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How to lay a good badminton and Conditions

shiyangchen2192010-02-13 01:02:22 +0000 #1

Tianjin Shengda Steel2010-02-13 01:15:48 +0000 #2
1, first and foremost grip. To master the correct grip method is the first step in playing badminton. Because only the correct grip, in order to give full play to the ball when the role of the fingers and wrist.

2, preparation before hitting position. Ready posture, there are two, one is the return of serve position (singles and doubles), two are ready to hit the ball after the issue of position. The return of serve should be taken to his legs before and after the station approach, both the left front, right foot behind. Feet from slightly more than shoulder width, heel filed. After the return of serve should be prepared to move your feet parallel to-station, feet shoulder width in distance, right foot slightly before the left foot more than half a foot, feet heel slightly raised at any time starter.

3, hit the ball swing lofty standard action. I think we best to practice swing action. The correct swing, something which can make your full play to their potential and savings to reduce physical injuries. However, some friends have a natural force, with the incorrect posture can also be putting the ball very well and played some nice balls, if they think they do not want to change, not reluctantly, after all, some friends to fitness and entertainment. Because, in the reform movement, some people will find it particularly uncomfortable, complaining that: the changes in action I could not even hit the ball would not. Yes, habit, we must cultivate the habit of long Gaidiao indeed difficult. But when you persevered, we believe you will feel the correct swing motion in the course of play can make you a better control of the ball impact point to a greater extent play your strength. In the shot before the first sideways, his right foot in the post, the right foot as a strong point. When swing to the elbow axis, big arm, after driving around the arm, the wave speed depends mainly on arm and wrist, fingers hitting the power, of course, turn the power of waist. With particular attention to sideways, left front, right foot behind. In issuing power should focus on when the right foot. In killing the ball, it is recommended friends to kill the ball with one foot take-off, this will help you quickly start killing the ball.

Swing speed and power relations. Is an important force in the swing, but not from an absolute factors. To give a very simple example, engage in throwing and weightlifting athletes project the strength of their arm strength than the badminton player's arm is much greater, but if they come and badminton players compared with the power to kill the ball, the result, I do not have to say啦. The reason is that swing speed, swing faster, resulting in greater strength. In many games, we can see that some athletes, thin build, but the ball popped up Shitailichen, ball like a bullet to collide with the same. Therefore, the speed combined with strength is the most perfect啦.

4, the non-holding clapping role. Some friends ignore the role of non-holding clapped his hands that held up the hand when the ball is nothing more than to look good or the pendulum according to type, placed where it does not matter. Non-clap at the ball when holding the role played by very large, it allows you to maintain a balance, the same time, hit the ball to the side of the swing can play drive your turn, increase the strength of your waist, do not be discounted呀.

5, when the racket hitting ball-point perspective and choice. Shots racket choice of different angles and ball point, so as to achieve the purpose of your shots, hit the ball effect is different. Takato playing ball, the racket face slightly upward, hitting points on the head side, the arm strength to move the top of the hair. When playing ping golf, shoot for before the sweet spot slightly forward, his arm strength to move the top of the hair. To kill the ball, hitting the first point above the racket face in the shots down, while the use of arm, wrist and fingers downward swing speed and strength. Playing chop lob, the fingers patted the ball surface, hit the right or left to play prop, wrist and fingers, under pressure to change the direction of the ball at the same time pay attention to maintaining the consistency of action.

6, footwork. Step is divided into: 1, Internet-step two, step three mobile midfield after games footwork. Step of training is very important that all the footwork at the start, when most of the first starting right foot, step right foot on the end also. Of course, the left hand grip friend of the opposite. The key is to master the footwork and use of the adjustment, that is step interface.

7, the net the ball. Push the ball, hook ball, the ball is summarized in the light badminton one of the technologies, technology more difficult. Mainly to grasp the ball when the shot holding the hand must be relaxed, try to control the racket with your fingers, so as to play high-quality ball.

8, lay the lofty goals and to learn footwork badminton lovers must master the most important technology. If you can in a very passive under the ball back to the other side of the backcourt, you can use a flexible step, then an amateur in the badminton competition, there are a lot of people will be lost in your captured.

Stride: to point towards a larger sweet spot for mobile stride approach. The Internet-step method is usually used when the final step.

Of course, for his election with a racket that is also very important, and the last wishes of your skills are rapidly improving



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