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Buy a good badminton racket

Huang Jiajun2010-02-14 04:01:03 +0000 #1
Yonex racket YONEX recently to buy fancy: NS9900, AT900 POWER, CAB-30MS

a racket is not double-edged sword, ready to buy a racket advanced high-level, I tend to play in the net before the ball, pull the backcourt spot play, but physically can not keep up, we end up lost points, but I like to smash with explosive force.

There is a can not distinguish the impact of single-doubles on the racket, shoot the first sub-light and heavy, making the hardness of dry?

I was not an option NS9900 do?

Finally would like to know the three models correspond to pull BG65Ti BG68Ti BG95 Which I do not know the election?
superwoman13142010-02-14 04:14:31 +0000 #2
to kill the ball should be used AT900, bow 10 is pulled out, but is the point of killing the king Ns9900, pull proposes bg65ti, and durable, you can beat it by 68 pounds very easily broken, NS9900, according to 38 said he could not pull the internal deformation, but most of the amateur can pull 25-26 of the
Feather Heart Murder Arrow2010-02-14 04:27:00 +0000 #3
election 9900 is possible, but the stone arch can also be

3 of the most hard-line second and third ball back to the most Fast

So, first proposed under a comprehensive line of

pounds is the size of your arm strength and ball technology, the decision not as an absolute statement

look you used to play pull-hanging, you can kill the ball, but mobility is not strong

Well, if you have a good ball, you can pull 27-28 lbs

but YUNEX probably only pull so much

In fact, you can try to Li Ning's new film is relatively easy to control
Air Ming-yu2010-02-14 04:32:18 +0000 #4

Leverage is not a good very hard, and very flexible, the net will have more advantages

right footwork required relatively low, but do not need to vigorously attack

so it is for you

As for the lines, or to vote for NBG95, after all, is with the line of control equipment In the 9900's would have been better

BG65Ti and 68Ti flu shot too hard

pounds, 25-26 is also OK, but NBG95 this flexible line, the high point is no problem
You can also ask me

plus a separate HI



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