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yonex badminton racket model how the classification?

jimmytwj2010-02-13 01:01:29 +0000 #1
What is NS series, AT series, MP series, CAB Series, TI series, etc. What is the difference?

Please provide a detailed answer, thank you啦
bird815112010-02-13 01:15:10 +0000 #2
ARCSABER-bow sword series

Japan YONEX latest products the company in 2008. "Bow sword series" In the film box fitted with side and strong adhesive strength and toughness of new materials, "stacked cup nanotubes," while with "power performance," and "control performance." The use of pull lofty racket ball and smash repeated attacks, are free to manipulate the speed performance of the new rules have played a great power. YONEX bow sword 10 badminton racket, after the launch of ARCSABER-7 is now in Japan, China, Singapore and other markets same time. The film mainly in red tones, is expected to YONEX in the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games by a wave of Red Storm.

Stacked cup carbon nanotubes: "Bow Sword Series" box at the side of making the application "stacked cup carbon nanotubes" composite resin technology to enhance the plastic frame of the film, allowing badminton racket on the release of amazing strength and speed Before storing more impact when the impact energy. Racket also extended the increase in plastic badminton online bed residence time in the presence of sufficient time to allow players to create a more subtle and varied and effective batting, positive self-confidence and control the overall situation.

Fitted with a new built-in T-shaped joints ARCSABER: Built-in box and shoot in the shoot pole connecting parts of the "built-in T-shaped connector," Strong anti-deformation of the film surface to improve stability, to achieve high precision control performance is YONEX badminton rackets of the "original technology." The new built-in T-shaped connector 『』 to light-weight alloy materials into a special plastic materials, combined with a new type of epoxy resin. Accuracy and quality are further improved, making boxes, making shots more integrated. And it can avoid the deformation generated when playing, getting a more stable surface to further enhance the pull lofty ball control performance. Smash faster play unparalleled power.

Representative badminton racket: Yonex bow sword 10 ARCSABER- 10 YONEX bow and arrow 7 / Bow Sword 7 ArcSaber-7

NANO SPEED-nm series (NS)

Japan YONEX latest products in 2005, using the latest badminton racket YONEX technology -- Nanotechnology (Nano Technology), the so-called nanotechnology, is currently being applied to the smallest unit of length 1 nm = 1 billion per 1 m, the body height of approximately 2 billion nanotechnology, DNA equivalent to about 2 nm.

Now, YONEX successfully diameter of 0.7 nanometer (nm) of nano-materials "flamenco-lun" particles penetrate into the gap between the carbon atoms of all carbon fibrous tissue at the molecular bond reinforcement on the base, so that anti-racket 30% increase in impact strength, durability increased by 10%, getting shot part of the weight by 15% rebound performance by 5%!

"Flamenco-lun" is a combination of 60 carbon atoms into a football-shaped particle diameter of only 0.7 nm. Application of nanotechnology to create a "Vladimir Lun," the birth of a new generation of particulate carbon materials. Nano-technology to control the molecular level, and enhance the binding force between molecules. This material may play an even more striking than in the past the strength of the racket: high impact strength increased by about 30%. The strength and lightweight racket with the quantum leap of improvement. The birth of a new generation of carbon materials has indeed broadened the future of badminton. YONEX long-term research and development to make this new material was finally formally applied to the products, in particular, focus on the key used in badminton Office: pole part of the shoot, so lightweight and flexible control performance and high-rebound performance, the performance of these two conflicting achieved co-exist here. YONEX confidence in the making - a new generation of nano-carbon badminton rackets "NANO SPEED" Series, is now a grand debut!

On behalf of badminton racket: NS900 NS8000, NS7000

ARMORTEC --- AT Series

YONEX2003 years of product, using the latest badminton racket YONEX technology - Carbon + gForce Ti = ARMORTEC armor technology

1, composite film frame at the top of The "gForce Ti" special titanium armor alloy, relative to the carbon fiber to produce a greater gravitational effect, enhance the racquet ball of energy. gForce Ti is a special metal complexes, which can produce two times the gravitational effect of carbon fiber. GForce Ti badminton racket will be deployed on top of the first third of the film frame, so that when the moment of inertia of the racket waving the upgrading, badminton hitting the energy increases.

2, making the first edge of innovative compression structure, enhancing the stability of 3% of the film surface. gForce Ti is a special metal compound of titanium armor, adding co-production box at the top of the edge of compression structures, can effectively resist deformation and distortion of film frames to improve ball-handling skills. In enhancing the stability of 3% of the film surface, while also bringing crisp solid "metal impact of the feeling."

