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2010 What are the relatively large-scale domestic national badminton match?

jychenjiaxian2010-02-14 01:02:06 +0000 #1
Game time, location, organizers, etc. .....
yjxyangjiaxin2010-02-14 01:15:07 +0000 #2
2010 Old National Badminton Invitational Tournament in the initial list of Changchun

as the country's badminton sector, a traditional event, from the beginning was founded in 1985, the National Badminton Competition has been middle-aged with 24 years of history. At present, the race has become a good tradition of the bid, each during the match to go through the race to host the presentation, the competent department approval, and other appropriate procedures. At 3:00 p.m. on April 9, at Zhengzhou University (West Campus) Gymnasium conference room, the Chinese Badminton related to leadership and to attend the 24th National Badminton Invitational middle-aged leader of the country was held on the next play middle-aged Badminton Invitational Tournament bid meeting. The meeting, Changchun City, National Sports Associations on behalf of the Secretary-General Han Xudong Sports Bureau, Changchun, Changchun City, National Sports Associations and the Badminton Association of Changchun City, presented to the delegates of the bid to host the intention of Changchun City.

The meeting, Xudong first to introduce the basic situation of Changchun City, and to introduce the Changchun City in competitive sports and fitness with regard to results. In the statement, Xudong brief introduction to badminton development in Changchun City, introduced the expected competition venues and the surrounding circumstances. In addition, Xudong Secretary-General also briefed the participants of the Changchun City, the situation surrounding tourist attractions. After the presentation, all participants agreed by acclamation in 2010 in Changchun host the 25th session of the National Badminton Invitational Tournament in the old resolution. After the game, tournament organizers, organizer for approval through the relevant procedures to determine the final contractor issues and begun to enter the preparatory phase of the 2010 race.

During the meeting the end, China Badminton tournament organizers to all participants in the competition over the age of 70 badminton enthusiasts presented by the Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Suo Deshi provides a badminton racket bag. In the film package, the organizers also specially printed on the name of each recipient, such a fantastic and the means by which the majority of older badminton enthusiasts welcome.



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