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Badminton World Championship, Super Dan can be next year? Bao Chunlai are frequently lost on the con

a7aa1977262010-02-13 14:02:09 +0000 #1
Badminton World Championship, Super Dan can be next year? Bao Chunlai are frequently lost on the contest ...
zhangang9401052010-02-13 14:18:49 +0000 #2
Lin Dan has won

Beijing August 16, 2009 World Badminton Championships men's singles final has just ended, World Championships and Olympic champion Lin Dan 2-0 (21-18,21-16) defeated teammate Chen Jin won the championship in order to achieve the World Championship The three consecutive world championships which is unprecedented in the history.

Lin Dan is the current tournament's fifth seed, in his previous three world championships in both the finals, in 2005 the Indonesian champion Taufik Hidayat lost to runner-up, after two World Championships have achieved champion, at yesterday's Indonesia's semi-final, he defeated the famous Sony entered the final. Chen is the tournament's second seed, he was the first time reached the world championship final, in yesterday's game, he knocked out champion Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia has entered today's final.

The first game I started, both sides are playing a more cautious, the score alternately increased from a flat hit 6-ping. Lindane has accelerated since attack speed, pull his head after the slash at smb continuous succeeded, soon to 11-6 lead to the bureau a rest. Chen also strengthened the rest after the offensive, and his offense will not even get one-third of the score Zhuizhi 9-11, but lindane offensive diminished, continuous anti-Chen attack from opportunistic counter-attack and released after the network connection was third, with 14 -9 opened the score. Chen came from behind in large cases and did not give up, and his patience and lindane to play more shooting, looking for opportunities in the defense, by virtue of lindane and spot the mistakes will not even get one-third of the score Zhuizhi 12-14.

After Lindane control of the field situation, and his pull straight scores will be suspended and slash at smb opened the score to 18-13, and to get a six match points, 20-14. In the face of adversity Chen did not give up, he did not even get a quarter of the score Zhuizhi 18-20, but the key moment of the performance of seasoned lindane to 21-18 to win the first Board.

The second set after the two sides labeled as a flat occupied the field of lindane still active, fast pull of the attack and smash a continuous score to 4-2 lead, Chen not to be outdone will be the score Zhuizhi 5 level, and through under a positive pressure was third in a row 8-5 to score exceeded, the case of lindane in backward comparison of playing patience, and gradually catch up with the score and Zhuizhi 9-ping, Chen thereafter to 11-10 lead to the suspension.

Pause after the lindane will score Zhuizhi 12 level, then turn up the score two sides have been hit 14-ping, Lin Dan without hesitation at a critical juncture after another to kill the Internet and the overhead slash at smb score to 17-15 lead. After Chen nets mistakes, lindane backcourt slash at smb succeeded, pulling the ball Chudi Xian Chen, Lin Dan in order to get a five match points, 20-15. Followed by lindane net and nets mistakes, Chen serving errors to 21-16 Zai-sheng Lin Dan won the championship and a bureau, thereby achieving three consecutive World Championships.
Strong 908.9356 million2010-02-13 14:09:24 +0000 #3
Super Dan to play well, it would be no problem champion, Bao Chunlai he was in bad shape Bai
bingocyclone2010-02-13 14:37:24 +0000 #4
Well, Sony has been beating the final, believes it can win!
Zi Yun Xiao 20092010-02-13 14:24:26 +0000 #5
Lin Dan and Chen Jin in the final two men met, I believe we will bring exciting game. (Lindane and Chen race, lindane 8 wins 4 losses, the upper hand)

Bao Chunlai in the contest on the excitement enough, not enough attention to the opponent, coupled with inadequate attention to focus, resulting in an increase in errors and ultimately lose.
You and I join him in filling2010-02-13 15:04:33 +0000 #6
Bao Chunlai because of leg injuries, and this is the Olympic Games after the surgery, but then there is no surgery for various reasons, choose conservative treatment, and now must play ahead of time Baobao 1 hour foot with a bandage package.

Lin Dan can certainly win, after all, we are all teammates, is very understanding between the
Whiteのsomeone2010-02-13 17:00:54 +0000 #7
abalone with injury



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