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Discussion on badminton Tactical Awareness

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1. To mobilize the other venues here

the other side stood the center of a general, comprehensive care for every corner in order to counteract a variety of the ball. If he was removed from the center of his field area would be: There is air when it became empty when the attack on our goal.

2. Forcing the other hit in the backcourt lob

Yi-Ping golf. Slash at smb. Chop chop the net hanging or other technical difficulties caused by the other side returned fire, forcing the other side to hit the golf field region can not reach their bottom line, so to increase his own strong smash and kill the power of the net to give the other party to a fatal hit.

3. Center of gravity so that the other party lost control of the ball

the use of duplicate or false movements disrupt each other's footwork, so that the other center of gravity out of control, no time to fight back or delay time batting the ball back to the poor quality, resulting in the passive.

4. Consume each other's physical

control of the ball impact point, to maximize the use of the entire site, the ball hit to the four corners of the venue or in a place farthest away from the opponent, the opponent every time the ball back as far as possible to exhaustion. In the competition for a pros and cons of the ball should also mobilize a multi-shot opponents, so that opponents to run. More valid to kill the ball, when the opponent tired, the further ahead.

(C) the guiding ideology of China's badminton tactical

"we", "to fast-based." "To attack the main" is the guiding ideology of China's badminton tactics.

1. The "we"

that is not to depart from its own technology. Physical condition. Fitness. The psychological characteristics of quality and style of play to choose tactics.

2. The "fast-based"

that is, the tactical change and transformation, we must embody the "fast" feature. Found the other technical and tactical advantages and disadvantages, the change in tactics to be fast, to be timely; from the attack to turn defensive. By the transition from defensive to offensive or to attack, attack to the transition from the faster, we must seize the favorable opportunity to rapidly convert.

3. "To attack the main"

that is in the development of tactics, we should emphasize the dominant ideological attack. When the defense would like to emphasize the positive defense.

(4) singles tactical

1. Serve sights on tactical

serve without interfering with each other, can serve as a rule, arbitrarily in any way, catch the ball sent to the other area at any point. Better use of varied driving technique can be pre-emptive strike, the initiative. To issue a flat fast ball and the net with the ball towards the creation of the third film of the initiative to attack the opportunity to form a ball inroads into tactics.

2. After attacking tactics

used to repeat playing field lofty golf ball or ping technology, press each other's backcourt corners, forcing the other side in a passive state, once its back to the ball quality is not high, then wait for an opportunity to kill, hanging empty as the other.

3. Forcing backhand tactics

Generally speaking, the backcourt offensive backhand is not strong, Qiu Lu is also relatively simple. For the poor backhand backcourt opponent to be attacked relentlessly. First pull the other side, and make each other's space when exposed backhand zone. Then, putting the ball into the backhand area, forcing the other side using the backhand stroke. For example: first hanging right hand side is the net, the other side lob the ball, I have to attack each other's backhand lob Ping area. Repeated attacks on each other's backhand district to force it away from the center when he suddenly hanging right corner the net.


4 penalty spot to play at a fast tactical level golf. Lob and accurately hit the four corners of each other's field area, forcing the other around, running, when the other person no time to return to the center or lose focus when you seize the air when and weaknesses and launch attacks.

5. Hanging, kill the Internet tactics

first in the backcourt with the lob to light to kill the ball under pressure, placement of venues to choose sides, so that the ball back to the other passive. If the other side fight back the net the ball, they Xun, chopping, or hook-speed Internet access right angle to push the ball fast flat; if the other party before the lob the ball in the net may be the way the ball in his back directly to immediate concern to him.

6. After the attack the first defensive tactics

This tactic can be used to deal with the kind of blind and poor physical attack on the opponent. Start of the race, first in order to induce the other golf offensive attack in the other Zhigu porous, they can surprise attack. Or in the other physical decline. Slow down again when the offensive. This is the Plaza to be labor, striking tactics.

(5) singles offensive tactics contingency

1. Serve sights on tactical contingency

serve inroads into the competition, scoring an important means of serving the stations according to opponents. Back to the habit of hitting Qiu Lu, counter-attack capabilities, play features, mental and psychological state, etc., using different methods serve in order to obtain the initiative in the previous film. Through the use of tactics to disrupt each other's overall strategic plan, causing the other party by surprise. Especially in the critical moment, serve inroads into the use of different tactics to achieve results; in a stalemate when you can use it to open the deadlock situation, and strive to take the initiative; leader can use it to win the big bang beat his opponent; behind when you can use it to making the final of hard work, turn the tide, turning defeat into victory.

