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With regard to the issue of playing badminton

ymzwxz2010-02-13 06:01:02 +0000 #1
Badminton I passion for sports is my favorite purely amateur, so the method is lacking. I used to play badminton every day may be forced to play this year, I was so wrong to make a wrist injury, but also a very serious wrist fractures, resulting in my campaign all summer, reimbursement, and I play the old when it was forced, rather than the wrist with the arm strength to play hair, So, every time I have so much enthusiasm, rectifiable or fighting near, I think, people who play should be aware of the situation I am talking about, so please help me pointing my how to overcome this defect, which made use of the wrist force rather than the entire arm hair present?

Thank you啦! !

Urgent! !

But I am right now and hope well-meaning friends help out Oh -!
ufwtdnv2010-02-13 06:08:19 +0000 #2
we first need to understand two key issues:

to determine whether the strong batting What are the criteria? is a ball

and the ball is most directly related to what? is shot moments, your swing Speed

specifically, is your head speed of the ball pat

the so-called badminton hair force refers to how you fired the original static racket quickly as possible

This requires that you have all the action should be to give you The racket speed up the service speed is necessary to force

, however, to learn how to force, we must first learn how not to force.

People's movements by muscle contraction of the completion of the completion of

an action is determined by the results of two groups of muscle synergies

these two sets of muscles, one muscle group is the driving force, and the other group is antagonistic muscles

To give a simple example, You reach for the cup on the table drinking

head straight arm muscle muscle is the driving force in charge of bending the arm muscles are antagonistic muscles

This simple muscle movements appear only motivation at work

but in fact the absence of antagonistic muscles the role of

your hand is likely to stretch the too, will go out into the back of the cup

The role of the antagonist is: a certain extent, against the strength of muscle power

This is for your movements, stability and accuracy of the

When you feel you are in a very "forced" to hit it

In fact, two sets of your arm muscles are in a very "hardworking" work

a group waving desperately forward, and the other group is going all out next drag

The results led to your arm because of muscle tension and very stiff

This "friction" serious, hardworking, but slow down your swing speed of

On the other hand, the power generation process is determined by muscle relaxation to a contraction from the relaxation intense process of

In theory, you can play the greatest force is to relax your muscles from the most to the most intense one contraction force

If you have the beginning of hair, muscle is not fully relaxed, but a certain degree of tension

like , your hair strength on the punched a big discount, can not maximize the power of

cite a simple example: empty bottles in order to install the next full bottle of water

above is why it is to learn how to force on the must first learn how not to force the more relaxed before

hair strength in order to burst the greater the strength of

look fat muscle contraction force during

limb distal joint movement trajectory is not linear

but around the joints of this "center of a circle "doing a circular motion

can be said that most of the sports hair Action Force are" circular motion "
such as throwing shot put sports, athletes rotating body movements; boxing uppercut in Zhiquan are much stronger than that.

Such a joint structure with the motion characteristics conform to the curve acceleration method is the most scientific power

and badminton hair hair force, is a series of circular motion to accelerate the image of the superposition of

1:00, said, like a tornado it: from the bottom , the spiral-fat power

to learn badminton hair force, the best method is repeated after the exercise is in hand to the ball field Takato Takato

is in hand to the ball after the field is the base of badminton action made the basis of power moves, classical exercises

I will not say more action gist of

I mainly explain in detail the process of hair strength

below to shoot his right hand holding, for example, from the sideways movement of the net ready to start after the power of talking about hair:

1. right leg tread turn:

the use of leg strength, which is the body for the first time spin-up

should be noted that this rotation is not a complete horizontal direction but we have left tilt

2. turn the hip:

because of the leg pedal turn, combined with active hip turn, the body's rotation speed will be faster

This is the second spin-up

go to the hip being the net, the brakes, in order to swinging shoulder

At this point, your body below the waist basically being the net

while the body above the waist or the side of the net in

3. switch to shoulder:

in the hip forward, driven by the shoulder roll-out

This is the third phase of the spin-up

From this time beginning, the whole body being the net of

the shoulder rotation in place, the brakes, put his arm up and rejection

At this point, the location of the entire arm with the racket entirely behind you

