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Want to VICTOR badminton series of ground-level city dealers, how to contact manufacturers?

Qing Ma plug-in2010-02-13 14:01:28 +0000 #1
I have a second-tier cities in Sichuan, the city has not yet VICTOR dealer, wanted to do it in the city's prime minister or dealer, but not contact manufacturers. Problems receive adequate guidance!
sunke05752010-02-13 14:17:08 +0000 #2
Sporting Goods Nanjing Victory Industrial Co., Ltd.

Marketing Headquarters Address: No. 47, Lane Nanjing archway Xingyue Building 3F

Contact Tel: +86-25-86555201

Fax: +86- 25-86555203

Consumer Hotline: +86-25-86555912




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