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How to learn to play badminton

Shaanxi Moonlight2010-02-13 12:01:43 +0000 #1

yuxing07201112010-02-13 12:09:01 +0000 #2
should train badminton, you must note the following details:

1, warming-up exercises before you do, it will easily hurt

2, we must cultivate the right, flexible (positive and backhand) of the grip means, and resolutely correct "fist grip" and the "fly swatter grip"

3, and practiced every practice should take a multi-ball training, technical approach, so as to strengthen technological

4, serving to From the deep high ball practicing, master the progressive exercise after the other

5, after the ball field technology is also necessary to lofty levels to master and then practice golf, lob, and kill the ball, and the attention back to the process must first lift the elbow sideways, so that limited to the strength of your body are used to play the moment, there is a need for action after the shooting around quoted as whip whip, like

6, we must pay attention before batting grip to relax, or to not force

7, has just started training for the first time after the game, not the venue to practice (because then surely you would not hit the ball or tee), but the first line of the ball hanging train - put the ball with a rope tied clap your grip straight height, and then repeatedly practicing golf in situ until a certain feel to 8, either before or after the game, practice field must be from standing batting practice to the mobile practice, from the multi-ball into a ball. when the moving must use before the feet touch the ground but not the whole soles of the feet touch the ground, because badminton is constantly moving process. Once on shore, a ball, and are generally required to return to the center, which requires pre-feet of the tread and in the former cross. Otherwise, slow time, be too late then to combination technique

9, playing the ball up front time to pay attention to light and delicate, especially rubbing the ball by the fingers moving Grip twist to make the ball spin over the net, playing ball and pick Push the ball just rely on the strength of wrist and fingers can be, and relied on their instincts, we can not rely on rejection arm, so the outbreak of ball is not in place yet to line

10, need to be prepared then to kill the ball when he must lower center of gravity and lower limbs peg-leg

11, return of serve, when we must watch each other's hand movements, the process of playing the ball to watch each other's direction, in short, to determine in advance as possible to 12, after hitting the ball field will have to choose a good point , playing golf, and lob to clap their hands above the shoulder ipsilateral side the former point, killing the ball more to rely on some of the more

13, then after the game, while also mastering the racket angle, such as killing the ball before the pressure to be , golf to their heads off. Similarly, deep high ball must shoot their heads off side play from the external rotation moment arm to the internal rotation, wrist flexion from the show to.

14, in addition to practicing the way, the pace of exercise is essential from start to finish to 15, but also interspersed some special quality of the practice to 16, pay attention to the rules (especially off the tee)

hope my answer satisfied you can
donald4262010-02-13 12:39:10 +0000 #3
Practice makes perfect
White Xuan ghost2010-02-13 13:18:33 +0000 #4
I upload it to the potatoes badminton teaching video Ling Wei Badminton teaching

1. ease of entry

2. rapid increase in

3. combat skills Chen Weihua - 81 badminton badminton coach and practical skills

1 How to choose a badminton racket suited to their choice of


3 ball badminton sports apparel technology (a ) are hand-made lofty goals to 4 serving technology (2) is in hand before the ball 5 serves Portal Technology (3) backhand serve


7, after warming-up games technology (1) golf action essentials

8 backcourt Technology ( 2) Ping golf, and lofty goals to 9 backcourt Technology (3) is in hand hanging straight ball, slashes the ball 10 after the games technology (4) skateboard lob

11 after the market technology (5) fixed in situ to kill the ball

12 backcourt Technology (6) mobile take-off killing the ball after the field

13 Technology (7) Anti-Bounce the ball to 14 pre-field technique (1) is hand-chopping

15 pre-field technique (b) the backhand chop

16 pre-field technique (c) the net to push the ball to 17 pre-field technique (d) of the net pick the ball 18 before the games technology (5) hooks right angle

19 pre-field technique (6) net smash

20 pre-field technique (7) pre-market Assisted Exercise

21 midfielder Technology (1) is to kill the ball in hand then to 22 midfielder Technology (2) backhand then smash

23 midfielder Technology (3) pump retaining

24 midfielder Technology (4) close up

25-Step Exercises (1) basic footwork

26-Step Exercises (2) basic steps

27-step exercises (c)

28-step-step combination of practice exercises (d) and 29-step-step-assisted practice exercises (e) step-assisted exercise a sense of practice and 30 balls to 31 Qiulu Exercises (1) Killing the Internet

32 Qiulu Exercise (b) hanging the Internet

33 Qiulu Exercises (3) hanging to kill the Internet

34 Qiulu Exercises (4 ) controlled the backcourt 2:00 4:00 35 Qiulu Exercises (5) front 2:00 Control 4:00

36 Qiulu Exercise (6) for high-hanging

37 Qiulu Exercise (7) for high-kill

38 Qiulu Practice (8) offensive and defensive exercises

39 Qiulu Exercise (9) charged with anti-control exercises

40 Qiulu Exercises (10) 21-type


42, finishing after exercise to relax and tactical exercises (1) serve sights on

43 Tactical Exercise (b) sights on return of serve to 44 Tactical Exercises (3) pull lift

45 Tactical Exercises (4) pull lift exercise tactical surprise

46 (5) pull to kill

47 Tactical Exercises (6) hanging to kill the Internet-assisted exercises


49 doubles fun Technology (1) Doubles attack, defense stations and 50 doubles Technology (2) Doubles Fat sending and receiving stations to 51 doubles Technology (3) Doubles attack

52 doubles Technology (4) Doubles Defensive

53 doubles Technology (5) double rotation

54 doubles Technology (6), made inroads into 55 doubles in sending and receiving technology (7) Mixed doubles
Baoding Wets2010-02-13 13:35:38 +0000 #5
Video Teaching

multi-hit and timely error correction multi-practice
jjfdn2010-02-13 13:05:37 +0000 #6
First Enhancing the consistency of footwork and movement, more practice very brawn. Solid after their basic skills more than teaching badminton video to see delicate train its own technical and tactical awareness of movement.
1 large egg 22010-02-13 13:24:46 +0000 #7
I am quite satisfied with the answer on the third floor!



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