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I kick down the arm, thigh, how are Tenga Badminton

shcndl2010-02-13 17:02:11 +0000 #1
I do not fight a long time, and the recently played four days, and now thigh pain in his arm. Do not rub something with medicine ah? There is that in future what protective gear to play better. I am now 20 years old, not very old.
ericzhen2010-02-13 17:16:14 +0000 #2
First, remember that preparation must be done before playing badminton sports, do not think that 20-year-old age will not have maintenance problems are little by little to hide it, we will be attack, I am now 27 years old, each There are basically 3 days a week time to play badminton, do not waste your exercise time to prepare How much time is probably to be about 15 minutes, so that all the activities of joint opened, you sprain an opportunity to greatly reduced.

Second, the position I do not know if you are not standardized, non-standard postures may also be caused if the normal time, multi-step and swing practice look more look at someone else's pace and posture, basic skills do no harm.

Third, the protective gear should not rely on, unless you are injured and we have to use, but the recommendations were injured or suspended activity, avoiding the expansion and deepening the wound.

Fourth, the thigh, arm pain may be because you do not fight a long time and suddenly can not afford to fight the muscle, or a confrontational game relatively large, muscle can not afford to support the cause, and take advantage of their young, more years of strength training, though a bit boring, but it is really useful, the technology level of badminton or a self-protection to prevent strain have some help, anyway Well .. not do more than talk of an emergency.
licaicai0602010-02-13 17:52:08 +0000 #3
Lactic Acid secretion of too much persisted in fighting on the hook
y3810954922010-02-13 17:37:11 +0000 #4
My teammates have encountered this problem, and exercise can be resolved. Takato just play when you first hit the ball pull strength (warm up), do not play slap. Not do strenuous exercise is a result of prolonged muscle pain, then the problem is not
Kun God2010-02-13 18:23:51 +0000 #5
is muscle soreness it, so on the right, naturally good. However, if a long time do not exercise, then do not suddenly intense exercise, muscle easy pain and strain. brace on the wrist and knee of the ordinary.
bells and whistles 12010-02-13 17:38:47 +0000 #6
This is a normal reaction to Kazakhstan, all right. Kazakhstan rest on the right. . .
Hawaii 962010-02-13 18:25:58 +0000 #7
is that you do not exercise a long time's sake, do not Cayao, rest like a rest, and after playing the badminton can be with a wrist
P_aidu2010-02-13 17:36:38 +0000 #8
a long time not to fight, and even playing four days will certainly hurt the, ah, proposed to play two or three times a week for one hour,

brace, if it is not recommended to buy, as long as the campaign to fight before the wrist and ankle on the list
shiwo9872010-02-13 20:20:41 +0000 #9
too long without playing, and a sudden increase in physical activity led to an increase in muscle lactate, Therefore, muscle aches and pains are normal, if not torn muscle strain caused by pain, then, is what the drugs do not rub to ensure the proper amount of exercise, the pain will disappear, the 20-year-old is no need to use protective gear, physical fitness is the key . I wish you a badminton playing well!
Raibalone2010-02-13 19:07:08 +0000 #10
posture may be wrong, recommended correct posture
Johannes12342010-02-13 18:53:58 +0000 #11
should always play Caixing otherwise is to hurt almost every time after 3 days used to playing on the hurt of the 20-year-old young go again! ! !
Bad-Ming Don2010-02-13 18:34:56 +0000 #12
muscle pain, then all right, something to eat foods that are high in protein content, and look at children body movements lactic acid

shoulders ache description is not correct, after the play should be careful not to stretch the arm

arm is sore The, badminton made mainly by arm and wrist strength

thighs and buttocks aches are normal

preparations brace is less need to make full, the open joints, ligaments stretch a stretch, activity began to sweat slightly crazy joke Bar, 20-year-old afraid ah
53 Ban Ye Yuxuan2010-02-13 19:04:28 +0000 #13
since a long time without movement, caused by days of continuous movement of the pain not to worry. You can rub point safflower oil.
11139825612010-02-13 20:10:06 +0000 #14
It is a normal phenomenon, but just muscle soreness, is usually tempered by a little, sometimes caused by excessive movement. If it is not muscle strain, you do not have Cayao.

After the play, you can open the resort to the first movement, kick down, and you can soak in hot water (or, to use should also be deposited), to reduce pain. You can do to relax your muscles to do an exercise



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