG-85 the best and most hard-good poor good 39 yuan / Article

BG-65Ti good hard generally better a good 35 yuan / Article

BG-68Ti best best best and most hard-General 39 yuan / Article

YY line of the ball, I know and have seen there are BG6, BG43, BG65, BG66, BG70, BG80, BG85 , TI65, TI68, TI75, TI88, POWER GRIP,

the last three lines there is no distribution of domestic agents, the basic no chance to see, do not make much sense, in this is not the discussion.

I am the YY line of the ball through the hands of about two thousand articles, can basically close their eyes to work out the various lines of distinction between his hands, but also because of Zhejiang Province team and two teams of professional players and coaches are basically the racket handled by me, worn, so we know that these lines after use authoritative sense of hope to give a number of golfers in this proposal, of course, because everyone does not feel like I am talking about is not necessarily suitable for you, if and how you feel discrepancy, please also more forgiving.

Do not recommend the use of TI65 and TI68-line, in addition to the sound nicely, no other benefits, but TI outside coating and inside the fiber core stretching factor varies, so it is easy to break. As the TI surface coating is added Tu clothing line, so the weakening of the line itself, weaving clothing lines, greatly reduces the point of, but the smash when it was very psychologically enhanced, but only the illusion of its own.

BG6 line in recent years, under a single national agency to do their own comparison of low-end of the line, the quality of crude rotten build, color, nearly transparent, no knitting to speak of, really do not want too much evaluation.

43 line is YY introduced low-end product line itself is a very thick, a staggering 0.73 millimeters, so flexibility is poor, its own YY is resistant to enhance its fighting nature, but because this line of rough woven Comparison , material is weak, so it does not see how much resistance to fight.

65 lines in the country the ball vigorously sought after by the Friends of the initial causes of the original team are usually training in the use of 65 lines (whether it is now or 65 lines, I do not know), but many people do not know, the national team line is used in 65 large cap companies YY lines, feel, and we bought bags of lines are relatively large difference between the 65 national team jerseys casual line of more sophisticated structures, Mo Shangqu angular, very Tinggua, when threading the sound of the voice Shua Shua, is not easy to tie, pocket line is relatively soft, smooth, wire clothes easy to wear themselves out. Because of the oldest group of golf enthusiasts are strongly sought after 65 line, so then the new people to join badminton team have also been using 65 lines more, but also because the relatively affordable price of 65 lines were all the more favor for me. 65 lines Disadvantages: poor flexibility, control poor. Advantages: strong, the price is relatively cheap.

66 line has always been more of my favorite lines, excellent flexibility, sound crisp, but because the line itself is only 0.66mm, is relatively easy to break, impatient to fight, it is not recommended enough explosive force of the ball members to use. Explosive force is relatively small, or the beginner, as well as girls and would like to recommend the use of lazy people. Shortcomings and bad ball.

70 lines I personally think it's tasteless, is the company out of a Sibu Xiang YY products, but also come up with flexible, want to have control, but also anti-war, the result made no features of this line. (I have always thought that must have their own line and beat a strong personality, if not, it is of a mediocre made)

80-wire diameter 0.68, line the body rather hard, clear line of clothing lines, flexibility are very good, offensive section very strong lines, with YY nano 9000, MP100, Ti10, AT700, etc. there is an unexpected offensive racket ball feel and power. Strongly recommended the use of offensive teammates.

85 lines more flexible, wire weaving fine clothes, the texture is clearly visible naked eye, there is strong manipulation, flexibility to make smaller than 66 lines, control performance is 66 lines and 85 lines can not be compared. The proposed defensive teammates and doubles the net when the stations that use.

As the line of its own characteristics, and therefore also different threading pounds, with 65 lines should be pulled high pound, as an extension of 65 lines of relatively strong, use a few times will be reduced significantly pounds, and the issue of alignment of 65 lines are most prominent, but there are a relatively contradictions, 65-line itself thick, elastic poor rabbi pounds higher is significantly reduced flexibility.

80 lines slightly lower pull more of the pounds, you can get high pounds of feeling, like pulled pounds, but friends fear injury racket ball, you can choose 80 lines try, you will be able to experience high-low-pounds pounds feeling. And the 80-line alignment is rare, although the sense of alignment affect the extent of the ball is very small, but it puts a lot of people very disgusted, if you are a perfectionist, you can also try this.

Choose the ball line, the product itself should not believe everything the ads, because each line of the ad is very good. Hope that we can own the lines to experience each time, to find their own favorite, and suited to their technical characteristics of the line of the ball.
huweichentc2010-02-12 23:19:24 +0000 #4
pounds higher the easier it is broken, and the pounds should be according to their ability to bowl the decision, if it is a beginner, it is recommended that down pounds. There are many types of line, control, flexibility and durability are not the same. Is to put the actual situation according to their own choice. I suggest that you use the BG65 line YY relatively resistant to play. Price thirty or forty dollars.
694,106,1462010-02-12 23:49:18 +0000 #5
strength, then pulled a small thin low-pounds, like the net in pursuit of the ball pulling thin-pound, strong storms like thick lines pull the ball low in pounds, of the N-year strength training are good and special point of violence La thick lines in the high-pounds.

Recommended pulling thin in pounds, suitable for intermediate beginners.

Slimline of course, easier to break than the pachytene啦, but good elasticity.

You want the ball well on the selected 23 lines, but the premise of the technology should be perfect, it is recommended pulling 22 rows, the ball okay, after all, not a professional, and are more applicable to a variety of techniques.

By the way, the next bar, bat-line generally 23 months for time, not so easy to break, if the words of description often broken racket always knock the floor, especially the high pound and knock one or two does not matter, under the cumulative will be broken. Pull the words of BG-95 and BG-70Pro is better, I'll pull these two.
wangyg5212010-02-12 23:13:54 +0000 #6
broken lines is mainly the issue of quality and you use has little to do with the line thickness



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