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What is the level of middle-high school students for the badminton racket? Below 300 yuan

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victory is very good, and I also use a victory

grade orientation has also become clear

South Korean national team's designated products, the quality did not have to say

wind, fire, thunder, electric 4 the early-side model is more suitable for beginners

more than 100 one, especially the flame looks better with them very good

If you want to buy a better, 300 yuan to buy the hair of

such as good strength and power after the wrist force Select a number of offensive racket

such as a super-wave 35,32, Liang Jian 08,10

election victory racket, Liang Jian, super wave of the best series of all good

according to your own needs to choose

In general, the attack first in the pole more rigid, making the first defense is opposite heavier

Remember: Do not Yimei pursuit of high-end models, novice playing will be very laborious

and may hurt the shoulder and hand

Moreover, on the pull in pounds the higher the better

is not a high-poundage is to reduce the reaction force to enhance the placement of the stability of

the higher the poundage of the technical and physically demanding higher

but also to a better line of rackets in order to reduce the high pounds brought about strong vibration

reduce sports injuries (though not obvious)

Now I use the explorer - the desire to replace a super-wave 35 Unfortunately, there is no money ...

If you buy a high-end, YONEX worth considering

really good , such as AT700 AT900 NS9900

Lin Dan of China on the 1st singles in the Olympic Games on the use of the YONEX the AT700

said Li Ning won the gold medal of the national team's series are also good, but offensive in the bar too

soft - Lin Dan took to be tape wrapped around the pole so that harden

most people may not be suitable for holding (the first shot mostly heavy, the poor performance of the net)

want to help

hope to adopt Louzhu
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victory Explorer Series



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