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Galaxy E3 soft? Galaxy EC13 forehand with how kind of glue? ?

3592010-02-13 19:01:15 +0000 #1
Straight. More rugged style of play, good strong loop COSCO Taiwan (Li Qin fans). Forehand past the fast-break arc of enclosure and occupation of Taiwan and a half, the COSCO Taiwan vigorously loop. Backhand cross-playing, and occasionally block shot. Mad 2 do? ? (E3 soft it?) Wanted to look at sets of gel and want to set a hard rubber points, speed, rotation strengths of the. Mad 2 do? ? EC13 how like? ? No words of recommendation about. . . .
51011304502010-02-13 19:04:49 +0000 #2
find equipment expert Hu Yidao, QQ number is: 228,114,338



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