(1) The field area before the onset of the tactical

sights on the ball field area before the onset of hair on the 1st District, ball, 1,2 between the zone ball, body fat chasing the ball.

Shortly before the main purpose of the ball field area is to limit the other party immediately attacked another purpose, through accurate. Consciously to judge each other's fight back Qiulu to organize and mobilize a strong sights on rapid, reaching a direct scoring chance or a second attack. = Field area before the onset of the ball, under normal circumstances should be to issue a 1,2 region between the ball and catch the ball the main body, so that more prudent, and will not cause errors.

(2) Fa-Ping golf take along attacking tactics

Fa-Ping golf have made on the 3rd District, issued on the 4th District, made between the three kinds of zones 3,4 No. Ping Golf.

Fa-Ping golf sights on the tactical and tactical sights on field area before the onset of the difference is made inroads into the former field region can be directly carried out sights on seizing the planes, while Fa-Ping golf sights on will have to abide by in order to obtain a means of counterattack inroads into opportunities.

Fa-Ping golf purposes: First, in order to meet the ball field area before the onset of inroads; 2 is to let opponents blindly attack or the scope of a judge in our offense, so that can only serve rapidly from defensive to the offensive; 3 contributed to each other directly due to loss of control failures.

(3), made a flat shooting the ball is mainly made on the 3rd District, flat shooting the ball

Fa-Ping shooting tactical purposes: First, in order to attack, such as the slow response to the other side, or stations partial sideline, District No. 3, the gap is large, surprise attack on the 3rd Area success rate is likely to be greater; 2 level in order to force the other side of the play pump Kombat; 3 Bizhi to the other side after the field region caused by the net area of the gap.

2. Tactical sights on return of serve contingency

return of serve is the return of serve tactical tactical sights on the most easy to score. The most threatening kind of tactic. However, the premise is the poor quality of the other party serve. Such as the lobbing are not in place when the impact point; field region before the onset of when the ball over the net too high; issued to shoot the ball fast enough, angle poor; Fa-Ping golf when the rhythm, impact point, curvature and so will the return of serve sights on poor caused by chance.

Left the precondition to carry out sights on the blind, the effect more backward, the success rate is low. In addition, there are also positive. Bold inroads into consciousness. To get the sights on tactical success (scores) had to according to their technical characteristics and physical conditions, combined with the other technical characteristics. Physical condition and psychological qualities. For example, when the other right-field area made a poor placement of Ping golf has resulted in our sights on the best time to launch, it is necessary to use what they do best technology, to seize each other's weaknesses, bold and decisive inroads.

Sights on the completion of tactics have to make inroads into film by the 23 Qiulu organization can be effective. Therefore, we should speed up once the launching sights on expanding control surfaces, grasp each other's weaknesses or customary route one attack in the end, all in one complete, the inroads into tactical combinations.

3. Individual technical and tactical offensive response

(1) repeat-ping golf offensive tactics

such tactics were characterized by the repeated ping golf attack each other with a post-field area, or even repeat the number of consecutive shooting, so as to reach home, or force each other to death the other hit a half-court lob, in order to facilitate our final blow. This tactical move right back to the Internet faster. The bottom line poor ball control, as well as sideways very effective competitors with poor footwork.

(2) pull on both sides of Ping golf offensive tactics

This is the use of flat golf or pick the ball straight after the attacks on each other on both sides of the bottom line, in order to gain the initiative, or to force the other to the passive, in order to facilitate our final blow to the tactical . Use of this tactic to require the control of golf ball the shot speed, shot accuracy and consistency of action and so is better. This tactical move right back to the Internet fast, two bottom-line attack of the opponent is very weak effect.

(3) repeat lob tactical

repeated hanging or hanging on both sides of the side in order to obtain the right to take the initiative to attack. Such tactics for the side lob technology is better, and can grasp the fake lob who treat each other internet footwork is poor, or the other side the ball is not in place to find the bottom line, while eager to retreat to the defensive side of the ball to kill those who are most effective.

