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Seeking amateur badminton referee selection and Questions

wanglierwangli2010-02-13 07:02:13 +0000 #1
schools to organize students in badminton competitions, referees are also held by students, Ji Qiu amateur badminton referee selection of the questions
Canton and discussion of the2010-02-13 07:07:14 +0000 #2
1. A doubles match the beginning and each bureau to obtain the right to serve the party, should be from the (B) area serve. (5 points)

A. left B. right service court serves the middle region C. None D. mandatory

2. Fat players hit the ball the racket must be entrusted, at the same time made the entire ball must be less than the players (A) . (5 points)

A. waist B. head C. chest D. no requirement

3. In the three games the system of competition, after the end of the first game, players to allow no more than _120___ seconds rest, to the 100_ seconds later, the referee to declare newspaper × × venue __20__ seconds left. (5 points) 4. Which of the following is the referee can declare a few game suspension situation? (5 points)

A player not feeling well, but it can soon be restored B game players need to go the toilet need to wipe their sweat C athlete athletes need to eat to add strength D game, the ball or the racket needs to be replaced damaged the answer: D but it must be the end of the round

5. tee Which of the following offenses committed by several actions should be sentenced to serve illegal? (5 points)

A super-waist leg B pass-through C do not look at each other's eyes, moving D Answer: ABC

6. Using round-robin, the generally B) were divided into a group more appropriate match. (5 points)

A.2 to 4 persons B.4 to 6 C.6 to 8 people D.5 to 8 people

7. Athlete injuries, only to allow B into the Stadium. (5 points)

A., deputy head referee Dr. B. above and the General Assembly and the General Assembly chief judge and the referee Dr. C. practitioners, deputy head referee D. above and practitioners E. athletes parents and practitioners F. coaches and referee Answer: B. referee and the General Assembly doctors

9. the beginning of the third set match, the referee shall declare News: decider, competitions starting 0 to 0 (5 points)

A. tiebreaker -1 compared with 1 B . tiebreaker -0 third set -1 than 0 C. than 1 D. third set -0 to 0

10.'s doubles match, A the beginning of the next Council on a Council by any one player wins and the first serve, B, a Bureau of the negative side of any one player before the return of serve. (5 points)

A. yes B. No Answer: A

11. Badminton singles venues length 13.4 meters, 5.18 meters wide. Right!

Badminton doubles space diagonal length 14.723 meters. Badminton net post at both ends of the net 1.55 meters high. (5 points)

A. yes B. No Answer: A

12. Judges of the athlete's complaint should be made before the ruling the next serve. (5 points)

A. yes B. No: A

13. In the doubles court, regardless of going through a doubles or singles match, net post or on behalf of Network column strips should be placed on the doubles sidelines. Above, this statement is wrong. (5 points)

A. yes B. No: B (This is true of)

14. Fa Fa players and then players must stand on the diagonally opposite corner and the return of serve serve serve the region, feet not touching the service area of the boundaries; feet must have some contact with the ground shall not be moved until the ball issue. (5 points)

A. yes B. No: A

15. Any one bureau's first starter to lose the right to serve, by the Bureau sending and receiving the first player serves, then sending and receiving the first serve fellow players, followed by their One of his opponents serve, then serve by another opponent, and so to pass the right to serve. (5 points)

A. yes B. No (the new rules and 21 doubles for the same answer to this question is not, this entitled the right to ball-point system)

16. Encounter no athlete beyond the control of the situation, the referee suspended the game as needed . If the game is suspended, has had scores of effective competition by the renewal date of the scores. (5 points)

A. yes B. No: Of course, A

17. Once the ball started, the ball hit the racket has been issued player or floor, shall serve an end. (5 points)

A. yes B. No: A

18. The Games, athletes, referees in the exchange of venues or wipe their sweat, they can under the chair and the referee referees exchange competition issues. (5 points): B

A. yes B. No

19. Linesman's sitting to be responsible with maintaining parallel lines. (5 points)

A. yes B. No: A

20. Serve athletes when serving the ball over the net on the Internet should be sentenced to hang after the re-serve. (5 points)

