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Badminton Arm Muscle Training

Vimc472010-02-13 09:01:04 +0000 #1
such as title.

I have the speed of badminton hand displeasure.

I would like scientific training under the arm muscles.

Know that a friend please tell the next, thank you.
ultra-song Laila2010-02-13 09:05:38 +0000 #2
arm muscles are divided into the upper arm and forearm muscles muscle. Arm muscle wrapping around the humerus, forming two groups before and after. The former group are the biceps, muscle and brachial muscle brachial beak, which is the flexor group, whose function is to make the upper arm flexion, forearm flexion and external rotation, and closer to the upper arm. After the groups are triceps and elbow muscles, it is the extensor group, whose function is to straighten the elbow and forearm.

Forearm muscle is also divided into two groups before and after. The former group in the forearm palm side and inner side, including the elbow, wrist flexor, flexor forearm rotation and make the muscles. After the group is located in the forearm on the back side and the outer side, including the extensor digitorum, extensor forearm, wrist and to make external rotation muscles.

Forearm muscle over the location and function of its named.

1, dumbbell curl

legs open with the shoulder width, arms drooping naturally, the two palm forward holding dumbbells, rotate or both elbow curl the dumbbells to your chest, biceps extremely taut, wrist North Korea to reverse the direction of the Ministry of thumb, pause, use the power of controlling the dumbbell biceps, Xunyuan Lu line slowly down. Bend your breathing when you put down when the breath, ideas should focus on the biceps. To do the movements, the body shall not be before and after the shaking. Bent bent process, the upper arm should be close to side of the body; whereabouts, the arm must be fully extended until the biceps fully extended, the do the next move. Dumbbell curl to the chest when the wrist toward the thumb reverse direction will enable the biceps stretched even tighter.

2, seated curl

posture, upper body slightly forward, one palm facing up holding dumbbells naturally hang down on the legs, the holders of bell-arm leaning against the ipsilateral thigh, on the other hand press on the other side of thigh. Bent the dumbbell curl Zhijian ago, an extremely taut biceps, wrist toward the thumb to reverse direction, pause, and then in order to control the dumbbell biceps, slowly drop to between his legs. In the dumbbell curl, and drop when the bell arm is always held close to the ipsilateral thigh, bent when the suction, when the breath down. When exercise ideas should focus on the biceps. Arm holding the fate of Ling, the arm must be fully extended until the biceps to fully extend before making the next move.

3, anti-grip chin-up

back of the hand grip forward horizontal bar, grip or a par with the slightly narrower shoulder width, arms fully extended, the body hanging. With the biceps of the contractile force bent arm pull up the body so that the next of more than chin bars, biceps extremely tense, pause, control the body with biceps down to starting position slowly. Pull-up when you inhale, physical whereabouts of breath. To do the movements, be sure to wait for arms fully extended, and then pull the body upward.

4, upper arm triceps arm flexion and extension

Start position: two-handed grip or anti-shake are hands together grip a barbell or dumbbell. Over the top of its holding, the elbow, so that the forearm back sag. The body upright or sitting on the bench.

Action process: two upper arm close to the ears to keep upright and not shaken. Triceps contraction, and gradually extend the elbow, the forearm upward Ting Shen, until the arm completely straight, completely tighten the triceps. Still a second, then elbow, so that the forearm slowly droop to the starting position, so that the triceps stretch as far as possible.

Breathing method: when you inhale Tingshen forearm, bent down when you breath.

NOTE points: Ting Shen Do not swing arm when the forearm.

5, upper arm triceps bent arm flexion and extension

Start position: forward bent body, single-hand dumbbell with one hand or one hand on the knee has softened after the legs, so that the upper arm grip bell posted by Shence, and upper body parallel. Elbow, so that the forearm natural droop.

Action Process: upper body and arm remain intact, contracted triceps, forearm and back to the top of Ting Shen, until the arm fully extended, while the total contract triceps. Still a second, then elbow, so that the forearm slowly droop to the starting position.

Breathing method: Tingshen forearm when the suction, droop when the breath.

NOTE points: Tingshen forearm when the arm up and down as much as possible without rendering swing arm completely straight, they still had to lift up the wrist, so that three muscle contraction be more thorough.

6, upper arm triceps horizontal arm flexion and extension

Starting position: Lying on a bench, two-handed grip or positive anti-grip barbell, lift up, his arms and on the ground vertically, the elbow forearm sag.