(4) slow lift (soft hanging) combined with fast lift (split sling) tactical

the so-called slow-hanging (soft hanging) is lob the ball from the backcourt to the net has been slow, and the curvature of large, placement of close off-grid, using this technology combined with peaceful golf is opened in order to achieve the purpose of the other stations, and sometimes can also score. The so-called fast hanging (split sling) refers to lob the ball from the backcourt to the net before the faster out of the ball basically a straight line, placement of remote off-grid. This is when the other stations have been opened, but lost control of the body center of gravity of the moment, a tactic used.

(5) to repeat to kill the ball attacking tactics

When the case of a defense often used to counter-pull opponent after the game, when you can use to repeat the offensive tactics to kill the ball. Use of this tactic must first understand the opponents of this situation, and then use light to kill or shorter than the first killing, this time, our side should not rush to the Internet, but to readjust their positions in order to facilitate the application of duplicate kill tactics.

(6) Long Short-kill to kill junction (point kill, slash at smb) and offensive tactics

long-killing combination of short-kill (point kill, slash at smb) tactics, summed up he said, is "a long straight line to kill, to kill a short corner." It is shorter than the linear combination of the diagonal length to kill would be better to kill. Because the "kill with a long straight diagonal short-kill" cause to kill each other then, we need to move further away, increasing the difficulty of defense.

(7) re-kill and light to kill the offensive tactics

half re-kill, after killing field of light is a summary of this tactic. When creating a hanging side by pulling the ball half the chance, you should use re-kill tactics. On the contrary, after the ball is in our field would like to use to kill the ball, most people with a light to kill. Because half the ball heavy kill, even if the loss of the body center of gravity, you will not be impossible to control the net result of the situation, but if in the post-games use of re-killing, if loss of the body center of gravity, Internet slow in the net on the uncontrollable. The light to kill the body that allow them to maintain a good center of gravity location, the next step in order to facilitate control of the net.

(8) Repeat chopping attack tactics

when it comes to chopping each other's online habits quickly after the back of the rivals. Repeat chopping our tactics can be used to achieve access to opportunities to take the initiative and undermine the intention of attacking each other's back.

(9) repeat attack tactics to push the ball

when it comes to blocking the other from the back field before the ball back quickly after moving to the center of the opponent, the ROC can be used to repeat to push the ball tactics. In particular, pushed straight ball backhand net and more of a threat.

(10〕 attack tactics on both sides of the ball hook

When our right angle from the net and the net hook the ball, the other side back to rub a straight line back to attack the net and when a diagonal side can then hook the ball. The use of This tactic to deal with poor twist rivals more effective.

4. combination of technology, offensive tactics strain:

(1) ping golf began to organize the attack tactics

the so-called "fast pull quick hanging with surprise" to fight France, in fact, in order to ping golf began to organize attacks tactics.

singles match, a competition for the ball generally have three stages, namely control and anti-control stage, the active phase of a hit and the last stage of a fatal blow. For example, our After the field area from the forehand to attack the enemy's head straight Ping golf area, the other side would like to get rid of the passive situation of playing against a pair of corner-ping golf, attempting to make our fight back straight lob. to resume its driving position. At this point our counter-pressure the other side head area (using the repeated-ping golf tactics), forcing the other side hit back straight line golf, but also removed the center of the other side, access to the initiative a strike aircraft, and the rapid adoption of hanging split right corner to control the whole situation. At this point, the other is passively back to the net a straight ball, our only way to judge the other side fought back and quickly get up and made a chopping motion, he quickly pushed off a straight line, resulting in a straight line the other side fought back half lob a passive form The final blow to our situation. our strong Middle kill him the ball, the other party can only meet the net block a ball, and hit back at the poor quality, our fast online net smash to solve this round of competition. which 1 -- 2 is a control film anti-control phase, 3-4, a hit film is a proactive phase of ,5-6 film is a fatal blow stage. compete for the initiative on controlling the anti-control when steady, accurate. live. Once the initiative of a strike fighter when fast and accurate. in the final blow when a quick, ruthless. in dealing with each ball, we should soberly evaluate one's own position and should not be confused with the three stages to handle the ball. If the initiative has not been a hit circumstances, should not adopt the initiative a strike action, but the final blow should not be used for action. In short, in every round of a battle, we must soberly deal with each stage of the ball. in front of said is not beyond the stage of processing, however, if he has a shot at the proactive and sometimes do not take the initiative to a strike action, or in a final blow to circumstances rather than by the final blow of the action, are wrong, will result in loss of passive or active right.