3, a higher pull tension. Beat box by repeatedly carrying capacity of improved durability, ARMORTEC badminton racket of the shoot lines recommended tension has been greatly enhanced in order to meet some of the players for today's favorite high-tensile requirements. It must be noted: the high-tension line will shoot the player's wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries caused by bad or even hidden.

4, racket head titanium armor combined effects of increased gravity to raise the limit smash the ball is 4%.

5, YONEX's top doubles players through a special grip analysis, developed a new type of CSCAP precision-guided Grip cone cover, in order to provide a more rapid swing players the flexibility to adapt more quickly doubles confrontation. ARMORTEC badminton racket's new Grip cone than conventional badminton racket cover plane Grip cone covered expansion of 88% of the usable area. Innovative cone shape and a more generous cap contact plane, so that the thumb is easier to grip and control of the racket, so that high-speed backhand swing to become more agile and precise.

6, shoot lighter weight rods and Grip. Lightweight Ultimum Ti film nickel-titanium shape memory alloy rod and a more compact film body weight (3U/4U level), which is more flexible body movements and more light footwork movement can be achieved.

7, film ISO square box shape, expanded dessert hit film surface area.

8, film boxes, and making connections with built-in internal rod T-joint connecting structure in order to send more forces shot.

On behalf of badminton racket: AT800, AT700, AT500

Muscle Power --- MP Series

in the shooting box and shoot poles using a new type of high-rebound UTi refining nickel titanium metal in space technology (ultra-titanium), bringing the racket super-elasticity; using MS gluten structure racket arc groove design, effectively improved the racket head and feather the line durability, suitable for a larger feather line tension, so that a sense of a more hard-hitting, power stronger ; shoot ISO square box shape, expanded hitting surface film dessert areas; beat box and shoot pole T-connector used to connect the internal structure, in order to send a greater shot power; Grip lengthened 10mm, help to strengthen offensive player is suitable for killing the ball strong to increase the performance of rapid counter-attack.

On behalf of badminton racket: MP99, MP88, MP66

TITANIUM --- Ti titanium film series

Aerospace Materials Carbon Fiber Titanium harder than the average 250% and 230% of its weight is also heavier. This feature enables to produce increases in titanium Wang Yu pat head faster, more power to make shots to send to the ball, and manipulation easier without increasing the weight of additional racket. Titanium metal mesh low torque characteristics of the original to ensure that the racket face can stop maneuvering force. In addition to providing a faster speed, titanium mesh has been cast in the racket face the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock position of the clock to strengthen the power and stability, thereby improving the sweet spot racket face does not catch the ball when the effects of dessert. Almost all the current world-class doubles player, and most of the women's singles players use.

Representative: YONEX Ti5, YONEX Ti3 LT

ISOMETRIC --- ISO (square racket head) Series

use of innovative square racket head, so that an equal length of the film surface in the vertical chord root number increased by 3 compared to traditional film-shaped -5 times, so that beat the shot sweet spot (sweet point) that is the best hitting area increased 32%, so that players easier to hit the ball back out of high quality. AR film box-shaped cross-section has, VF-shaped variety of changes, from the current trend is ISO bat has been used to ISO, Ti series badminton racket, badminton racket will become the standard for future bat.

Representative: Yonex ISO 025

AEROTUS --- AR (low-resistance wing-type film frame) series

beat box flat oval-shaped cross-section, similar to aircraft wing profile, getting thin and wide frame design than the Traditional racket thin 11%, width 26%, ball pat head heavy racket than usual, using this type of film frame structure can reduce air resistance when they swing and enhance torque beat box performance, increase 22% attack power. To make it easier to hit a player high-speed back to the ball great. However, as the thickness of thin film to make badminton racket frame cross-section of the point decline in performance, more aggressive players loved

CARBONEX --- CAB (carbon fiber) series

a traditional badminton racket bat early and low-end products beat box beat box similar to that of aluminum nearly circular section, the latter making use of a box-section frame design also uses a vacuum pressure composite design, the internal pressure from the film frame, so that the formation of a vacuum, pressure from inside to outside expansion, it can bring the carbon frame of the racket rebound and generate a strong shot of power. As the film thickness of the thickest frame cross-section so as to provide a higher stability ball and a smaller torque, which point performance is the best of all the series, is still some of the world-class men's singles player of choice.

Representative: YONEX Cab 056

BASIC --- B (primary) badminton racket Series

using aluminum alloy frame and steel pipe making low-end film shot by shot, the performance was not much advantage, but because it is unix Chupin prices are enough to give you a jump.

I was using the AT500, consider buying a little light, make do with the bar



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