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Men's singles badminton racket purchase! ! !

fauday2010-02-13 07:01:54 +0000 #1
I play badminton 2 years or so, used the FLEX prior to Constellation series, less than half a year cut off; now playing FLEX Black Edition, 24 pounds, with a total sense of brand is too soft.

Now want to buy two beat, a high-end shoot between 500-800, Gongshoupingheng's! A low-end film, 200 the following attack shoot! Is best able to pull 24 pounds, or 22 pounds is also OK!

A friend recommended YONEX NS 4500 as a Gongshoupingheng shot.

Low-end shot that individuals are now biased in favor of Kawasaki.

Hope the expert can help recommend the 2 beat! ! !
vieto_yoyo2010-02-13 07:16:56 +0000 #2
beat your position is not need to be adjusted a little?

Look at your request, it is estimated that a good point of support is used to singles, while the cheaper point is used to doubles, right? The question then arise:

1. Singles on the offensive require high point, wanted to obtain the balance of shoot

2. Doubles (unless it is mixed doubles) should take into account the issue of rotation of stations, but consideration should be given to you under the pressure in the net or a quick flat drive gear when it should use the balance point, tempo hurry it?

So, personal recommendation:

1.800 The following film can be considered YY TI-10, KASON 300A, RSL X2, win a super wave 31

2.200 to block film does nothing to performance differences, Victory 6400 on the list
yuliang1987452010-02-13 07:21:51 +0000 #3
victory nano six or seven can be, you can try is for you, the price 420
licharchao2010-02-13 07:17:09 +0000 #4
I think the budget if you are below 800, it should consider the Yonex, you also pay attention to Gongshoupingheng, so I think Yonex less than 800 at this level are relatively low cost, budget between 500-800 can be considered a super victory in nano-series, the power-wave series, or Kason's Tang Xianhu series. These and YY ratio, cost-effective, it should be much higher.

200 below, there is no comparable, because they are low-end are similar, Kawasaki on it.
Himura yew2010-02-13 08:10:58 +0000 #5
seriously agree with an F 2 F

I use the nano-six, surrounded by golf enthusiasts, there are many available, the evaluation is true
dswinhaier2010-02-13 09:22:18 +0000 #6
500-800 is among the best this has:

Yonex AT 300 Badminton Racket

racket parameters:

film frame materials, carbon-fiber armor

+ SUPER ALLOY alloy high-strength carbon fiber material film shot

Length 674mm

balancing head heavy

shoot shoot under moderate hardness of the first small square head shape of the maximum pull pounds


types of offensive and defensive players for a balanced-type

suitable for middle and senior level players player

Made in Japan

film sets of types of single-sticks making units

gifts badminton lines, Sweat-absorbent with the 1

* a new realm of speed and power - an innovative carbon Fiber and special metal composite armor structure of (Carbon + SUPER ALLOY = ARMORTEC alloy armor technology)

1, complex on the beat box at the top of the "SUPER ALLOY alloy armor," as opposed to carbon fiber to produce a greater force of gravity, enhance the racket ball of energy. "SUPER ALLOY alloy armor" is a special metal complexes, which can produce two times the gravitational aggressive carbon fiber. Will be "SUPER ALLOY Alloy Armor," configuration at the badminton racket before the top of one third of the film frame, so that when the moment of inertia of the racket waving the upgrading, badminton hitting the energy will increase as well.

2, making the first edge of innovative compression structure, enhancing the stability of 3% of the film surface. "SUPER ALLOY alloy armor" special metal composite armor, adding co-production box at the top of the edge of compression structures, can effectively resist deformation and distortion of film frames to improve ball-handling skills. In enhancing the stability of 3% of the film surface, while also bringing crisp solid "metal impact of the feeling."

3, a higher pull tension. Beat box by repeatedly carrying capacity improvement, badminton line tension of the film has been greatly enhanced to meet the needs of today's players enjoy some of the needs of high tension. However, we must note that the high-tension line will shoot the players wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries caused by bad or even hidden.

4, racket head titanium armor enhance the gravitational effect of raising the limit smash the ball is 4% (General ball 350km / h, ARMORTEC racket 364km / h).

* Even more rapid mobility - as a doubles player to provide a new type of CSCAP precision-guided Grip Cone Cover (Control Support Cap)

1, in the intense doubles match in order to play fast tricky paste tennis, top players often points of contention in a multi-shot fast confrontation, Grip finger grip to cover the top of the cone. YONEX by a special grip on the top doubles player mode analysis, developed a new type of CSCAP precision-guided Grip cone cover, in order to provide a more rapid swing players the flexibility to adapt more quickly doubles confrontation.

ARMORTEC badminton racket new Grip cone covered badminton patted flat handle than the traditional cone covered expansion of 88% of the usable area. Innovative cone shape and a more generous cap contact plane, so that the thumb is easier to grip and control of the racket, so that high-speed backhand swing to become more agile and precise.

2, shoot lighter weight rods and Grip. Lightweight Ultimum Ti Ti-Ni shape memory alloy film shot (AT-700) and a more compact film body weight (4U level), which is more flexible body movements and more light footwork movement can be achieved.

· ISOMETRIC square head shot, compared

with the traditional rackets, equalization square racket head to provide an extra 32% of the effective hitting area (sweet hitting area), even deviate from the central area of the racket-line bed is also continuous smash able to maintain the appropriate precision and speed. YONEX R & D of this IsometricHead Shape large sweet spot racket, so that offensive players in today's highly competitive international badminton has maintained a clear lead.

* Built-in Alloy Joints Built-in T-Joint

force shots, the film frame by the torque moment passed to the racket of the T-location, T-bear a huge part of the mechanical load. Deep in the bar and shoot shoot carbon fiber rod junction of the inner built-in T-shaped alloy fittings, so that all YONEX high-precision two-stage process of production of carbon fiber rackets seamlessly linked into a high-strength-in-one racket. This the prestigious Build-in T-Joint world-wide exclusive, so that YONEX racket at the same time both powerful performance and precise ball performance.

* Cartridge Box

shoot the box the lower part of the beginning, using box-section design, providing a steady batting surface and a smaller torque, so as to enhance player control capabilities; the same time, box-shaped cross-section shape is designed to beat box lead to better durability, suitable for attacking play.

Low-grade shoot Recommended:

Alpha D-78 Badminton Racket

film material of high coefficient of carbon fiber rod length of 670


shoot shoot the first shot hardness square head shape, the maximum pull-type

24 pounds for a balanced offensive and defensive players the type type

suitable for players grade junior high school-level students

Made in Taiwan

film sets of types of single-sticks making units

gifts badminton lines, Sweat-absorbent with each one
xianhaocan2010-02-13 07:29:02 +0000 #7
500-800 did not consider the unix, but if people know the words of 1000 beat 600 get is not a problem, it is an acquaintance, I did not and that fortune.

Beat your bars should be a soft-soft, so re-election in the bar or a hard bar,

If you are a very powerful force, the proposed super-nano-6 victory, hard bar, 3U can pull 28 pounds, if the explosive is not very full, so they took super - Nano-7 bar, pull the backcourt is very relaxed and I have two in use, Nano-7 is played, and went into a state of Take it, and nano-6 is serious fight. Nano-7 fight a lot easier.

This is two brand reputation are good to see a second floor to know.

(I rely on every day to the victory of advertising, do not know if there is no rebate.!)



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