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Badminton from the ground how to stir up come from?

_ Rabbit Tour2010-02-13 20:01:58 +0000 #1
, Such as title, preferably with video Han's Kazakhstan -
yuxing07201112010-02-13 20:04:09 +0000 #2
Badminton dropped to the ground looking down from the previous look was a V-shape. You use the racket side by side on the V-word, but the can not be met. Otherwise, roll the ball back, to re-adjust the position. (but so skilled you can hit the ball after the side, because this time you can fairly quickly hooked the ball, the ball was not rolling You hook up.)

just started trying when the racket of the central axis and the angle of the ground can be as small point, 45 degrees below or lower, making surface and ground is 90 degrees. People have to bend over Oh, the athletes on TV are also bending of the.

Ready to move well, Here is more critical essentials. (Do not know your grip position is correct, start by telling you the correct grip method. Hands flat on the shot string, and then dropped to the root of grip Grip; or the racquet flat on the table, shut our eyes, pick up the racket.) Suppose you are right-handed grip of. Then rotate the right hand to beat, as if the ball should copy them. This time is the real key. Continue to beat his right wrist rotation. Because it has just copied the ball moves so that the ball has a left movement. To continue to spin a racket, so that the ball with the racket surface affixed to a rotating movement to stop the ball to the left angle. Doing spin moves when the racket, as long as you have copied the ball was up, we must side spin making the ball to the left side to prevent movement of the straight side of the body.

Hope my answer satisfied you can
teddyJJ2010-02-13 20:50:28 +0000 #3
you play more, it's easy jumped up. Is probably close to the feather edges of racket, like chopsticks something like, on the list. If the video Well, if there were no specific religion to stir up the past, you take a look at the video game, the athletes most of the time were picked from the ground.
tyj07162010-02-13 20:48:58 +0000 #4
The key is to use the thumb, index finger rotating racket, plus wrist, on it.

The key is to more practice, I was out of his practice



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