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How to do upper arm injury playing badminton

Y Xiaohuan H2010-02-13 08:02:21 +0000 #1
RT is the upper arm strain

feet take-off to kill the ball when pulled, and before the take-off have also had to kill the ball, but will not be strained

general strain today, tomorrow, like a dozen, but a Jin also pulled with big points, and get things shaking hands to play. The strange thing is if we continue to play an hour or so before going again hurt the.

Should be how to do and wanted to rest Mody? How long a rest? Mody to medication? Use something?

Hope the sincere friends to help answer this question would be grateful.
horse and dog2010-02-13 08:05:05 +0000 #2
strain is best to rest after a period of time without medication. If the injury is not too serious in general is also like a week, and severe may be a month or more. During this time a good idea not to let the arm for strenuous exercise, but a proper movement (in order to limit the pain does not make the wound) can contribute to recovery. Usually own more than one kneaded kneading faster - In addition, the badminton smash the wrist when the attention of the cervical vertebrae, not to indulge in a whirl arm. This is not to kill the ball faster and more vulnerable to injuries - I wish a speedy recovery -
wowudilv2010-02-13 08:45:33 +0000 #3
Previously, if you hurt too, not completely well, to continue to play, the injury would be a good long time, very slow

bears the root cause will be difficult to recover

you make a hit on the hurt, is not opened because of muscle activity, and feel, but still there are disorders of sexual trauma injury

recommended Louzhu rest for some time, touch points, blood circulation of drugs, such as safflower oil what is The

Remember to have no sense of pain 1:00, Zaiqu play

play will inevitably hurt, I hurt, and now feel are not right, after warming-up

more careful to do more



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