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Badminton novice to buy VICTOR Super Nano 6 Help

zhaoeric92010-02-13 00:01:36 +0000 #1
Members Daren Hello, everyone,

brother has only recently started to play badminton, there is a tendency out of control, unable to stop. . .

Time ago do not know, in the excellent one on buying a Kay of God impact 2046,198 yuan

do not pick it, I felt more appropriate for the price, bought a

rhythm is good, but they do not feel right for me

I prefer to kill the ball and playing in the backcourt, the net ball technology, the weak

now want to buy a new film, said nano-six well

do not know what nano-nano-7 are 6 How much did it

U one feels a little bit on the 490 yuan can not control. . .

Taobao's also a bit worried about the quality of 360-400 +

I was in Beijing Haidian District, who knows what side of the cheapest physical store so much the better -

Also bought a beat after the responses received via SMS query What is the content of messages where ah?

Is just say a certain period of the badminton racket per month, or the brand, model, production date and other information have ah?

Hope we Zhidianmijin, brother thanked in this -

wangzekai45362010-02-13 00:14:52 +0000 #2
likes to kill the ball? After the playing field? To be honest, this is the case then the best focus and center of gravity tend to buy the racket racket, but the net so the ball even harder hit, and an individual knows, the more light the more relaxed tempo swing up and flexible, the more heavy beat to kill the ball the more sharp, suitable for any racket depends on the type of technology you have, but I suggest that you put your ball Enhancing the net, according to cask principle, the net if you play well, you kill the ball and then sharp backcourt play again in place, experienced expert on Meizhe a!

You buy a racket probably what price? I personally feel that YY's NS series also OK, to be lightweight, then beat MP series is more to pick up, bow and arrow series of more balanced point. YY's too expensive, however, is not affordable for the novice.

Novice to buy cost-effective recommendations to buy VICTOR OLIVER beat the top - are not expensive and the price is acceptable. As to what models are suitable for you actually feel is best for you, the beat get started you have to take a feeling is not it?

However, in the physical store can be bought in physical stores to buy, although it may be your point, but get started on beat one knows how the quality kind of - I'm not in Beijing, this I can not help you.
Often without Miao2010-02-13 00:44:57 +0000 #3
Yes, I use about 490 yuan on the price a little expensive at the mall, first tied to a handicap line, his feeling for the line pulls the number of pounds.



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