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I ask them to play when Taufik Hidayat Lee Chong Wei of the racket with the G-Grip is a YY few ah G3

ddfbfz2010-02-13 00:01:29 +0000 #1
The same title, also if you know the Grip master hand gel and hair force relations, and also please let us enlighten
melody08182010-02-13 00:17:42 +0000 #2
Lee Chong Wei are using a yy of at900p, pounds 35. Taufik using a yy of at900t, is 31 pounds. Grip is homemade, is to tear up the rubber-wide, and then himself winding thickness, they are like rubber hand with a towel. Generally speaking, Grip and hand strength glue no effect on the hair, the key is adhesion, can be transmitted can not force a good ball.
popoerly2010-02-13 00:51:17 +0000 #3
Buy the hands of relatively thick flexible plastic, generally about 40 to almost, I used JOEREX hand gel, although the JOEREX the film is rubbish, but a good hand gel.

In fact, there is no need angular badminton clear it, is not your problem ah grip, take the most difficult place to shoot, please look at the professionals pointing bar.
_ love to be2010-02-13 01:19:19 +0000 #4
can not tear up the original hand-gum, and then wraps YY AC-102C hand gel This hand-gum feel better, the price YY hand gel count low. I was like that wrapped around a AT900T



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