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Badminton Why use vinegar foam?

Zhang Zhu-an2010-02-13 02:01:17 +0000 #1
Badminton recently heard about a bubble method: Using warm water against the vinegar ........ Why use vinegar? Please receive adequate guidance about.
leyushequ2010-02-13 02:16:55 +0000 #2
absolute fallacy! Water can not soak, but also with vinegar bubble?

Winter and dry, in order to increase resistance to playing badminton nature, you can use steam or a humidifier will be even badminton smoked 3-5 minutes. Time can not be too long, otherwise they will affect the flight badminton, there swing, etc., will also affect the quality of the ball, the most common is the tee at unglued.

PS: blisters later, badminton most likely scenarios are: unglued, loose feathers, flight instability, swing, the ball is easy care and anti-corruption fight is reduced and so on.
Spelling mistakes again2010-02-13 02:30:41 +0000 #3
that would be durable badminton after a number of bubbles
★ small steamed bread ★2010-02-13 03:04:52 +0000 #4
because the cold had.

Dry weather.

Led to the ball is also very easy to pull off a few golf on the hair, broken sort of,

but with a little warm water bubble look,

can not be so easily broken.


Give the ball to prepare for exercise.

All-over "warm" in.

Is not vulnerable to injuries.
yalo4142010-02-13 03:12:34 +0000 #5
never heard of badminton but also how to use vinegar foam, go back to try.

However, the vinegar contains a small amount of acetic acid, which may play a role in softening. After a dip in the ball dry, the moisture evaporation no more, but will leave some of acetic acid and acetic acid is a part of the water will be retained, so that some feathers will remain soft and moist, it is estimated that for this reason bar.

In general acquire a steam smoked about before playing the ball would hit a lot of resistance, with vinegar bubble up over the ball is expected to hit some resistance, but the weight may vary. Also, the foam off the ball and then air-dry bar is also very cumbersome and time-consuming effort.



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