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I want to buy a lighter defensive tempo, you can pull 25 pounds can be, and the price below 500 bar,

Boredom head of the village2010-02-13 07:02:06 +0000 #1
I was in Hunan hungry, feeling there are a lot of balls they introduce a brand usually invisible hungry. . Thank you Friends of the short ball! Also want to give friends lot of guidance and advice.
xianhaocan2010-02-13 07:17:23 +0000 #2
500 blocks are not considered a YY.

Recommend you win the Super Nano 7 to beat a good reputation in general 420 won


28 pounds can be pulled on its detailed parameters can refer to:

Victory Store Quguan network address can be read:
different airspace2010-02-13 07:34:18 +0000 #3
yonex's 65-LT, 400 less than the ball feeling good, light, power against both.
Zi Yun Xiao 20092010-02-13 07:45:01 +0000 #4
SOTX cable licenses LG-200 Badminton Racket are ultra-light series of beat, the price is not expensive at 260 yuan.



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