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Badminton Serve What are illegal?

Gchlch2010-02-13 14:01:36 +0000 #1
Badminton Serve What are illegal?
zhangang9401052010-02-13 14:07:08 +0000 #2
Badminton Serve illegal rules

is the first time athletes from the tee forward swing or drop began to hit the ball until an instant This is a time interval. Behavior as a breach of the following:

1. Guo waist. Any part of the ball hitting an instant above the waist serve athletes.

2. Pass-through. Ball an instant, the racket is not the top down, the whole racket grip does not significantly lower than the whole hand clapping.

3. Without first hitting care. In an instant hit not the first to hit the ball care part of the feathers.

4. Misconduct. Once you start driving, the two sides stand a good position, then any athlete should not fraud action, or intentionally or willfully obstruct each other's serve or return of serve to delay the preparation time, there is an attempt to take advantage other improper behavior (tee players can not move forward swing interruption).

5. Ball bearings wrong. Serve, serving team members (including the return of serve, when the doubles team) is not to stand should stand to serve the district serve or return of serve.

6. Sequence. Serve or the return of serve in doubles players, did not follow the proper order serve or the return of serve.

7. Feet offenders. Serve, serve or return of serve players step on the line may not have any foot off the ground, mobile and other activities.

Serving team offense and lose the right to serve. Return of serve team offense, the penalty is serving side scores. In addition, the badminton sport tee, the ball rub the net rather than fall into the service area, the ball is still valid.

Badminton match in progress between the end of illegal rules from serving as a "dead ball" until this period of time interval, called the race in progress. Behavior as a breach of the following:

1. Batter. Athletes in the hitting consecutive shots when the two swing twice, or the same team of two players hit the ball straight time.

2. Ball. Hit, the ball stuck in the shoot followed by another on the towing action.

3. Over the net shot. Racket and the ball contact point of those who do not hit the ball (as in the side after the ball, then the racket with the ball over the net to allow).

4. Catenary. Race, the athlete's racket, body or clothing touches the net or the ball up the supportive structures.

5. Invaded each other's sites. Athletes race in any part of the racket and body invaded each other's sites.

6. Prejudice. When the other athletes have the opportunity to close the net down over the ball, it will be lifted before the racket at the net trying to intercept the ball bounce in the past.

1. Tee tee feet offense

in the whole time, made any of the players foot line, touch-line or mobile are unauthorized. When ready to serve the players made a good stand location, serving the referee made on the player should pay attention to whether there are any foot step on the line, touch-line, if any, at this time can not be pronounced because the ball did not start as soon as the players made The racket began to swing forward, serving judges do not have to wait until the ball was shot out of it should be reported immediately declared "illegal." Some players like to serve when the hair stations close to the midline, at the beginning of swing when the foot does not touch line, but with the swing movement has a rotating rear foot resulted in a significant step on-line half feet, this is also a "foot ball offense." Some also made the players a good habit at the station location, front foot forward one step forward and then swing, this should not be seen as foot movement, because the ball does not start, but once made the player's racket began to swing forward to serving the end of In this period of time, made any of the players are off the ground or drag one foot is the "ball feet offense."

2. Without first hit the ball when the racket care

serve the first point of contact with the ball is not in the ball on the tee, that is, the ball hit the bat first, the feathers of some or feathers at the same time hit the ball and the ball all care as not legitimate, the primary role of this rule is to limit the fat-fat rotation float ball player. Serve, serve the referee should pay attention to the matter carefully, racket and ball whether the initial point of contact on the ball care, in fact sometimes it is very difficult, so the ball the referee to send the ball flying by means of viewing the state to help determine If the racket is obviously the first hit the feathers should be sentenced to no doubt that the driving offenses; if not very sure from the observation that there is no prop hit the ball first, then it depends on if given the ball in flight with a spin, roll can be sentenced offenders, if given the normal curve ball flight is a legal serve. But bearing in mind that if the ball hit the ball the first time is obviously a prop, then sent the ball flight with a rotating and rolling, it can not sentenced offenders.

3. Waist

tee tee off, when the bat hit the ball the moment the ball is higher than any part of the player's waist made for the "tee-off waist." This rule provides that the Principal is to keep the players in high-fat sweet spot hit the ball flat in the past, resulting in docking ball-side threats. In determining whether any portion of the ball off the waist and the waist part of the first to know, from the anatomical analysis, the waist is composed of the first lumbar vertebra to the fifth lumbar vertebra and the first lumbar vertebra is roughly equivalent to the human body lowest one rib, when the hit the ball The moment the ball above the minimum, if any part of a rib extension line, should be considered before a waist (in the past there had been at the badminton competitions require athletes under his coat along, into the waistband, the waist of trousers and then bounded by to determine whether the ball over the waist, resulting in athletes deliberately waists, high beam, thus improving the shortcomings of ball-point). "Tee-off waist" unauthorized, it must be hitting their moment in the racket will produce, there are two kinds of cases are worth noting: one is fat has begun to swing the players, and the ball has left the player who made the players, The moment the ball well above the waist, the players made the air, it does not belong to law; the other is that the players made ready to serve, and the beginning of swing, the ball is made to keep the players below the waist, and when about to hit the the ball, hair ball quickly on the players mentioned, in the sphere of more than get the ball out of waist height, it is obvious waist tee-off offenses.

