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2009 Badminton World Championships CCTV5 or other channels which, when broadcast straight or broadca

a12mi2010-02-13 22:02:17 +0000 #1
To tell me a specific time, when will a bit a few months for a few days? The answer satisfied with the extra points!
365 rainy day2010-02-13 22:07:39 +0000 #2
From the 14, the Badminton World Championships will enter a more exciting 1 / 4 finals, then, the Sohu sports will also be an exclusive live video from 1 / 4 finals to the finals all the badminton world championship tournament. The live video broadcast is also following the 2008 Thomas-Uber, 2009 Sudirman Cup, the Sohu sports for the majority of badminton enthusiasts dedicated Qing Li another exciting event.

The following table for the 2009 Badminton World Championships broadcast table: (update)

date and time against the live broadcast at 22:35 on August 14

1 / 4 finals, semi-finals CCTV-5

undetermined 1 / 4 finals, semi-finals Sohu Sports

at 18:55 on August 15 the semi-finals CCTV-5

undetermined semi-finals Sohu Sports

at 18:30 on August 16 finals CCTV-5

pending final Sohu Sports



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