to adopt a flat golf began to organize offensive tactics, we must consider the following several conditions: First, they have the better ability to control the level golf and have some ability to defend the opponent's attack; secondly,The other backcourt offensive ability is not too strong, not a killing at midfield; Moreover, there are weaknesses in each other's footwork movement, can be controlled through a high-lift each other, otherwise difficult to obtain satisfactory results.

(2) to lift split began to attack tactical

"hanging to kill before the offensive tactics of control network," is to lift split began to organize attacks tactics. Including "hanging the Internet twist to create surprise attack tactics." "Hanging the Internet to push the creation of surprise attack tactics," "hanging hook the creation of the Internet attack tactics," "hanging kill offensive tactics," and so on, the conditions for using this tactic: first, should have the good lob or chop lob Technology ; The second is the other access was weak; third is the power of a strong attack on the other backcourt, in order to prevent the other advantages the use of this tactic.

(3) to kill the split began to organize in order to kill the attacking tactics

split began to organize offensive tactics are the typical tactics inroads into midfield. Use of such tactics play must have good speed endurance, better control of the net to kill hack internet technology and footwork,. Is a threat of great tactics. In the 60's with Fang Xiang as its representative, but it is very difficult to see our best players there was such a play. In Indonesia, there are many players who have this play in order to Albi represented, featuring a quick hack to kill the Internet rub or push. Hook, flutter control of the net the ball to create a split second to kill the opportunity. Using this play as long as the players have the chance, kill the split on the use of technology.

(4) to control the net before the ball began to attack tactics

When the other side before the ball often Portal, our organization would like to attack the net on the need to control the ball from the start, we must first have a fast Internet footwork, but also need to have a good twist, push, hook on the consistency of a strong technology to effectively organize the attack tactics.

5. On a route and regional composition of offensive tactics in response

(1) diagonal line of attack tactics

no matter what technologies are to hit back at a diagonal line, to organize tactics. Especially when the other side to play straight ball, the side in order to fight back right corner of the road, to twist poor or slow an opponent is very effective offensive tactics. Of course, the use of this tactic should not be too rigid, once they are discovered each other's laws, is easy to produce is not conducive to their own situation.

(2) triangle offense line of tactical principles

use of this tactic is that when the other side hit back straight ball, the side slap on the corner, whereas the other side hit back right corner, the side should carry a straight ball. This tactic is characterized by the other party can move distances, more difficult, as long as the ball accurately to judge each other's back line, while a "triangle route" is a more effective offensive tactics.

(3), the backcourt attacking backhand attack tactics

Ou Ou backhand against each other have a greater vulnerability, such as the poor step sideways, hit back after the head position of the ball easily opened, poor backhand technique, rigid head area Qiulu so much for me not constitute a threat to attack the backcourt with offensive tactics backhand areas the success rate would be higher.

(4), the backcourt forehand attack zone into pairs of tactical

against each other backcourt forehand district are major weaknesses, such as the forehand sideways footwork is poor, fought back after being hand-area location of the ball easily opened, are hand District Qiulu right side did not constitute a significant threat to other factors, use of this tactic effective.

(5), the backcourt attack

attack tactics on both sides of the backcourt against each other on both sides have more weaknesses. Such as the back-step slowly, after the market the way the poor offensive capabilities and defensive capabilities are weak and so on, using repeated pressure tactics of the other two bottom-line effect is good.

(6) field area before the attack

attack tactics against each other before the field area is weak, such as the Internet was slow, step defects, the former poor farm practices, the previous games, and hit out Qiulu quality of our threat is not great , using this tactic effective.

