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The latest International Badminton Competition (Inter-Continental Cup, Open) Rules

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Badminton Badminton Competition Rules Competition Rules definition:

【】 athletes who participated in badminton competitions.

【】 Both sides of a game or two athletes to the games, badminton competition decide the outcome of the most basic unit.

【】 Sides each 1 singles player for the game.

【Doubles】 two athletes from each of the game.

【】 Serve side has the right to serve the party.

【Next】 driving side serve the other side. 】

【Round ball from the ball was sent to death row before one or several of the hit.

Badminton Competition Rules - pitches and golf course equipment

a stadium should be a rectangle with a line drawn 40 mm wide.

2-line color preferably white, yellow, or other easily identified by color. 3 All the lines are an integral part of it to determine the region.

4 from the court on the ground, the net post high 1.55 meters, while the net is taut (for example, rule 1.10 below), net column should be perpendicular to the ground. Net post and its supporting material shall not be stretching from venues.

5, whether singles or doubles match, net post should be placed on the doubles sidelines.

6, the net should be dark, high-quality string compiled. Mesh for the square, each side were 15-20 mm long.

7 the net length of at least 6.1 meters from top to bottom width 760 mm.

8-ball along the net should be 75 mm wide strip of folded white cloth laminated with a rope or wire through from the mezzanine. Must keep abreast on a mezzanine along the rope or wire.

9 rope or wire should be firm and taut, and with the net capitals to take flat.

10 from the court on the ground, the central government at the top of the net should be a high 1.524 meters, the high net doubles sideline at 1.55 meters.

11 at both ends of the net and there should be no gap between the net post. When necessary, the net should be the net post at both ends fasten.

Badminton Competition Rules - Badminton

a ball can be natural materials, synthetic materials, or blend with them. As long as the ball's flight performance and natural feathers with a cork ball wrapped a thin leather ball made of the performance of care can be similar.

2 natural materials Ball

2.1 the ball should have 16 feathers fixed in care on the ball.

2.2 for each a ball of feathers from the feather tip the ball prop plane to the length of unification 62-70 mm.

2.3 feathers to the top surrounded by a circular with a diameter of 58-68 mm.

2.4 feathers applied lines or other suitable materials, fasten.

2.5 tee at the bottom of the spherical surface diameter of 25-28 mm in care.

2.6 ball weight 4.74-5.50 g

3 non-feather balls

3.1 balls made of synthetic simulation feather skirt from feathers made of natural materials instead of

3.2 tee as described in rule 2.6;

3.3 Sphere size and weight shall be as rules 2.2.2,2.2.3 and 2.2.6 above; but because of synthetic materials with natural feathers in the proportion of the performance differences, may allow not more than 10% margin of error.

In the altitude or climatic and other conditions due to inappropriate use of the standard ball where the ball as long as the general style, speed and flight performance remains unchanged, the approval by the relevant member associations, can be adapted for these provisions.

Badminton rules of the game - ball test

a testing ball in the end line to move the top of the best topical underhand the ball's flight direction should be parallel with the sideline.

2 standard speed of the ball should be landed from the other end line inside the outer edge of the area between 530-990 mm badminton competition rules within the


a badminton racket is not more than 680 mm length, width not exceeding 230 mm, the rules described in 4.1.1 to 4.15 from the main parts.

1.1 Grip is hitting some of those who hold the racket;

1.2 string side is hitting the ball for the ball part of those who desire;

1.3 racket head defines the scope of film physiognomy to 1.4 parts described in connection shoot stalk and shoot camera;

1.5 connection hose (if it is such a structure) to connect the first film shot with film.


2.1 film shoot chord chord facial surface should be flat, with the film the first cross string through the filming, or other forms of cross-woven. Knitting pattern should be consistent, especially the shooting strings weave the central surface density of not less than other parts;

2.2, and beat chord has a long face no more than 280 cents, the width not more than 220 mm. Racket strings may extend into the connecting pipe area.

