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How to play badminton and skills

qubindwiw2010-02-13 16:01:42 +0000 #1
how to play badminton and skills
sanhaoxuanshou2010-02-13 16:09:55 +0000 #2
1, play type (options): (a) singles singles play the type of play is based on race of the person technical characteristics, physical, psychological and other conditions of the technological style of play, common around the following five: 1, and control over their field, golf tee start from the press at the end of the use of lofty flat ball or golf offensive pressure after the other market the bottom line, forcing the other back, when the other person back after the ball is not enough time to smash the ball winning; or neglect when the other person defensive front, you can get a light hanging, chopping and other technology in the net and lob beat. Hanging light must be strongly suppressed in a number of lofty goals after the games to return to the other party can not proceed on the basis Daoqian Chang. This play is mainly the strength and post-market high, hanging, kill technology contest. For beginners, this is a must first master the basic style of play. 2, playing four corners, high short-combined in the backcourt, with lofty goals, Ping Golf, and lob, in the former field Zeyi nets before the ball, push the ball and pick the ball accurately to attack the enemy all around the four corners of the site area, mobilization of the other side around, running, a loss, until the other party too late to return the ball back to the center or of poor quality, the gap part of their offensive winning. This play demands the control of offensive players find the ball with strong capacity and flexibility and fast footwork, the speed, otherwise difficult to gain the upper hand. 3, under pressure mainly through control of the net after the field lofty ball, smash, slash at smb, lob such as technology, pre-emptive strike, and then quickly the Internet in order to twist, push, rush, hooks and other technology, high-point control the net, errors directly led to the other side, or passive ball over the net, was offensive player to beat out a play. Often referred to as "kill line" play. This play is the offensive style of play, the high point of control to quickly access the net, speed, endurance and power endurance are also demanding. This style of play, physical exertion larger, if the opponent hit a good defensive skills, physical strength will often become a key factor in the success or failure. 4, fast pull quick lift, front and rear flat golf combined with quick backcourt pressure other two bottom corner, with the fast corners hanging the net (or the use of slash at smb) cited each other online, while the other passive, when the ball hit back at the net, or quickly access control the net to the net twist, hook the ball to push the backcourt combination of bottom-line corners, forcing the other struggling to cope with, was a former farm culling and in the backcourt and vigorously smash opportunities. This is also a pro-active, fast attacking play. Such a play to require a good physical fitness athletes, especially the speed endurance is better, technology fully skilled, but also have the technical expertise surprise attack. 5, observe the counterattack, both offensive and defensive lob-ping golf and fast-attack to each other all around the four corners in order to mobilize the other side. Let the other side first attack, against the offensive side of the lofty playing ball, four ball, lob, etc. to strengthen defense, to fast and flexible footwork, changing Qiu Lu and accurate placement of tricky to induce the enemy to attack rush Mobile just managed to smash, causing stroke errors, or when the other side back to the ball of poor quality, seize the favorable warplanes, attack attack. This play demands have defensive players with offensive, defensive, there attacking the ball and counter-ball capacity, not only should have good speed endurance, flexible footwork, accurate and rapid response and adaptability to judge, but should have and indomitable fighting spirit and mental qualities, so as to passive in the face of adversity and to remain calm orange, and struck back. (B) the type of doubles play doubles play is based on both the technical level, physical and psychological qualities, as well as partners with the features formed after long-term training. Common to the following three types: 1, before and after the stations play this play is basically when the party adopted at the tee. The team members serve stations than before. When the hair held immediately after the players tee shot blocking up front, and another player will be responsible for a variety of midfield or after the ball field. Stations before and after the law may make full use of fast-break pressure the net twist, lift, push, rush techniques, looking for gaps, in one fell swoop disrupt the other stations; or after the adoption of offensive Qian Pu, after the market continuously and vigorously smash, front active block When the ball back near the net in one fell swoop give a fatal blow. 2, left and right stations play this style of play is basically centered in the return of serve state and party were attacked under the pressure applied when. The other side of the flat serve or golf at the call after the market, before the ball around from the original stations around stations immediately converted into two areas each is responsible for about half-court defense, to flat drive, flat pressure to live each other's backcourt The bottom line corners, at the other side smash the ball when they can flat drive back, or lob the ball to the far corner two, causing the ball back to the other side weakness, in one fell swoop, or lob smash success. 3, rotary stations play in the game, both offense and defense is always constantly under race conditions before and after the stations in and around stations in mutual transformation. For the stations transformation usually has the following characteristics: (1), when you serve or the return of serve before and after the stations. When the other side hit back-to-back games golf side of the offensive side, located in a straight line in front of the players back to the rear of the players to see the situation lateral movement, a switch around stations. (2), serve or the return of serve around at the time of the parallel stations. Or after the tee shot in the process, if there is an opportunity for attack under pressure when a player was able to quickly access block, while the other fast-moving-to-back games for strong buckles, hanging, kill the ball, leading to the other side in a passive status

