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Own YONEY CAB-016, two years down the sense of its lethality to use not suitable for their own inten

play21th2010-02-14 02:01:17 +0000 #1
【personal circumstances】

★ own use "YONEY CAB-016" shot, pull "Yonex BG65 Ti" line, but it can not shoot very high on the pounds seem to say;

★ ordinarily there is a unit of the organization to play part-time, weekly once or twice, each time 2 hours;

★ favorite sports, stands a m 8;

★ Badminton is "without a teacher I pass", like the spike, lob down a general point of view, the backhand back to the ball is also OK;


According to my situation, whether there is need to upgrade film? Many of my friends recommended "victory VICTOR" brand, the network perspective, is also a lot of praise, but their systems are more, what flames, explorers, challenger, pulse, nanotechnology, and so even more high-end systems, the prices from Taobao more than 100 to more than five hundred or even thousands, do you think I fit Which (intended nano-7, Taobao price of 400) Pull in what (BG65 TI do, BG80, BG95?), pull a few pounds? Thank you啦
vieto_yoyo2010-02-14 02:13:48 +0000 #2
thousands of people that is Huyou. Victory of the most high-end racket also to block 800.

The grade has a beat to see what price you can accept. Here are a few grades of a series of names and at a reasonable price:

1. Low-end: Flame lightning thunder storm series, 125 yuan to 2. In the low-end: Explorer Challenger :200-235 (ie, 630,064,006,500 and so on for several new models to sell 235 or so)

3. in the end: Super Nano-and TI series. Nano 6 and 7 is worth considering ,380-420 yuan, another TI-99 is not bad.

4. High-end: the power of waves series, of which 11 and 12 are representative type of

5. High-end: Super waves and Liang Jian series. Where 31 32 (740 yuan) and BR08 (780 below) worth considering.

Lines are used, individuals feel better with the 80

pounds should be given your own, if not sure on the mechanical pull-pull machines 25-23 is enough.
py_syp2010-02-14 02:27:11 +0000 #3
Nano-7, bar personal feeling is quite soft and if the LZ would love to kill the ball may not be appropriate. Recommended that consideration be nano-6, a relatively high cost. In view of LZ's height, could also be considered a top-heavy beat of violence, such as the pulse ti99 is also a good choice, the power of the classic film, going on to 30 pounds (3U). Of course, the higher end of the series is necessary based on your budget, the.

Also, if you want the high-pounds, it was suggested BG65 durability is better. Certainly do not consider the cost, then, BG95 is also a very good choice. LZ If you have not previously tried to play high-pounds, I suggest a high excess pounds from the beginning trying to, for example, from 24 to 26, then further increased gradually to adapt to. Otherwise the ball is not moving very vulnerable to injuries.
zhangang9401052010-02-14 02:45:47 +0000 #4
Low pounds (20 under): film line is very loose, hitting the ball, it was clearly felt that there is retention time in the film surface, but also the direction of the ball control is not good, as long as the ball hit the racket is not a dessert area, then the direction of flight of the ball and your swing on the direction of deviation there is a certain angle. Low-pounds is only one advantage is that no matter what the lines on the elasticity is good, so pull the ball and lob are relatively easy, but they should not expect to be able to precisely control the ball impact point, because it pounds the next, even if you use the same intensity of hit two balls, the ball impact point may not be the same. If the pull is less than 20 pounds, then even the best can not beat to play its excellent performance ---

in the low pounds (20-23): Amateurs usually pull in the lower-pounds or pounds, medium and low-pound feeling beat up and flexibility to play good ball you can, pull back court is also no big problem, but there are still stranded in a sense, this has for people who like to attack on the bad mood, the offense is a manifestation of the speed, while the shots This residual sense of the power delivery is very affecting, low-pound to weaken the power of attack. Maybe some people will say, I was also low-pounds, I have to kill the ball is also very strong ah! Well, I can only say that you have to adapt to the high pound, after killing the ball would be more effective

in pounds (23-25): I guess amateurs who pull this should be a maximum of pounds, and in this pounds, and regardless of shooting line and the rhythm itself, can play its unique properties, for example, one way or another 68TI, will feel the apparently high flexibility, one way or another 65TI, will feel a sense of hard hitting. Low-pound racket to play like a stick to beat the ball with the rejection back, but by this poundage can feel the bombs began to go back ---

Medium High pounds (25-27): In this pounds, as long as before you not played a high pound, they will feel that making a hard surface, there is a sharp decline in the flexibility of shooting line, pull back court may be very difficult, hitting weak. Pounds but usually adapted to the low-pound person would feel good to play, the obvious difference is the ball in the racket stranded sense. In use in the high-pound racket when playing golf, can feel very comfortable with the ball, how much power there is much speed, a variety of small balls is also very easy to control, because the pounds the next line should be able to maintain the flexibility of film, so beat with the strength and elasticity of the ball when hitting back will be very accurate, at least on the strength of the reflection is very accurate, even if you hit mistakes, and you will feel a force with more or spend less, and racket angle is bigger or smaller. Although I am not saying that is the pounds to play the master, but it can adapt to the pounds to play a little bit of people feeling ---

High-pounds (28 and over): Why do professional athletes generally pulled pounds? Very simple point! Raised the pounds is to increase the hardness of film surface, thereby enhancing the ball rebound surface generated when making a similar accuracy of specular reflection, as well as precise control of intensity, high-pounds to beat the flexibility of lower line, so that how much power the players will be able to ensure that there are that many effects, especially small ball handling. Let us make a very simple experiment to prove this point, take a table-tennis, a wood, a low-pounds badminton racket badminton racket and a high-pounds; would now like to try to hit up with boards, table tennis, and try to a ping-pong with a different intensity control the height of bounce, it's easy is not it? Then badminton rackets, the first low-pounds, you will find ways to use just basically can not control the ball bouncing; put on pounds of high-tempo, much better, though not as wood or ping-pong paddle, but still significantly superior to low-pound racket. This proves that the advantages of high-pounds! But Yao Da Gao pounds is not easy, first of all have the power, it does not mean that you need to have a lot of muscles, but should be explosive and wrist strength to see the national women's team players, seems not very strong, can be said that many of us the power than they are big, but their wrist strength, power, force, when there is good coordination of the body. National team member's hand I have not personally seen, but some of our City team provincial team MM's hands I'd ever seen, the feeling is: not my hand rough, it is estimated the strength nor my big, but they can also easily backhand Pull hanging backcourt, and their killing the ball is also very fierce, why should we be than men, but women? Is the wrist force, Yao Li --- so it is not everyone with a high pound, but I can say that the high pound at least would play, but play a good majority ---
wh_12182010-02-14 02:56:00 +0000 #5
Lindane recommended for beginners between 24-28 pounds in the OK



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