2.2.1 shooting strings stretching from the region may not exceed 35 mm wide.

2.2, including this region, including a long face the whole string does not beat more than 330 mm.


racket racket and salient attachments are not allowed, except in order to prevent wear and tear, fracture, vibration, or adjust the focus of the appendages, or prevent the Department of the racket to get rid of the ball Grip the rope in your hand. But its size and location should be reasonable; and not allowed to attach any device on the racket as a result, athletes may substantially change from the shape of the racket.

Badminton Competition Rules - Equipment approval

Based on the above specifications, the rackets, balls, equipment, and to make products be used for competition issues, determined by the IBF. IBF initiative for such a decision could be made, or according to their vital interests are individuals, groups (including athletes, referees, equipment manufacturers, members of the association or its affiliated organizations) the application of determination.

Badminton competition rules - pick sides

race start, should pick sides. Rules side will win the first serve or the first return of serve or in a half-court area or the other half had started the race to make a choice. Losing side in the remaining one to select.

Badminton rules of the game - scoring

1 unless otherwise agreed, a game should be the outcome of three games scheduled.

2 In addition to rules 7.4 and 7.5 of the circumstances, the party served 21 points wins a bureau.

3 the other side "illegal" or the ball touches the ground each other's market area become a dead ball, then the Sheng Fang this time the merger was one point.

420 ping, the lead was two points wins the party council.

529 ping After the first 30 minutes of the party wins council.

6, a Bureau of winners in the next Board to serve first.

badminton rules of the game - the exchange of field area

1 the following players should be exchanged for the field:

1.1 the first set end;

1.2 the end of the second game (if there is a third Bureau).

1.3 in the third game, one-come-11 timeshare

2 if the athlete fails to rule 8.1 provides for the exchange field area, found that in a dead ball When the exchange has been very effective score.

Badminton competition rules - the legal driving tee


1.1, once made the players and the players have to stand sending and receiving their respective positions, either party are not allowed to delay service;

1.2-fat players and the players should stand on sending and receiving diagonally angle tee area, feet do not touch the service area and the next service area boundaries;

1.3 from the tee start (Rule 9.2 above), to serve the end (as described in Rule 9.3), made the players and the players feet sending and receiving Part of the course must have access

touch the ground, can not shift.

1.4-fat players hit the ball the racket should first care;

1.5 in the hair of the racket the players hit the ball an instant, the ball should be lower than the player's waist fat; waist refers to the players made the lowest level of the lower edge of the ribs tangent.

1.6 in the batting an instant, made the players should point to the bottom of the lift rod.

1.7 ball began, the players must be made a continuous forward swing until the ball issue.

1.8 issued by the ball should fly over the net, if not blocked, the ball should fall under the return of serve in the region (ie falls within the line or sector).

1.9-fat players serve, they should hit the ball.

2 once the athletes stand a good position, made the players swing, the players made the first forward swing the racket head shall serve the beginning.

3 serve after the start of the player's racket hit the ball fat or try to hit the ball off the tee, but at the end, both serve an end.

4 Fat players should be issued only after the players ready to serve, if the hair back to the players try to hit the ball off the tee, it should be considered to have ready.

5 doubles, made the players or the player's companion sending and receiving stations are not limited to, but not stop the opponent players or sending and receiving player's attention.

Badminton competition rules - and the next tee tee

1 1 Bureau, the serving side scores of zero or even number, the two players should be right in their respective service area serve or return of serve.

2 1 Bureau of , serving side scores a single number, the two players should be left in their respective service area serve or return of serve.

Badminton rules of the game - batting order and position of

a round ball made by the players and the players alternately sending and receiving from their respective side of the field area where the hit at any location, until the ball up into the dead.

Badminton contest Rules - scoring and tee

a fat player must win a round of 1 minute, followed by hair and then the players serve from another service area.

2 sending and receiving player wins a round would have a sub, and then sending and receiving the players become the new hair player.