4. Ball passed through his hands

serve, when the bat hit the ball the moment, made the players racket is not pointing to the bottom of the shoot pole, making the whole ball pat head significantly lower than the fat grip players clapped Division (used to known as "ball passed through his hands" ). This rule provides that the Principal is to keep the players made the flat vertical with the ground offensive racket sent flat shooting the ball, while the demand side can only be issued to the player's racket hit upward direction, so that the ball crossed the ball to curve upward net. To determine when an offense is to master the three aspects: First, the moment the ball hit the racket; second racket must be significantly lower than the player's hand made; three sent out if the ball's flight arc is flat shooting at the sending and receiving players, then sentenced to serve "illegal pass-through" no fault, which is the most important.

5. Delay the player's swing tee

hair is not a one-off hit the ball straight ahead (used to known as "ball fake"). Fat players started to move later to change the swing direction of swing or swing in the course of a standstill so that the other side cheated, they are driving illegally. In practice, more to see the situation, one player made a sudden stop half-way forward swing, the players thought it was sending and receiving of his body fat nearly tennis center forward, but it made the players suddenly Yidou wrist after the ball was sent to each other field, so that sending and receiving the players cheated. There is a hair ball in the preparation of the players, it will be kept racket jitter, amplitude some small, in each other when the ball is unprepared to issue. These should be sentenced to be issued "delayed ball" unauthorized.

Badminton game rules of continuity from the first ball game played end of the game, in addition to the intermittent rules allow foreign (such as the exchange of field area, five minutes before the start of the third set break, etc.), should be continuously carried out under any circumstances, Athletes are not allowed for the restoration of physical or wheezing or accept off-site guidance (badminton competitions generally only in the third five minutes before the interval when, in order to receive off-site guidance) suspend or delay play without referee permission, athletes not allowed to leave the venue.

Badminton rules interfere with ball players and referees, without permission of the other party shall not intentionally interfere with the shape of badminton in order to influence its flight after the ball speed, or to take this as a made-for-ball grounds.

Badminton singles competition rules ball bearings, the ball player a score of 0 or even, both players should be right in their respective service area serve or return of serve, such as a odd, then left in their respective service area serve or return of serve , and then when the game does not affect this order.

Doubles, then any party to serve the beginning of each round, have to be standing right by the service area service area of the team right before serving. In addition to starting each game only once the first one issued by the right to serve, the ball after each round of the two sides have had the opportunity to serve twice. Only serve on the score after the exchange of serving side of the position players. Ball square error, then for another team for a second serve or change of service, not the exchange of position. Return of serve side has maintained the original orientation.

Badminton rules badminton match referee when the referee by the referee, serving referee, line umpire and scorekeeper composition.

Referee rules of badminton match play field of the controller and the fact that a final decision in sentencing persons.

In the game before the start of the referee is responsible to the referee (or referee leader) to receive and fill out the account volumes, check the net height and net post of the Deputy has the right placement, net availability of damage; linesman and referee serve The location is appropriate; called athletes choose to pick sides, first serve party and field areas; lead the players into the playing area; Select match ball.

Game with the referee reported that, "0:0" Start, the referee should be scoring; the score (the first newspaper made the players score, singles - when one party loses the right to serve first reported, "change of service," followed by the score.'s Doubles -- When the serving side loses the right of the first newspaper for the first time serve the "second serve" Then the score); and see there is no line umpire fall line is responsible for care whether the ball near the circle; sentencing serve, sending and receiving of unauthorized players and the match both sides of the illegal phenomenon; care to avoid unnecessary delay in the game time, and have the duty to warn athletes if they continue to delay, the penalty is the law; proper implementation of "re-match" option; the event of badminton or other external persons and objects Invasive game field area, affecting the match should be sentenced to "re-serve"; match was interrupted when the accident should be taking into account the volumes on the record at the time scores, made the players and doubles, when fat and return of serve-side position, is the first of several hair; proper implementation and to remind the players to exchange sites.

Referee rules of badminton ball made specifically to see the players when serving actions, and its jurisdiction over the final responsibility, the general sitting judges of the low chair opposite the net post is responsible for attention made whether the players step on the line when serving his legs; Does an instant hit, "off waist," "pass-through", "without first hitting prop"; serve, whether the misconduct occurred. Where unauthorized action, should be immediately loudly pronounced "illegal", and to ensure that judges can hear.

Badminton linesman rules of the fact that those in charge of online community within or outside of bounded the final decision, such as the ball landed out of bounds, no matter how far have made gestures (arms side-ping ju) said; if the ball falls on the sector , then with the right hand index finger pointing to the line's Club; such as line of sight blocked, they should immediately raised his hands folded in front of that decision by the referee if the referee has not seen, should be re-sentenced to serve, not according to athletes or off-site staff views. All gestures have to be able to ensure that the referee clearly visible.
Ji Shu-Kai jsk02010-02-13 14:10:51 +0000 #3
foot above the center line

sweet spot, and who want to serve the wrong area clapped his hands

out of bounds short-range (before falling foul line)



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