2, play skills (tactics): (a) singles tactical one, serving tactics serve without interfering with each other, as long as the rules permitted within the tee can arbitrarily sent to the other party in any way the ball area at any point. Serve with a great variety of tactics, can often play a pre-emptive strike to obtain a proactive role. Therefore, the ball occupies an important position in the race. The adoption of serve tactics, the eyes not to look at their own balls and rackets, the application peripheral vision watching each other's situation, identify the weak links. Made preparations for a variety of postures and movements of the ball should pay attention to consistency, to the other side it difficult to determine, in a passive, wait-state. Serve immediately after the racket should be held to the chest, according to adjust their own position, legs open, the body center of gravity center, but it must pay attention not to stand dead center of gravity. Eyes on each other, observe each other's any change in the active preparations for return fire. (1) issued after the singles games lofty goals which is commonly used in the serve, called for the ball sent to the other end line office, forcing the other back back, to the other party offensive production more difficult. Although the ball deep high arc high, flying a long time, but because of off-grid distance, the ball is the vertical drop from a height, after a poor offensive technology field under the pressure more difficult to attack opponents. Sent to the other side the ball left and right exterior angle at the bottom line of service area, can mobilize the other side to the bottom corner, easy to beat each other on the corner next the net, pull each other's stations. Especially the left-field area of the bottom line exterior angle bit is the other side backhand area, being the main target of attacks. But the bottom line made the right field area of the exterior angle in a straight line when you want to watch each other's attack on their post-ping golf games backhand zone. If the ball sent to the other bottom-line access service area left and right half of the area internal angles, to avoid each other at a fast linear attack on their own side. (2) Fa-Ping golf Fa-Ping golf ball's flight arc lower, but the other still have to retreat to the backcourt in order to fight back. As the ball flying speed, the other side there is no sufficient time to consider the response back to the ball will be a certain impact on the quality. Flight control of the arc for the team, should look at the other stations before and after and human height and jumping ability to pay, just do not give each other halfway in order to intercept the opportunity is appropriate. Placement choice of basic and made the same lofty goals. (3), made flat hair flat fastball fast ball (or flat lob), and the net with the ball and strive to create opportunities for the third film of the initiative to attack, known as the tee inroads into tactics. Fa-Ping fast balls are attacking serve, the ball is quickly known for a serve inroads into tactics. Fa-Ping fast ball kind of offensive ball, ball quickly, as the raid on instruments such as the use of properly, can often get the initiative. But when the ball side to be prepared, but also halfway to intercept a faster system for fast, serve it will run in a passive side. Fa-Ping quick ball the ball impact point should generally be in each other's backhand area, or directly targeting the physical return of serve, so that opponents by surprise. (4) Portal Portal before the ball before the ball can reduce the pressure of the other party the opportunity to put the ball down, serve immediately after each other inroads into the orange. Sent to pre-serve the ball angles, the ball flying short routes, easy to shut the other side of the angle of attack on their backcourt. Exterior angle serve to pre-service line until the potential energy play out of each other's central role. Especially in the right-field area before the onset of service line exterior angle bit, make each other's backhand zone in the large gap. But the other side can also be a straight line bulldozed the ball attacker's backcourt backhand serve. If the predicted and prevented, can head the ball hit back. Portal can also be made before the ball the other side of the body to recover the ball, causing the other passive. Portal before the ball is best made with the ball in order to have a better bottom line results. 2, return of serve tactics while the return of serve in a passive, waiting for the state, but is subject to the rules serve a number of restrictions, to the return of serve those who serve can not give too much threat. Serve those who serve can only be sent to the diagonal of the return of serve the region, while the return of serve less than half of those who only need to defend the region, but it can fight back to each other throughout the field area. Therefore, the return of serve if those who handle this film, but also the initiative. (1) sending and receiving lofty ball, ping golf ping golf in general is available, lob or smash hit back. However, if the other party, after serving stations moderate, and aggressive when you should pay attention to the accuracy of the impact point. If used to kill the ball, drop ball back, at their own pace to catch up; if the other party serve good quality, do not blindly re-kill that can be used lofty ball, ping golf returned fire, wait for an opportunity