Badminton Competition Rules - Doubles

a tee area and then to 1.1 a bureau service area, the serving side scores of zero or even number, the serving side shall serve from right service area.

1.2 a bureau, the serving side score of a single number, the serving side shall serve from the left service area.

1.3 serve receive side on a round ball the last time the athletes should be the return of serve in the same service area. His companions then serve with the opposite of the stations.

1.4 then the players should be made hair standing on the players DIAGONAL service area athletes.

1.5 serve one point for each side, the primary service area and then the players are driving change.

1.6 Rule 12 of the cases, the ball should be from the serving side scores compared with the corresponding to the starting tee.

2 batting order and location of the ball being hit back after each round, from serving on any one side and the ball side of any one person, alternating in their respective field area anywhere in the batting, so round up to a dead ball (Rule 15)

badminton competition rules - scores and tee

a tee Sheng Fang a round is worth 1 point, and then hair and then the players serve from another service area.

2 sending and receiving player wins a round would have a sub, and then sending and receiving the players become the new hair player.

Badminton Competition Rules - serve the order of

the right to serve each game must be so delivered:

1 The first is made the players, from right to tee ball.

2, followed by sending and receiving the first player's companion, from the left service court serves.

3 and is the first starter companions.

4 followed by sending and receiving the first player.

5 and then followed by the first starter, so to pass. athletes serve order and then serve the order shall not be wrong. A player shall not be in the same game twice in a row Bureau of the return of serve (except in cases where the provisions of rule 12). A Council wins any one player can be the first serve in the next Council, the negative side of any one player can be the first return of serve.

Badminton competition rules - tee error

violation of the following error for the service area.

A serve or return of serve sequence.

2 in the wrong tee serve or return of serve.

If the service area the error should be corrected in order to get the score effectively.

badminton rules of the game - offense

the following are illegal:

an illegal serve when serving


2.1 the ball hung in the top-line or stop the network.

2.2, after the ball over the net hung on the Internet.

2.3 companions then made the players touch the ball or the ball.

3 in the match:

3.1, the ball landed outside the court boundaries (ie, not falling within the boundary or boundaries)

3.2 balls from the mesh or offline through;

3.3 balls, but network;

3.4 the ball touches the ceiling or around the walls;

3.5 hit the ball player's body or clothing;

3.6 ball touches other objects or people outside the stadium.

(On the stadium, the building structure, if necessary, the local badminton badminton organizations can reach the building to develop a temporary provision, but its attribution IBF member associations have the right of veto)

3.7 was shot when stuck in a racket, the tight were then towing thrown.

3.8 by the same player twice in a row hit the swing twice (but one swing, the ball hit the racket strings and the beat is not an offense.)

3.9 by the same party two Athletes hit a row.

3.10 hit racket athletes, without flying to the other sites.

4 in the match:

4.1 athlete's racket, body or clothing touches the net or the net of support structures;

4.2 athlete's body from the hacking online games zone (except as permitted by Rule 13.3);

4.3 athlete's racket or body over the net for an invasion of the other field area, resulting in prejudice to the other side or the other scattered attention; or

4.4 hinder each other, that is blocking the other side close to the ball net legitimate shot

5 race, the athletes, the attention of any of the other party deliberately decentralized actions, such as shouting, posturing and so on.

Badminton competition rules - re-serve

by the referee or the players (not set up when the referee) he announced that "heavy ball",Used to interrupt play.

1 Fat players to prepare the players before sending and receiving serve, should be re-serve.

2 in the process of hair ball players and the players were convicted of illegally sending and receiving should be re-serve.

3 In addition to serving, the ball over the net, after hanging in the top-line or stop the network should be re-serve.

4 in the match, the ball is entrusted with the other parts of the complete separation of the ball should be re-serve.

5 linesman failed to to see, the referee can not make a decision, should be re-serve.

6 referees that the race is to interfere with or interfering with the other athletes, coaches game.

7 the event of unforeseen or unexpected, it should be re-serve.

