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Please reach under my case recommend a badminton racket

xs1740874752010-02-13 09:02:22 +0000 #1
want to buy a racket give as gifts

boys school to play men's four levels of intensity strong enough skills to win the pace is not very good

Height 170 Weight 65kg
hjj_nuaa2010-02-13 09:13:15 +0000 #2
This depends on how much you are prepared to spend slightly silver. U can go to web-based look at the models and prices, there was a more detailed description. Choose a rod in hardness is moderate, both offensive and defensive side the ball or the racket. Men are four strong schools, and efforts will not be too small for it, so I do not recommend the soft beat.

If the silver more than it depends on yy, if not too much, then look at the victories and Kason or bar, pick a high point of the racket, after all, that others are masters, to send in a low-end might as well see them off, he was it will not use. yy's ns9000s should be more suitable for him, relatively modest, and more popular, there are grades, and 1000 nod now.

Personal recommendation, less than 700,800 of the beat, or not to give master better.
xinhuawuye2010-02-13 09:23:49 +0000 #3
Li Ning, anything is possible, buy it, no problem of quality, flexibility precisely, suitable for a broad population,



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