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Myopia 300 degrees will affect the playing badminton catch rate?

Pink 20092010-02-13 12:01:36 +0000 #1

notfao2010-02-13 12:13:16 +0000 #2
do not wear glasses will definitely - -... no problem with the latter; and optical time also pay attention to what the shape of the lens, most lenses will have to see past the edge of things a result of the deformed bias phenomenon, which can lead to lower catch rates, of course, you can not squint catch (this is a technical problem )...
often without Miao2010-02-13 12:20:24 +0000 #3
mainly in your own feeling, it is impossible wearing glasses, then buy a sports bar
Bad-Ming Don2010-02-13 12:45:56 +0000 #4
a touch of non-impact, beginner, if the proposed spectacles

mainly because the rise after the light to see the impact unclear

or the other against the backdrop of a big white walls

I have 200 degrees of professional , in addition to the above two reasons, generally all right
shiwo9872010-02-13 12:24:28 +0000 #5
key is to adaptation, there are 500 degrees my students still insist on not wear glasses - the reaction would be slowly, but the eye is good, especially with Young People



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