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To switch to playing badminton shoes What are the characteristics?

Pink 20092010-02-13 17:02:18 +0000 #1

zhangang9401052010-02-13 17:11:59 +0000 #2
basic chapter:

1. Should choose a pair of light weight, wear comfortable shoes, if it is dedicated badminton shoes, it better.

2. Badminton shoes can make you a good key step like flying, when choosing the best use of tendon at the end of shoe soles, so that would be

toughness is better, suitable for indoor sports. If outdoors, choose advanced synthetic rubber soles, the effect is not bad. Badminton

shoe soles largely by the Health and synthesized rubber or artificial rubber, raw rubber soles for grip and strong so suitable for board space,

Therefore, when the plume row row can be dual-purpose shoes shoes. However, different brands of shoes will result when the production process, raw rubber powder doping cases than

too hard to make shoe soles, and nothing to wear shoes to play not long after will be very slippery, so be careful with the time of purchase in order to

free to spend money wasted.

Artificial rubber soles and soft at the end of sub-Inflatable, Inflatable such as tennis shoes on for cement or Moshizidi, soft bottom was

PU sites designed to fight. The current badminton venue sub-cement, wood, and PU sites in the cement space on a case Shuaidie

such things from happening, the situation is more often than PU boards and sites as serious and therefore not suitable as a venue. As for the wood and PU

venues strengths and weaknesses, Wooden floor relatively easy due to moisture or game players who have shed the sweat caused by slippery site, while the PU

Wooden floor space, although we also have the flexibility, but PU has a shock-absorbing capacity, so PU venue for international competitions have taken to do the playing field


3. Whether wearing shoes, the most important is to have one idea: that the best in indoor shoes to play in the Yao Da

when to wear, shoes and dirty one to be avoided, and secondly to avoid the dust and become covered with slippery soles, so will be able to extend the life of shoes

4. Finally, note that, badminton shoes to wear when fit, not too big nor too small, this way you can help

the play in motion, and secondly, you can reduce your chance of injury.


1, inexpensive thin crust badminton shoes, that is, as a white uppers, soles of green chevron lines of shoes, so that

of shoes will not be slippery, be able to support strong, and drawback is that at the end of thin, wear to teach fast. Main brands are Adibo, Double Star, Hui Li, BR

EAK and so on, prices are between 20-50.

2, mid-range of professional badminton shoes, leather uppers with PU and mesh uppers, comfortable, breathable; soles made of natural raw rubber,

abrasion resistance, slip of good. 100-300 price between the brand YONEX, VICTOR, FLEX, RSL and so on.

More styles and colors can be selected to their own preferences

3, professional-level badminton shoes, mainly in Japan YONEX production and use of air-cushion technique is suitable for a variety of professional badminton shipped

fixed, the price of 300 yuan, as the best choice.
Clover clover2010-02-13 17:48:09 +0000 #3
anti-slip. Toe
intellimouse2010-02-13 18:09:18 +0000 #4
badminton with translation and other movements, the foot force of a more comprehensive
Wu Li God2010-02-13 18:42:24 +0000 #5
badminton shoes professionally designed several features:

1, non-slip soles performance: the vast majority of cases, badminton venue the use of the wood floor, the current materials, raw rubber is the best and there is no substitute for the system of sole material.

2, cushioning, ease the impact of performance: the current badminton shoes will basically add cushion or power pad.

3, the professional use of wear-resistance: a distinctive feature of the sport's left foot (right-handed people) before the inside due to drag more, wear special calendar harm. Therefore, a professional badminton shoes in this area have specialized design. Professional sports shoes can not make use of all leather design (as costs are high, permeability is not good, heavy), a little more common practice is to use leather in that area.

4, comfortable and performance: the shape of the upper using ergonomic design, breathable performance fabric attention.

5, right foot protection performance: First arch part of the unique design, and second, ankle protection. In general, the latter half of shoes will do the hard point (usually plus a hard thing), ankle parts of the hole in the soft point, otherwise they will grind feet.



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