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Badminton forehand high serve (non-killing the ball), made force method

cnsy88hello2010-02-13 21:01:11 +0000 #1
Big Brother would like to ask you, badminton forehand high serve (where the ball is not a lofty pick the ball, not driving, nor kill the ball,) How can I send strength
Jianfeng Sports2010-02-13 21:07:18 +0000 #2
get started lofty hit the ball is divided into: Takato forehand hit the ball; lofty backhand hit the ball; head lofty goals. Forehand hit the ball this is Badminton get started lofty lofty hit the ball technology base.

Hit the ball before the preparation of action essentials:

First of all to determine the direction and placement of the ball, the ball sideways in his right shoulder back slightly before the top position, left shoulder on the net, left front, right foot in the latter, center of gravity in the right foot on the left arm elbow, left hand naturally holding his right hand holding shot, size, arm bent naturally, will be held in the right shoulder at the top of the racket, two watching the ball. Shots, ready to move from the beginning of the arm after cited, followed on to mention significantly higher than the shoulder joints will be cited after the racket to the head, the natural wrist (fist heart facing up), and then in the post-pedal, the switch body and waist, under the coordination of force in order to shoulder axis, driven boom swinging arm fast-forward at the top of the wrist, the highest in the arm hits the ball straight. Hit the ball and then held up his arm shot forward under the cis-inertial wave and close to the body before the shooting. Meanwhile, the left retreated, right foot forward, the body center of gravity moved from the rear foot forefoot.

Is in hand to hit lofty goals can not jump, or jump to hit the ball. The latter is to strive for high hits the ball to win the time of the initiative, but technical footwork and physical demanding. Therefore, beginners usually do not take off before you hit forehand high serve. Be familiar with, another according to their characteristics and field of the integrated use of these two methods shots.

Is in hand to hit the ball lofty pitfalls: batting points poor choice, migraine before or after the side impact batting force; shots, not a shoulder axis arm swing, but in the elbow axis, affecting arm hair strength, resulting in undue force; shots, not by arm swing rejection wrist movement to "explosive" hit the ball out, but the ball "push" system; ball forward after the racket is not a cis-inertia wave and the bottom income shot to the front of body, but rather the racket down; Chao You waved back, affecting the arm of force; shots, full-body coordination and other force. (In this declaration, the rejection rejection arm straight arm and straight arm deliberately sent to the power of hands is different, so pay attention to action is to relax and coordinate. In a turn of that, they must put their own elbow lift high point, or sweet spot on the bottom of. What is wrong with personal opinion, please the exhibitions!)
* crazy _2010-02-13 21:49:56 +0000 #3
first exercise the power of the arm with wrist wrist

there is a matter of fact you can buy a dumbbell

reaches a certain when the level of the wrist when the power

If you have a very strong ball of the

This can also be a time when the ball fly over must be hitting the sweet spot

wrist shaking OK

If you look on the power still does not work, then

can try to spend shoulders, abdomen, arm, wrist, arm strength

but this way, the general level playing golf

can not play the ball lofty Oh
Air Ming-yu2010-02-13 21:33:31 +0000 #4
forehand after the game, the key is the wrist and leveraging the body

and then, after the first turn toward the body rotation, bent, and then thrown his arm, about to hit the ball clenched wrist

I do not shoot, action, and so do not stiff


mainly to see the demo to find a video, at length to no avail
Santo in excellent shape and I was maple2010-02-13 22:05:49 +0000 #5
lofty shot that force depends primarily on the wrist of the rejection of the wave force and arms, and waist stretch drive.

in front of the ball, arm stretched aiming high ball, right foot After the tread, upper body backwards, in an instant shot in the arm, wrist and waving the ball driven fired, while the upper body is starting to arm a boost. that hard to say, so there are still some difficulties, and to find video look!
645,766,2972010-02-13 21:43:20 +0000 #6
not a very good expression, you can find coaches, better! ! !
2662425ww2010-02-13 23:56:38 +0000 #7
what you said is a fast flat ball came into the bar side of the body in a straight line into a 45-degree angle swing arm and wrist ...

after the pressure in the badminton on what to ask, I do not understand + QQ870641949
BOSS Commander2010-02-13 21:47:20 +0000 #8
focus on the ball to hit the dessert place in the film. . Is a racket in the middle upper 5CM around a radius of about a wafer 4CM. .



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