A. yes B. No: B

21. What kind of ball game ball used by the player to choose OK. (5 points)

A. yes B. No: B

22.7 units to participate in round-robin groups, among them a total of 21 games, there are six games bye, a total of seven games. (5 points): (7-1) X7 / 2 = 21 A

A. yes B. No

23. The men's singles competition, while the third set for the 14:12 and found not to exchange sites, because there is a sub - over, do not have to change ends and continue to play. (5 points)

A. yes B. No Answer: B was found not to exchange sites should be immediately exchanged field area, the original scores of the effective

24. Game shot hit the ball with the shot count offenses. (5 points)

A. yes B. No B (Cricket unauthorized rules have been canceled) 25. Pick sides when the Party chose the field area, Party B can only choose to serve first. (5 points)

A. yes B. No: B (also an optional return of serve)

26. In the match, the ball separation of care and feathers, the ball landed care sector, the feathers fell sector, should be sentenced to bounds. (5 points)

A. yes B. No Answer: B above should be "re-serve"

27. Referee suspected of athletes has changed ball, this time the referee can not be sentenced for illegal players. (5 points)

A. yes B. No: B this case is a foul, the referee can warn of yellow, red, black card processing

28. Tee tee party started, then you can move the ball side on the serve. (5 points)

A. yes B. No: A, but can not be moved until

29. The men's singles competition, when the score for the first time into the game 14 to 14 o'clock, the two sides have the right to choose extra points or extra points. (5 points)

A. yes B. No: the old rules that only the first 14 minutes before they get the right to choose, the new rules meaningless

30. Players hit the ball end, the feet from the offline invade each other's field area, there is no prejudice to each other. It will not be convicted of offenses. (5 points)

A. yes B. No: A (because of the venue itself is no different locations line, the above race continued)

31. Serve, the ball-point was significantly lower than the ball's hand. (5 points)

A. yes B. No: A more accurate to say that those who serve should be a clap of the hands to 32. Referees should be so (A) be able to keep the competition process. (5 points)

A. athletes and spectators B. staff of coaches and athletes C. and D. referee Referee spot: A

33. For the Olympic Games, World Championships, Sudirman Cup, Uber Cup and the Thomas Cup final stage of the minimum clearance height of the entire venue is ()? (5 points)

A.11 m B.9 m C.10 m D.12 m: 12 meters (39 feet)

34. Fat players to prepare the players prior to sending and receiving serve, should be sentenced to (B). (5 points)

A. unauthorized B. weight C. Warning D. dead ball serve to 35. Doubles match when serving, fat fellow players can stand (the venue any location), but can not (stop sending and receiving the player's sight). (5 points)

A. venue anywhere - sending and receiving the player's line of sight blocked site at any location B. - stop the referee made the players behind the line of sight C. Position - stop sending and receiving the players made the players behind the line of sight D. Position - stop the referee E. Members of sight made the players right here - to block sending and receiving the player's line of sight F. made the players right here - blocking the referee's attention to 36. Badminton Ball weight (). (5 points)

A.70-5.50 Ke B.74-5.75 Ke C.74-5.50 Ke D.74-5.524 g? ? "Title face wrong" answers :4.74-5.50 grams

37. Test ball, the normal ball of the ball should be vested in (B) between. (5 points)

A.12.41-12.87 Mi B.530-990 Hao Mi C.570-990 Haomi D.13.40 m: B

38. Women's doubles competition, made the players serve, then made the players are not ready, and her Peer ball then the past. Umpires should be sentenced to (C) (5 points)

A. serving side scoring offense C. Fang B. return of serve for re-serve D. serving

39. Unless the statute otherwise agreed, badminton game in general should be based on (B) determined the outcome. (5 points)

A. 1 B. Council a best of three games wins three out of five wins C. 4 D. Qi Ju-sheng

40.11 people attended the bye the number of single knockout are (C) months. (5 points)

A.1 B.3 C.5 D.7

41. Competition is being delayed is the sole decision-maker (B) (5 points)

A. tee C. referee referee referee B. D. linesman

The above is on the test, there is the answer - for reference use.



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