(6) singles defensive tactical response

defensive tactics principle is "active defense", "abide in the counter-attack," rather than "passive defense." Therefore, to achieve "positive defense." "Abide in the counterattack," objective, we have a passive on the defensive in their own case, by adjusting the tactics to defuse the other's offensive to regain the lost initiative. This must have better defensive capabilities (including law practices, footwork〕, such as good backcourt lofty goals counterattack capability. Start-responsive. Footwork in place. There is a better bottom-line anti-blocking ability to hook right corner of the ability to block the ability and Fan Chou to the use of "keeping the counterattack" and "active defense" tactics.

a. played two lofty goals of the defensive tactics of the bottom line,

2 baseline level playing golf are offensive tactics , and because the bottom line lofty goals are two defensive tactics. Ping golf with the lofty goals were used as an offensive and defensive technology, the use must not be confused. defense can only use the lofty goals, such as golf with the flat to carry out defensive tactics Not only can not achieve a very good defensive end, but also increased the difficulty of defending the contrary, can not use lofty goals as an offensive tactic to use it.

2. using hook block diagonal linear combination of the net the net, or half ball defensive tactics

in defense of the net with diagonal hook the ball tactic is very effective, such as in combination with a straight line on the block so that a more flexible defensive tactics against each other and more threatening. Of course, this need to be able to determine an accurate attack on the other side the impact point, the reaction in place, and have flexible approach in order to play a straight-line combination of hook block diagonal ball, to achieve "the defensive counterattack" objective.

(7) Doubles tactical

1. attack people (2 playing a) tactical

This is a frequently used effective tactics. When they find the other side of a person's defensive ability or mental quality poor defensive error rate is relatively high or when Qiulu monotonous, we can use this tactic attack the ball to this weaker side. Such tactics could concentrate a superior force to a multi-fight less, to fight inferior edge, resulting in active or score; help disrupt each other's defense stations, and the other person will not be attacked, because there is no ball to play, slowly stations will tend to peers, forming stations on the air as conducive to our surprise another line of success; favor ideological contradictions caused by the other side blaming each other, affecting their morale.

2 . attack tactics Rd

whether and to what the other side, putting the ball where the ball's impact point to attack Taiwan should focus on the other side of the junction between the two, and close to the defensive side of the less capable person, or in the line. attack Road and tactics, can cause the other challenge for the ball or missed ball; can be restricted to single out the other side of the large-angle Qiulu; be conducive to us net before the close up.

3. attacking tactics

that is killing the ball straight line and the placement of both a straight line, there is no fixed objectives and targets, only to kill the ball on the strength and impact point to obtain the score results. When the other side to keep to the side line of the ball when attacking the ball impact point on the sideline; when the other person coming to the ball in the middle zone on the North Korea Middle attack. The tactics used are easier to remember and implement. rounded out line of the ball although the degree of difficulty higher, but the result was good, easy to close up the net companions.

4. backcourt attacking tactics

face smash each other's backcourt poor opponent, can be used peaceful golf. bulldozing of the ball, then kill the lob ball, forcing the other one in the bottom line corners move. once its counterattack passive, they vigorously culled. As another opponent back support, they can attack the net when empty.

5. After the attack before the closure tactics

When the gain the initiative in the offensive side, the back court players kill rallies, the former field swat team members to actively move close up.

6. Shou in the counter-offensive tactics

defense when the other side to attack straight ball, our pick right angle flat golf; the other side to attack on the corner, our pick-ping golf line in order to achieve the purpose of mobilizing the other side to move. and then block or hook can be used the net closing in exchange that tactics, which deal with network Qianpu. vertebra. about swivel ineffective opponent, able to quickly take the initiative from defensive to offensive.

7. badminton doubles the principles of tactics

(a) must adhere to The "we". "mainly in order to quickly". "mainly in order to attack," the guiding ideology.

(2) Since the tacit understanding between two actions in the field, therefore, essential tactical coordination between each other, Doubles tactics with the tacit understanding like "walking on two legs, three," the same.

(3) before the race to be opponents through a variety of means to gain access various information, so that "to know ourselves," can only "Baizhanbudai."

(4) In order to give normal tactics, both technically mutual trust and encouragement.

(5) must be good at how the wind blows, the timely detection of each other's tactical intent, and resourcefulness to deal with a variety of tactics to achieve victory over rivals purposes.

(6) the need to promote the daring to fight Ganpin fighting style, in order to make use of tactics to achieve the desired effect.

(8) play badminton

play is the type of game using a relatively fixed and recurring technical and tactical combinations of descriptions. each or both for each athlete based on their technical expertise. physical characteristics and the quality of conditions will foster the formation of their own particular style of play.

in a variety of playing techniques in the use of different techniques means, and who are basically the same tactics the purpose of these techniques. tactical combinations grouped into a category called a certain type of play.

