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How to prepare 48 badminton men's singles match against the table

Yin Chi-chao2010-02-13 00:01:23 +0000 #1
8 space 5 days Match Time
Murong feather feast2010-02-13 00:06:47 +0000 #2
1,48 people get divided into 16 groups of three people;

2, two days before the first hit Each team round robin competition, so that each group there will be three games. The specific arrangements as follows: 16 groups, each group of two games scheduled for a fixed venue, so that eight sites on the row filled. Each competition venue two groups, namely, two days before the each site a total of just six games Yao Da, you can match the two groups interspersed arrangement;

3, the group after the single round robin competition, each group's top spot , resulting in the top 16;

4, on the third day: the former 16 to catch on the athletic field, before the formation of 8, just eight venues each venue to fight a;

5, on the fourth day: the former 8 and then to catch on the athletic field, produce previous four (if it still distinguish 5-8, then lost eight games into the four of the four individuals to stay to continue to play 5-8 games); 4 to catch right before the race to fight the winner champion, negative to compete with second runner-up (if it still distinguish 5-8, then lost eight games into the four individuals to catch the four pairs of athletic field, two winners shall produce the first five of the two competing, the two losers for the fight Article 7 of the two);

6, the fifth day: war games and war third place winner of the match (if it still distinguish 5-8, then there is an indisputable first five games, and the competition section 7 game).

Finally, all the end of the game, decided at the top 3 (or former 8).
Shunde lost sheep, which2010-02-13 00:32:02 +0000 #3
is set to knock it, is divided into 32 pairs, of course, only 48 people, less than 64 people, so there is some first-round bye, and it does not matter, only the first round, the first round of the remains of 32 people, 32 into 16, this is the first day to complete, the next day 16 into 8, 8 into the third day of four, the fourth day of the semi-finals and the fight for 5,6 people, the last Tianyi on the finals, as well as decide the winner the first 5-8 finish.



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