4. arm open, straight:

first in the shoulder of the driven by bypassing the upper arm, which is the fourth phase of accelerated

arm in place elbow brakes, the brakes will suddenly elbow with forearm swinging the racket up

This is the fifth speed links

the highest point of the current boom knocking when they come to a brake, the racket up and high-speed Lut

the same time, forearm pronation strength hair, fingers grip the racket, which is the most crucial, the last speed

If you make the most tight grip the racket just moments that you bat hit the ball the moment

Well, Congratulations, your hair force action on the success

This is the middle of the most difficult to understand is this:

as to say that all actions should be to give the racket to accelerate service

Then, why did so brake it again and again?

brakes that do not there will be no rate it?

this, it is the whole process of hair strength

and also the most critical point of the characteristics of circular motion from the view of

in the angular velocity of a certain situation, the more speed away from the center of a circle where the larger
, for example, a rope tied to the iron ball, being a person turn-lun, together, the longer the rope is definitely the greater the speed of the ball! :)

The above said that the process of issuing force can be seen as:

Section I physically get an angular velocity, the extended section II, paragraph II body

so relatively far away from the end of the center of a circle, from which to obtain an accelerated

That is why each one stretching a limb

So why the next section, stretching, and the one to brake it?

You can observe a phenomenon

fixed a line on the wall, hanging a weight below and let it swing down from a certain height

If no treatment, the pendulum is definitely swinging rhythm of the

However, if you are When it swings, with a finger blocking the middle line,

when it is time to put down a time line is to be blocked by the fingers

this time, the pendulum between your fingers to the heavy line the length of the formation of another pendulum

but this time, you'll see it swing the pace has noticeably accelerated -

at this time to speed up the angular velocity - because of its sudden swing radius smaller

Comprehensive above-mentioned the next section, we can see that

stretch a limb in order to increase speed

but on a limb brake brakes, it is in exchange for a larger angular velocity

badminton hair is such repeated force to accelerate to speed up lines with the angular velocity speed, and acceleration of angular velocity of

with the line like this keeps linking, layer upon layer to promote

Your racket will be accelerated again and again to speed up, and then speed up

In addition, the pendulum from the above examples can also appreciate the wrist In the process of hair strength What role

By contrast, if the entire line compared to that of your wrist, arm

stop cycloid on the location of the fingers when the wrist force

hair is just starting a

does it have the role of conduction the role of a variable direction, through the rejection of this change to the racket, rather than a force up

If you have made the site when the power is letting the wrist flexion strength

this is the case issued on the wrist stiff, and stiff joints how rejection racket?

So, deliberately force the wrist but will affect the speed of the racket so

wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip joint force is also the case

fat part of it is on the lower extremity muscles, rather than the joints
Grassroots prodigal son2010-02-13 06:47:17 +0000 #3
to go online to see the feather see it as a forum for badminton lovers

believe you can find inside you think.

Inside of a friend is also very enthusiastic about a problem you can Posted asked their opinion on
Himura yew2010-02-13 06:26:57 +0000 #4
go and got to know each master some more for advice. Face to face to explain and model the best啦
is not work please a coach Well, teach a few times, specializing in teaching it.

Serious BS on the second floor, the Internet is such a big pile.
xianhaocan2010-02-13 07:20:29 +0000 #5
My personal experiences in this regard, but this is not something where a few words can speak clearly, it is recommended to buy a dish back to teaching basic skills by learning from the results very good, after all, others say are not systematic .
wide sea of golden Buddha2010-02-13 07:28:11 +0000 #6
we first need to understand two key issues:

to determine whether the strong batting What are the criteria? is a ball

and the ball is most directly related to what? is shot moments, you swing the speed of

specifically, is your head speed of the ball pat

the so-called badminton hair force refers to how you fired the original static racket quickly as possible

This requires that you have all the action should be to give Your racket should speed up the force to accelerate service

However, to learn how to force, we must first learn how not to force.



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