Zaigong, or use point of killing, and slash at smb, split the next hanging Pressure controls the other side. (2) The Portal then push the ball before the ball can be flat, put the net or lob the ball hit back. When the other side when the ball high over the net, it is necessary first to kill the Internet. Access Portal sweet spot before the ball should be pushed up. (3) sending and receiving quick ball flat serve to observe each other's intentions at any time to be ready. To borrow each other's driving force to recover the body quickly kill the gap, or can be effective, it can draw resilient stopped hanging right corner the net. 3, force backhand on all the athletes concerned, after the field is always more or less weaker backhand forehand stroke, the relative offensive is not strong, Qiu Lu is also relatively simple (due to structural limitations anatomy and physiology) Some athletes can not be in the latter field the ball with a backhand to the other end line, which is why the other's backhand to be attacked relentlessly. (1) adjusting the position of the other open areas exposed to the other gap backhand and then hit the ball to the backhand area, forcing the other side using the backhand stroke. (2) poor backhand backhand opponents backcourt those who are less frequently used head shot, hit the ball sideways, sideways bow backhand shot to make up for deficiencies. As the top of the head, sideways hit backhand zone, the body center of gravity, body position should be biased towards the left field area of the sideline, I can repeat the attacks on each other's backhand zone, so far away from the body center. This would have the advantages of being in each other's hands appeared in large areas of the gap and became the targets of attack. When the call the other half the time golf, smash the choice of impact point should be: If the other party moved slowly, and smash impact point should be until he had just left. Because in the fast-moving, we should immediately turned around and stopped to return to pick the ball is very difficult to kill. Forcing the other party in the post-games use backhand stroke, we should take the initiative to move forward position, sealed the net when the other person in the post-games use the backhand lift the net straight or right angle the ball, they can quickly stepped forward to kill or rub, hook, in order to take the initiative to create opportunities for the next shot. 4, Ping Golf pressure the bottom line with fast, accurate flat golf market corners after hitting the other side, in the other can not intercept the ball under the premise of minimizing the flight arc, the other side pressed on the bottom line, while the other side hit back when half lob , you can smash attack. Ping Golf pressure using the bottom line, such as when hanging with the hack and slash at smb increase the level of the tactical effects of golf. Under normal circumstances, Ping golf's impact point, and kill, the placement of hanging pull the more open the better. 5, pull, lift with this tactic is to kill the ball and accurately hit the ball field area of the four corners on the other side, so that every shot should be the other running back and forth on the floor. The use of such tactics, the right of opponents to the different characteristics of different pull, hanging method. On the back that can be multi-step slow to play before and after the field; right to fly blind running full field can be used to repeat the ball and false movements; to the poor should be more flexibility in playing the diagonal, as far as possible the other multi-turn; right after the field backhand is still poor backhand through the curtain after the attack; right more than the available physical bad Plato, hanging to consume its strength, and then beat the. If able to skillfully use the ping golf, hack hanging and the net twist, push, hook, rapid pull each other, and await the surprise smash, then this tactic can achieve better results. 6, hanging, kill the Internet first in the backcourt with light to kill, point kill, slash at smb with the lob the ball under pressure, placement of venues to choose sides, so that the ball back to the other passive. Net before the ball the other side hit back quickly posted online network, chopping, or hook right angle, or fast to push the creation of half-court smash flat opportunities; if the other party before the lob the ball in the net, may, in its course to the back the ball directly to to kill him. 7, transition the ball first to clear the ball in order to get rid of a passive transition for the next shoot actively create conditions for a counterattack. How can I change from passive to active is an important part of the race. Passive when done: first of all strive for a good time to adjust and control the body's own center of gravity so far. From the net before or after the market hit the bottom line often used lofty goals is a passive means. When in constant state of running to recover the ball, or when the body center of gravity out of control, can play lofty goals, in order to gain time and restore the body center of gravity, adjust their position. Secondly, the use of Qiulu step change in disrupting each other's attack. Or pick up in the next smash lob the ball when you should fight back to a place far away from each other in order to destroy the opponent hanging, kill the Internet continuous rapid attack. If the person hanging, killing the ball after the blind Internet access, but their far better when the ball hit back to each other may be the bottom line. 8, defensive counter-tactic is to deal with this kind of blind and poor physical attack on the opponent. Start of the race, first in order to induce the other golf offensive attack in the other Zhigu neglect its own defense, they can surprise attack. Or decline in each other's strength, speed, slow down again when the offensive. This began to cling to, take advantage of in order to be labor Yat, the tactics are sometimes striking results are better.



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