Action process: to maintain the upper arm does not swing, shrink triceps, the forearm upward Ting Shen, until the arm fully extended,. Still a second, completely contracted triceps, and then let the forearm and elbow flexion and controlled slowly drooping to the beginning position, fully extending his triceps.

Breathing method: Tingshen forearm when the suction, droop when the breath.

NOTE points: Ting Shen and sagging forearm, the upper arm to remain in situ does not swing.

7, upper arm triceps arm starting position after the lift
: body upright, two-handed backhand grip barbell or are placed behind them.

Action process: Keep arms straight, lift the barbell above the back as far as possible. Finally, turn up the wrist flexor, and to try to shrink triceps, still a second, down the bar to its original position. Relaxed triceps.

Respiratory Methods: After the lift arm when you inhale, back down when you breath.

NOTE points: Raise, the body can not shake, carried to the highest possible point of the wrist flexor turn, can triceps contraction completely.

8, wrist curl exercise

wrist curl exercise is the most direct forearm training exercise, their approach is to sit, two hand a lighter barbell or a dumbbell each hand and forearm on the thigh, the palm stretched in the the knee, the palm of your hand and wrist to do alone curl exercises to maximize the scope of the movement.

This one action, the palm can be up, could be replaced by a downward trend, both exchangeable done continuously, for the forearm and wrist strength training have the greatest effect, make each section three times, each time 10-15 times.

9, anti-grip barbell curl curl movement

This is another change in the movement, hand-grip barbell from the front, back of the hand in the hands relative inward thumb, the grip posture more than hand-grip from above bars are different in this point The remaining roughly the same with curling movement.

Anti-grip curl forearms will be forced to be more forceful, for stimulating the radial and ulnar side of the effect of various muscles have great natural strength at this time also used in the biceps than the hand-grip bar from the following when it comes to small, and therefore that of the barbell Weight should also be smaller.

Action gist is to bring the barbell to the forearm and upper arm bent at right angles to the level of the power of rotating the use of wrist barbell, this movement for the forearm and grip strength training have a good effect, so each section three times, each time 8-12 times.

Arm muscles is not enough, power can not hold body weight, therefore, we must first right arm muscle training. At the same time may be an appropriate combination of strength training. Consuming part of the fat to make it appear muscular lines.

10, overlooking the sitting dumbbell curl

arm targeted muscle: the lateral head of biceps and brachial muscles

feet separate sitting stool side, upper body forward, a hand-held bell hanging in the legs, the arm after the support in the ipsilateral lower leg and the inside of the elbow joint. Rotary legs the other hand can be maintained.

To the elbow axis, to the contraction of the biceps forearms upward force will be bent to do the peak contraction. Then slowly to restore devolution.

11, seated dumbbell neck flexion and extension arm

arm target muscles: biceps

sitting on stool, feet flat on the floor separately. Hold the dumbbell at one end hands, his arms straight up.

In order to control the tightening force triceps dumbbell slowly down to the neck, and then to lift dumbbell triceps contraction force.

12, overlooking the legislative objectives of dumbbell arm flexion and extension

arm muscles: triceps

inside leg and arm stays at the kneeling bench, the upper body flexion and parallel to the ground, lateral support legs to stand, lateral hand-held Bell raised to the upper arm parallel with the ground. Boxing eyes forward.

By triceps contraction force will move to the arm dumbbell straight after. Then Xunyuan Lu returned.

13, a narrow goals from push-ups

arm muscles: triceps

the same as the usual push-ups, only a few centimeters distance between his hands.

Slowly decentralized body, until the upper arm parallel with the ground. Then propped up, but not completely straight arm.

14, lateral bending to cite

arm target muscles, forearm muscles and the brachial plane

the natural stand, hold hands, bell hanging on the side of the body, boxing eyes forward.

To the forearm muscles and brachial muscles upward curl Zhijian ago, so the peak contraction. And then slowly to restore devolution
sztent20092010-02-13 09:10:40 +0000 #3
leave Hehe 2 points above the collar is too professional a depressed呀
vieto_yoyo2010-02-13 09:29:39 +0000 #4
Laona great truths can not speak, only know two of effective indigenous methods:

1. In making the head sets of plastic bags (old-fashioned racket of making headgear better) practice swing

2, and holding an empty wine bottles around the 8-shaped, over the past after a period can also be installed inside the bottle of water or sand to increase the degree of difficulty



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