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Badminton Hall VIP access ways of setting up?

6TKNLBDK5832010-02-13 19:02:10 +0000 #1
I have a 18 venue badminton hall, there are units to cooperate with me to establish their exclusive VIP site, how can I cooperate with them? Thank you
Dangerdog2010-02-13 19:17:33 +0000 #2
mount the ball-line unit of XXX VIP field next to the wall and then hang a big poster of this unit, have expressed the club entered your badminton courts. I personally think that the so-called exclusive, also dedicated a few hours and that there is no need to retain this unit has been given venue, should you have only 18 sites, not that much, so usually there is no activity in this unit can be rented to other venues, like the external , of course, you can suggest that units have been stationed in the club's situation, your stadium, and then the club is opening up, the ball can be friends, or VIP, of course, to the activities of each person should have to pay a site fee, VIP, and the ball-you prices different, if funds permit, can be standardized uniforms, establish the club website.



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