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Are there any brands of feathers, making it more suitable for novice price higher?谢谢.

sevencun2010-02-13 15:02:06 +0000 #1
I want to buy a feather shot. 200 The following prices.

I am a novice in recent phase of a learning-based, Hehe. A comparison may be more outdoor play.

Please heroes you recommend a cost-effective, and suits my feathers making.谢谢. Quality is slightly better in this area. . Hehe.

Please provide a brief justification. (Copy and paste from the Internet, do not come in, and preferably to a master to explain that He He.)

Thank you.
lcclxboy2010-02-13 15:07:18 +0000 #2
Hello! 12 saying that this issue is unclear, but the information you provide is not very comprehensive, if not busy now, then you can chat, so that you can get more accurate information. Thank you ---
Qiongsuan turtle2010-02-13 15:50:24 +0000 #3
1, I'll give you links to Kason hair and victory two brands, but also the price to meet your requirements. Both men and women, the world's top 50 players are using YY (unix), second-tier professional players basically used the two brands, only some second-tier player in Europe with France's BABOLAT. So I suggest that you select from two brands inside, do not buy other brand-name.

2, is modeled after YY, does the price to meet your requirements, but from your question will be able to look out, you are a big amateur, high-quality imitation uneven, a good victory or Kason than the true low-end product Fortunately, the poor on the poor, and you are not out to distinguish the quality counterfeit. So I do not recommend you buy is modeled after.

3, if you like or really want to play badminton, economically permission, I suggest you about 500 yuan from the rackets start, intuitive sense that the racket from the need for a separate start threading. To tell the truth, 500 to Lane waved her racket also in the open air is unfit to get inside the arena to play, you do not separate threading, never know the role of line of the ball, you will always think is a racket is not enough light, or the racket is not smoothly.

Hope my answer can help you. .谢谢. .



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