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How to see the genuineness of GOSEN racket

qq3511228192010-02-13 23:02:01 +0000 #1
how could one distinguish GOSEN Guiqiu are genuine and the fake racket, as well as GOSEN racket all the information I gave you all of the points啦. Thank you brother first啦
frankyi5202010-02-13 23:17:59 +0000 #2
said Gosen after the closure of factories has not only finished products were bought by businesses, even the raw materials and equipment have also been carved out, I guess that is currently emerging Gosen, there are two possibilities:

1. Gosen other factories directly counterfeit products, these tempo in order to Grapower series of majority, we can say when the 100% fake.

2. The semi-processed using Gosen, made of half-truths of the racket, such as the re-engraved version of 3400, in the tube and type are related to original 3400 film is very similar to the hardness is almost, NewKickPoint above, there are titanium metal mesh, but the metal lines AERMET are printed up, and gilt printing also lost original rainbow sheen. 3400 prices are now off slightly higher than the other pseudo-Gosen, it is estimated as the reason to use the original materials.

3. To re-use original equipment manufactured imitations. Such as pseudo-80TI, look very similar, but it feels very different.

Now found a false Gosen mainly: Grapower80Ti, AERMET3400 (black), AERMET3400 yellow (head, ridiculous), ROOTS Guvun2000, AERMET2900. It turned out that batch Gosen is not only a very few models with a shot outside the set, 80Ti the film sets of the above printed Gosen Titainium, 1300Ti beat beat India puts on the model, and now the fake people who shoot to apply the soft leather, fits.

To Tell The best hand-removed gel to see whether the marked wooden production date, specifications and other data rackets
never say no words2010-02-13 23:45:25 +0000 #3
go to his official Web site let's see it: www.gosen-china .com / productpai.asp
6457662972010-02-13 23:48:51 +0000 #4
looking for professionals to identify! ! !



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