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There who know the Yonex badminton racket prawn method of threading please say a few simple

Suao Cinderella2010-02-13 02:02:19 +0000 #1
or more specifically, do not understand the point of the best of terms used in
dqa1s2d32010-02-13 02:05:47 +0000 #2
a, badminton winding a pre-inspection work , a new badminton racket before the pull-string should be checked whether the racket surface, cracks, holes and other defects. If it is found or suspected the existence of any quality racket hidden dangers, please return the agent for verification, not good self-dealing. 2, used badminton racket, in the cut the old line, shear line, the order must be from the ball lines to cover the central authorities have started: vertical 1 vertical 1 horizontal 11 horizontal 12, vertical 2, vertical 2, horizontal 10 horizontal 13 ... ... in order of expansion from the inside cut out one by one, until the de-flock up. 3, the racket used to re-winding before the eyes have to check the line if they are defective tablets, corrupted. A defect line eyes tablets must be promptly replaced, or otherwise, or when pulling strings pulling strings, will soon be disconnected. Second, to be pulling strings on the machine a badminton racket, badminton racket will be pulling strings machine instructions in accordance with the requirements fixed in the "6 o'clock hold clip frame film device" on. 2, to be pulling strings badminton racket on the machine may not be used by a large force to the racket in a "pre-deformed" state, otherwise, must be re-released racket frame. 3, pull string means a standard badminton racket string pull method, we call it - two-line method of two-line method: The cross-badminton racket strings, vertical separation of pulling strings. Horizontal string tension and string tension in different vertical. Lawin all the vertical strings, the required plume length was 5.5 meters, about 8.5 times the total length of the racket; lawin all the cross-strings, the required plume length was 4.5 meters, about 6.5 times the total length of the racket. Vertical string tension requirements: ALPHA racket of each model as shown in the scope of the tension. Horizontal string tension requirements: in the vertical string tension on the basis of an increase of 10% or 2 pounds of tension. To do: 1, first vertical pulling strings from the racket head balanced on both sides of the mid-point start to pull strings, respectively, to ensure both sides of the racket about the same deformation, elastic symmetry, NOTE: strings of the jumper at the end of two vertical direction of the rules and pull. Steps: the first vertical string up to the mid-point shooting (from the one hole penetration), the respective symmetrical on both sides of the order to wear a pull. When piercing the next nine holes, you must skip to the next 12 holes and then penetrate (During jump two lines holes), in the last 11 holes falling, and then from the 10 holes penetrated, from the next 10 holes falling, jumping back to the next eight holes penetrated knotted, finished. Special Note: The vertical 10 string will be the last to be pulled vertical strings, rather than vertical strings 11. (Diagram shown in Figure 1) 2, post-tensioned cross strings cross strings from the box to start from scratch, one by one to the box at the end of pull, and cross strings pounds pounds in the vertical strings on the basis of increased 2 pounds. Steps: horizontal string should be knotted in the last six holes after starting from the seven hole penetration pull strings, respectively, to the box at the end of the order to wear pull, until the piercing just under the 9-hole, seven-hole penetrated from the next tie, which ended horizontal line of pull of work



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