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Sweat-absorbent with a wound placement

leoleo12010-02-13 12:01:17 +0000 #1
buy a new shoot, and asked when the next wrapping Sweat-absorbent zone is to beat original, there's that layer of leather-like handles with objects similar to the Sweat-absorbent tear up the re-absorb moisture strapped to my belt, or directly in the original leather handle on the tie?

, Or can be, but depends on the point or I like the rough feel fine points?

I do not like to absorb moisture removed to wash with, each time taking on the Sweat-absorbent amount of detergent belt, wet then brush and finally with water cleaning effect is ... well, I ask, will corrosion Grip Oh?
itiszhu2010-02-13 12:15:32 +0000 #2
If the handle is too thick, then never too directly above in the original wrapping. Generally have little torn

In fact, as you said, the tear is a tear or not depends on your hand, including hand, the thickness of adhesive selection was also based on how you feel

Most of the hand-cleaning gel is not necessary, this something originally consumables, if sweating is not a matter of fact, if not take a lot of how much money is usually is 5-8 money a month for one that is very frequent, and most people more than six months or one year needs to be replaced once, This depends on your frequency of play, how much sweat, as well as the requirements for hand-feel plastic.

If you sweat more, then consider with a cuff, the cuff kind of antiperspirant towels on the line
Wu Li God2010-02-13 12:36:32 +0000 #3
Direct wraps on the line, not to tear up the original leather handle, if you want to save money on the Tu-point brush brush with detergent or soap and then dried, cleaned corrosion Grip on-line will not, but Sweat-absorbent with a period of time will be polished, to new ones in a personal sense of thick points better, if you like coarse point of feeling on the towel, and absorb moisture better, Sweat-absorbent tape can not be removed for cleaning, it is a one-off products
Dangerdog2010-02-13 12:59:37 +0000 #4
If your original is very thick leather handles, you can tear up the winding two thin after, and inside that layer After the change will not have time to tear, and directly wrapped around the new; if inside that layer of thin, they do not tear, and directly wrapped around like.

Of course, to remind you, if not very necessary, is best not to tear genuine leather handles.
pangpangbaobei2010-02-13 13:57:29 +0000 #5
Sweat-absorbent with a good shot of the results are good and most suitable for the original film, if the incumbent, or if the original band of the Sweat-absorbent won啦, in the entangled new.

If the original belt and then wraps a layer of a new band, playing the ball on several occasions still occur after the slide, there is the phenomenon of smell!

Also can replace the belt with a towel, sweat absorption and effect of a lot better than the rubber, but the grip in your hand will be very hot to see if you are not accustomed to the habit! And a towel with a rubber band should always change much longer life expectancy, but you should be able to feel his sweat absorption effect is a general!

Wash scallops less rules, there are some trace of soap and washing powder brush can also be had! Qingshua bag surface, drying can be had!



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