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The quality of badminton racket

G_S_Lee2010-02-13 03:02:09 +0000 #1
badminton racket how to identify good or bad
lucky mother2010-02-13 03:07:26 +0000 #2
genuine, buy a high price and good quality!
DemonHunter_M2010-02-13 03:09:30 +0000 #3
1, badminton racket weight to the right: In fact, the more light is not the beat more Well, beat the speed of light the wave while fast, but Spike will feel no access to fresh, it will affect the strength of shot.

2, check the beat of the overall structure: After getting beat, waving below to see if shock does not shock hands. Zhen hand must beat brand rod (Grip and shoot the head joints, this site is now made of carbon steel materials) are too hard; no hand shock, indicating a more flexible film shot. Grip can also be single-handedly hold in one hand and Fu Zhu racket head to the top breaking off a break with both hands, beat a micro-degree bend, making pole position to prove more resilient.

3, according to the actual situation of individuals to choose their own badminton racket: as in singles, the ideal choice lengthened type of racket, such as those attacking players should choose the weight a little heavy, medium and hard ones. In doubles, the best selection criteria for the length of the racket, in the case of defensive players should choose a lighter racket.

4, according to the size of the shape of each staff selection Grip to hold the comfortable Grip is appropriate. Hand people, we shake or showed a smaller square Grip it will not be comfortable feeling.

5, take a look at whether the string pretend symmetry, cross-string consisting of each box should be equally large, and each string to be consistent tightness.

6, when you get a badminton racket, when it is first necessary to see the shape of the racket head, generally divided into two kinds, there are the traditional egg and head for the square flat-head racket. Badminton Racket shape determines its sweet spot (that is, the best ball racket surface area) in size, because when the ball falls on sweet zone to give players good enough batting power and the ball, and so was sweet zone the size of the players is crucial, it is easier to make the players play high-quality ball.

7, badminton racket in accordance with the different materials, can be divided into carbon fiber, carbon aluminum one, Al-Fe, and Al-Fe split one. Material selection and beat the weight and price have a direct relationship. Generally speaking, the weight of the lightest full carbon badminton racket, is currently the mainstream material.
Feather fans2010-02-13 03:52:59 +0000 #4
read material ah. Carbon better than aluminum, plus titanium better.

Also look at the brand beat, pounds affordable high or low, the bigger the better wow sweet spot, of course, is not much on how to do Oh. There it work, soft and hard level (selected according to their characteristics)
Sports 5012010-02-13 03:53:36 +0000 #5
fit is good



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