1.'s singles play of the classification and technical and tactical characteristics of

(1) fast, high-hanging with surprise the play type

This play demands a proactive, technology-round, skilled and accurate, with assault capability, control and anti-control ability, tactical changes in live, means consistency and strong mutation, footwork fast, flexible, good speed endurance.

skills and tactics characteristics: the use of fast and accurate level golf and lob the co-ordination, control its impact point, multi-film transfer, when the other person back to the ball is high quality, grasping the right opportunity and surprise smash.

(2) The surprise of the play type of variable speed

This play is a combination of high-lift assault based on the play and emphasize the speed attack. require the consistency and mutation techniques and strong, particularly in the backcourt spot a small but explosive action smash strong backcourt Qiangdian footwork can be a sudden jump and the front of the tread jump start to judge emphasized in consciousness. Qiangdian shots. placement of making things difficult.

skills and tactics Features: By itself, the acceleration of movement, gain the opportunity to surprise attack. is usually high, hanging with the high and killing with the combination of judgments Qiangdian assault, or push back rub after the surprise jump to accelerate.

(3), the voltage-controlled network attack The play type

This play is a pre-emptive, offensive sharp, quick and decisive victory. require speed and precision attack, shooting fast, hitting a high point, smash power heavy, and fast-moving footwork, jumping ability, good at using small step increases tread stride. pedal hop. It includes the killing, and hanging online play. serve sights on play, the next several pressure groups to attack France, and other play.

skills. Tactical Characteristics: The sights on serving mainly Portal in particular, low-ball combination of pre-issued to the ball, forcing the other back to the ball up, and then vigorously smash or a hanging light to kill, slash at smb co-ordination, followed by access control network before the use of rubbing, pushing, flutter, hook technology, re-creation in the field after the attack, as far as possible the ball under pressure. Of course, the play must also meet the peaceful use of golf.

(4〕 abide by the type of counter-attacking Diego Shou

This play is based on the main striking . require more footwork faster. live, and spirit, the reaction to be fast, psychological stability, strong stability ball to be good, with roots strong defensive capability. such play also includes the multi-shot high, suspended play.

Technical and Tactical Features: The high lob co-ordination, mobility control of the other bottom line, and use defensive Qiulu changes in consumption of other physical, psychological hasty use of each other failures, when the other person trapped in the quality of somewhat less passive or aggressive when the time seize the good fighters to fight back. As the counter-attack in a timely fashion, fast, fierce, often a fatal blow to each other.

2.'s doubles play classification and technical and tactical characteristics of

(a) Qian Banchang group attacking style of play types

This play great emphasis on the role of Qianban Chang, it Qian Banchang organized by controlling the offense. require quick judgments, scramble to follow up quickly, Qian Banchang shot fast, hit points, high and tight Fengdang pressure, placement of making things difficult Qian Banchang strive to resolve the fighting.

skills and tactics Features: Through serve, return of serve, and the Fighter Qianban Chang, high playing. soft-play offense Control Organization, stressed that there is a ball field quality and the impact point requirements.

( 2) Push the bottom line pressure groups to attack the type of play

This play has a hard, pressure characteristics, control of the other in the backcourt, and organize attacks. request before the market hit a high point, hitting a small but powerful movements emphasized pushing, pumping, pressure the use of technology.

skills and tactics characteristic: through hard-hit. Fast-Ping push or pump pressure on both sides of the bottom line, make it a flat drive fast break after the situation or create the opportunity to attack before the closure of the offense.

(3) The type of attack and defense strength of the play

This play is necessary to keep the counter-offensive play of the development requires a comprehensive technology. skilled, able to attack good to defend, there are anti-attack, anti-founding the in, grasping the right opportunity and an attack in the end Therefore, apart from a much better grasp of the defensive skills, but also stressed the need for a stronger defense capabilities and to counter the threat of more post-multi-point games with the continuous offensive capability.

skills and tactics characteristics: the bottom line through the curtain after the field 2 , as well as defensive back, organized attacks, the latter field there is a certain threat to attack, often killing. lob the co-ordination and attention to smash the severity and impact point changes.



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