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I would recommend for a badminton racket

495,256,2062010-02-13 01:01:10 +0000 #1
to affordable,

I have the ball age 3, is the men, better at smash attack, defense is not very good
benpaoing2010-02-13 01:09:51 +0000 #2
Yonex, and is suitable for you!

Best to store a look!
wyb4152010-02-13 01:37:52 +0000 #3
Yonex! 9000 a good smash with the players for violent temper price of more than 1180
super_ Release2010-02-13 02:20:50 +0000 #4
AT700 then use it, lindane use, attack, online genuine also more than 900 yuan, but was discontinued. . Could only buy stock, careful fakes on it.

AT family are okay. . .

Brand is YONEX's. .
xianhaocan2010-02-13 02:19:34 +0000 #5
victory in Super Nano 6

a lot of golfers in a very good reputation with the beat

Official Web Parameters:

hitting a sense of soft □ □ in the soft medium hard √ □ Hard □ Diamond

film frame material of high rigidity of carbon fiber + nano-materials

shoot under high rigidity of carbon fiber material + Slim Shaft + Nano-materials

Length 675mm (extended)

balance the weight of 285 ± 5mm

: 3U 4U (3U :85-89g 4U :80 - 84g)

Recommended Pull up Pull pounds 23-26 pounds pounds

26 pounds


Origin China Manufacturers

VICTOR SUPER NANO 6, badminton racket The AKM

70 years so a pun:

"The United States exports are Coca-Cola,

Japan's exports is that Sony electronics,

while the Soviet Union, exports are AK-47".

In the badminton, if the Yonex feather (yonex) film compared to the U.S. arms

representatives the latest technology, precision

Of course, prices are expensive

Well, Victory (VICTOR) is more like the former Soviet Union weapons

durable, reliable and strong survive

Of course, the price is very affordable!

AK47, 20 century, the king of the absolute gun

it is durable, fire a fierce, reliable

even in the water inside with a few weeks to take up and still can be used

So when the Vietnam War, many Americans lose their M14 or M16

pick up the AK47 and the Vietnamese have done up

If the high-end racket YY compared M14, M16 Series


the victory of the Super-nanometer (SUPER NANO) series is the Soviet AK series rifles

If the super-nano-7 (SUPER NANO 7) as AK47

Well, super-nano-6 ((SUPER NANO 6) is the AK47 and AKM

an upgraded version of AK47 than, AKM is far more suitable for attack

and super-nano-7 compared to super-nano-6 shooting stroke is more better suited to a long-hard

due to the use of high steel carbon fiber

super-nm range of film shots are particularly resilient

If we say that Super Nano 7 (SUPER NANO 7) the court can easily get rid of the other's club

Well, Super Nano 6 (SUPER NANO 6) it is easy to put the other clubs will be able to go ahead

Again, not always want to kill someone else's club

Super Nano 6 (SUPER NANO 6) the same as the super-nano-7 shooting frame design is very interesting

using a diamond-type hexagonal

such a design addition to pulling the wind outside

there is a benefit that can be used to provide greater power and better ball


because the racket is not an ordinary box, the stability of the Well

film on both sides of the bottom of the T head 7 with a special nail and nail

pairs with the purpose of doing so or for cushioning

make racket is more stable, reliable, stable and reliable

in the stronger on the battlefield meant that the viability of

on the pitch means more chances of winning!

Super Nano 6 (SUPER NANO 6) and super-nano-7 club, like a very long

Elongated there 675MM

take Of course, it pulled up and the wind

better to play the offensive power of

in the overall performance, nano-7 is partially balanced offensive and defensive attack

making paper carefully designed to reduce humidity, non-slip hand grip up

very comfortable, very reliable!

AK47 to vigorous activity to fame

AKM vigorous in the fire shooting higher accuracy on the basis of an ordinary racket

21-24 pounds can pull a

and super-nano-and nano-7 can be more than 6 to 28 pounds

our pounds are aware that the stronger the higher steeper lethal firepower

super-nano-and nano-seven, like

6 strong, durable, energy-meng

6 than the nano-rod nano-7 shooting attack on a more hard-
more suitable and far-attack!

for the crowd:

1, like the doubles do not want to crush the ball club Friends of

2, like a fierce fire, and the distance the ball the offensive Friends

3, the wind the ball singles in unrestrained, non - fear of colliding with each other the ball club friends!

4, like CS friends

5, like the AK47 ball friends!

1, technology-round offensive side of the senior players!
ziengl2010-02-13 02:22:46 +0000 #6
Aiso of the Ti-x-3 or Ti-x-5

more suitable for singles-based strategy

I also bought into a good feeling slightly ...

is made in China be able to pull 28 lbs

and the price is cheap only 260 or so .. .

victory and Yonex shoes are too expensive, then

recommendation to buy the RSL (Asian lion and dragon) and rsl-0101 there are socks to send oh ...

It is almost 160 or so shoes slightly

I used to have want to have a high-end badminton rackets. can pull 28 pounds is like a ..

But Yonex, the victory .... can pull 28 pounds of beat the prices are daunting ..

now have to suited to their own beat like a ...

because my salary has been suggested strategy ....

呵呵... to support their own domestic happiness ... ...



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