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cavaba1232010-02-13 10:02:07 +0000 #1
New to open a badminton hall, would like to give members of a regulatory framework legislation, but it is not 1:00 like the whole and want to help out everyone, such as not allowed to smoke, what needs changing his shoes and more to help me think like to avoid future trouble `Thank you very much`
Allen Dream2010-02-13 10:13:17 +0000 #2
Reference Reference Ha

Yancheng Badminton Club (group) management systems

Yancheng Badminton Club was founded in November 2007, the purpose of Friends is a club, aiming at physical fitness, training exchanges, self-improvement; this club as a non-profit organization and does not provide commercial services; activities of the Organization of the club, members may voluntarily choose to participate, but remember to pay attention to safety! Vigilance, safety first; resulting from activities of this club does not bear any personal property damage liability, directly or indirectly! Activity fees to participants in the form of AA-sharing system, including the booking fee and the ball charge.

Specific rules are as follows:

1. Any officer shall Yancheng Hotline Heming Pavilion Forum Badminton Club and the group [] internal distribution, to draw members engage in gambling, pornography and other illegal activities, if discovered will immediately suspend the membership of to the nature of the relevant departments to report on its activities.

2. Any officer shall badminton clubs and groups within the spread and dissemination of advertising for commercial purposes with a clear, once discovered will immediately stop the membership, and clear out of the club. (Member required except badminton equipment)

3. It shall not be issued in the community group information (Q group), the offenders made to remove the paste processing, the situation is serious for a temporary ban users (a certain period), a permanent ban on the user processing;

4. Ball faithful to respect each other; prohibited insults with each other; not allowed to publish pornographic pictures, text, etc.; not allowed to discuss politics or other sensitive topics;

5. Any officer shall be financed by a computer QQ, cell phone text message and other related communication and information tools harassment member, if found will immediately stop the membership, clear out of the club, and Heming Pavilion Forum, QQ group released the person's relevant information in order to warning other people.

6. Activity Rules:

(1), where people who live or work in Yancheng, regardless of age, gender and level of skills are welcome to join the badminton club Yancheng group and participate in the group of badminton activities.

(2), who had heart disease, hypertension and other adverse disease than for those who engaged in violent sports, declined to participate in activities, or else your peril.

(3), each event, event organizers ahead of Heming-ting in Yancheng Hotline Forum Badminton Club [] Release event information, including time, place, contact and so on.

(4) All members participate in activities must be pre-application, in Yancheng hotline Heming Pavilion forum posts Badminton Club registration application, and must be approved before taking part.

(5). Does not come within the quota for the application to play a friend, will he (she) fined 10 yuan sign of trouble manufacturing management costs, fees into public funds.

(6) have been confirmed to participate in the activities, but the temporary emergency can not come to please the activities of the day and then consciously cancel your registration before 16:00, and the Q groups or by telephone to inform the relevant administrators.

(7) have been confirmed to participate in activities, but failed to cancel your registration at the Forum, the activities of the day after the required time, 16:00 to withdraw, but not on top of their vacant alternate success, and will withdraw from those who sign fined 5 yuan of trouble manufacturing management costs, fees into public funds.

(8) had signed up to attend for the activities, but not alert the administrator not to participate in the ball friends, this club will give him (her) fined 5 yuan sign of trouble manufacturing management costs, fees into public funds.

(9) For repeated violations, or violations, but do not agree with the fine golfers, the club will no longer be welcome to participate in activities such teammates.

(10) to participate in activities, please as much as possible the required time or ahead of schedule to reach activity area.

(11) Please bring their own shoes, rackets, water, towels and other supplies, it is best not to use the goods of others, but shall not be used without the permission of others items.

(12) no-smoking, loud noise, naked, with kids, with pets, etc., and subject to course management.

(13) Let us turn to play, mutual humility, and subject to arrangements for the organizers may not have the ball and hegemony behavior. Activities, if any dispute should be subject to management arrangements. Do not listen to discourage, and we will stop those who participated in the activities of its primary responsibility for the qualification.

(14) Fur Ball event there is a certain risk, and the activities are voluntary participation, non-profit nature, please pay attention to protecting themselves in the activities to avoid injury and harm to others, in the event of injuries, by the injury and the injured person to assume corresponding responsibilities, nothing to do with the event organizers, but the organizers have the responsibility for the timely rescue and obligations.

(15) The commencement of the event, please take the initiative to pay the organizers of the activities of fees, charges for each standard is 10 yuan.

(16) after the end of each activity, event organizers must be as soon as possible Heming Pavilion Forum Badminton Club published financial statements of current events.

7. All those involved in the activities of personnel of the activities can be questioned the fees charged, and contact with the Badminton Club Moderator ass

8. All those involved in the activities of its members please keep a good portable valuables, this club not responsible for lost items.

9. In the forum or group of activities within the self-organization can not be with this club active time, activity places the same (such as when meeting the ball will be the activities of persons other than full), non-organizational activities of the club, this club hereby disclaims any responsibility!

10. All members must comply with the relevant rules and regulations badminton hall.

11, because the number of badminton clubs group of 180 maximum, we will from time to time to clean up of group of persons;

(1) building group is intended to facilitate the exchange of people, for two consecutive months not to participate in group activities, personnel, We will clean out the group.

(2) is strictly prohibited in the Q group in its group or sex distribution, political and violation of the law of the information (pictures), violators of this group to make a permanent kick;

(3) Each person can only can be in this group there is a number (to prevent more than one number within the group), an officer found to have a unified multi-number kicked out of this group.

(4) In the group where the exchange of language to be civilized, and not to use cluster this public occasion to inveigh against other groups such as Friends of the personal attacks. When it happens, we will provide certain penalties depending on the circumstances.

Badminton Club group is responsible for people's rights and obligations:

1. For everyone contact the badminton venue.

2. Collect and publish the cost of each event.

3. To provide badminton.

4. Authority members to see if compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.

5. On a temporary emergency situation or incident handling and decision-making rights.

6. Is responsible for competition with other associations, recreational and invited coaches of the related matters.

7. Is responsible for badminton club team, naming, advertising and other related matters.

8. Violation of the relevant rules and regulations of the officers fired on the spot or try to restrain him

These are the groups of Yancheng Badminton Club rules and regulations, from September 8, 2008 onwards, inviting members and badminton enthusiasts seriously observed.


Yancheng Badminton Club group of institutions and activities arrangements:

1, Yancheng Badminton Club group number: 51,970,453

Group Lord: Magic Fish QQ: 524117952

2, group administrators and the activities of the organization by:

Badminton Club Moderator donkey QQ: 64346714

this other administrators: Colorful Life QQ: 258744122

Potatoes QQ: 892269740

Chen Greek QQ: 6197290

JASONQQ: 40443354

3, activity time and place of

1, the time : Tuesday evening, Thursday and Saturday morning; (occasional Saturday morning to invite famous club coaches)

2, Location: Yancheng new stadium, Yancheng famous badminton club;

3, the above planned time, place, time activities, the actual time and place must be in accordance venues scheduled the case may be, specific to the activities of groups and forums, bulletin posts shall prevail
pop900OO2010-02-13 10:45:22 +0000 #3
The key is the implementation can not



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