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Plating badminton racket

cooked rice Memory2010-02-13 03:01:11 +0000 #1
Taobao above plating film do not know if the above brands,

transaction record of super-high, that is, the kind of very bright tempo,

only sold 150 or so, but those who gave high praise to buy it,

said, the provincial team dedicated film, how to evaluate it,

I am a high school student is kason98ti and 100ti for that beat, I do,?

On-line, etc. Thank you.

tt fresh green tea ice-cold2010-02-13 03:08:12 +0000 #2
I saw you say this is a fake baby is not a province of a certain right Team-specific and is not suitable for beginners

but this baby should be, and the market performance of the racket is almost 45 100

Since you are a beginner should use for beginners because of the beat beat beat beginner rod made of soft for the weak people (hair strength is the force of the skills do not mean this person how much Jin)

The tempo only for senior people use because the film shot with the super-hard for beginners, will have difficulty

Taobao badminton racket a lot of confusion on the often fake fake bow 10, and so beat, but a lot of people will buy because of the high cost-effective imitation of pride

but as a beginner is not suitable to use as the tempo increased skills and lofty place, whether pumping will control the ball well chew

I recommend you choose to beat following the victory of the flame


yonex CAB8000lt 0db2-17debccc0cf40c7f50a5e50e4020bab8.jhtml? cm_cat = 0

In addition to buy low-end Yonex racket cost most of them are "very low" beginner racket

better choice of the victor victory kason Kason made cost-effective ultra-high
GeckoZAO2010-02-13 03:10:11 +0000 #3
150 -.-

false shot bar.

online fake shot too much. LZ to be careful.
, or YY, or buy a victory bar.

YY 500 or so on the ok of.



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