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My 18-year-old would like to enter provincial badminton sports school have the opportunity to do ver

jj3626671402010-02-13 14:01:16 +0000 #1
have badminton badminton talent
plclk2010-02-13 14:09:11 +0000 #2
18-year-old should be entering the age of the youth team. Playing well, it would also be a national youth team or a member of the national B team.

There you go Dream a dream, a dream into an empty lip service. Exert the greatest efforts to strive for, is the failure of even this life without any regrets.
hong444444442010-02-13 14:48:34 +0000 #3
have to see what place you are poor in some places there are relatively strong levels of competition are not the same
superwoman13142010-02-13 15:13:56 +0000 #4
some late, but when you have the level of the foundation. . .
Heinzz Costa Rica2010-02-13 14:14:48 +0000 #5
To be honest, somewhat difficult



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