"Heavy ball", the play since the second tee shot right after the invalid, the primary player to re-serve.

Badminton competition rules - dead ball

following the dead ball:

a ball hit by net or net post, we began to to the striker side falling on the ground.

2 the ball touches the ground.

3 proclamation of the "illegal" or "re-serve."

Badminton competition rules - continuity of play, misconduct and punished

1 from the first ball game until the end of the field should be a continuous (rules 16.2 and 16.3 except as permitted).

2 Intermittent:

2.1 in each game, when a party come-11 time-sharing, allowing not more than 60-second interval.

2.2 for each game, each bureau is not allowed more than 120 seconds interval (some television coverage competition, head judge may decide to change the rules before the game under the intermittent 16.2.).

3 game suspension.

3.1 encountered no athlete beyond the control of the situation, the referee suspended the game as needed.

3.2 special circumstances, chief judge may request the referee suspended the game.

3.3 if the game was suspended have all been scores of effective competition by the renewal date of the scores.


4.1 delay of game players are not allowed breathing space for the restoration of physical or delay competition.

4.2 is a match referee is the sole arbiter has been delayed.


5.1 guide and left the pitch in a game, dead ball (Rule 15), allow athletes to receive guidance.

5.2 in a game, players without the referee agrees not to leave the stadium (in the rules described in 16.2 except during intermittent).

6 players of the following acts are prohibited.

6.1 intentionally delayed or interrupted match.

6.2 deliberately change or damage spherical ball, to influence ball speed or flight performance.

6.3 behavior rude.

6.4 rule is not mentioned in other misconduct behavior.

badminton competition rules - a warning.

2 on the side had been warned offenders sentenced to the same side so the two offenses were considered "repeat offenders." 3 for serious or repeated violation of the party sub - offense, and immediately report to the chief judge, head judge violated the right to cancel a party eligible for the games.

Badminton rules of the game - referee duties and Reception of Complaints

a referee of the tournament take full responsibility.

2 referees over match and manage the farm and the neighborhood of the venue, the referee should referee is responsible for.

3 ball umpire shall be responsible for offenders serving sentences made the players (rule 9).

4 line umpire the ball is in their sub-pipeline deal with the impact point pronounced "circle" or "lay." 5 referees officer in charge of their duties by the fact that the sentence is within the final decision, when the referee confirmed that linesman obvious miscarriage of justice, should be corrected.

6 Umpires should make sure that:

6.1 to uphold and enforce competition rules badminton and timely proclamation of "illegal" or "re-serve" and so on.

6.2 of the complaint should be made before the next ball awards;

6.3 so that athletes and spectators will be kept informed of the process of the game

6.4, after consultation with the chief judge to assign or replace line umpire or net umpire;

6.5 in the absence of spot referee staff When, for no one to make arrangements for the implementation of the duties;

badminton competition rules - rules of the game badminton points

pick sides before the game, using pick edge methods (coin toss) to determine the serving side and sites. Edge winner will be picked first option is to serve or return of serve, or a half-court zone or area to another half-game. Losers in the remaining one to select.


Badminton World Federation in May 2006 in Tokyo, Japan at its annual Congress formally decided to implement 21 points in the new competition system. In May 2006 in Tokyo, Japan at the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup's first 21 points in a trial three bureau competition system. This system, which will become the international competitions in all future general badminton competition system, the 29th Olympic Games will also use the event system. 21 points competition system for improving the athlete's motivation to reduce injuries to athletes, as well as television and other aspects of the system greater than the CA advantage.

21 points BWF implementation of the system for each scoring system, all individual winners of each Board sub-Jie Wei 21 points, a maximum of 30 points. Each game best of three games to take the system will first 21 points to win the race party. If both score is 20 than 20, the winning party has to win over opponents two points be considered; until the two sides when the score labeled 29 to 29, then the first 30 minutes of which party wins. Bureau of winning the first party in the next game before serving a bureau.

Stop-bit mode

singles: When the fat player, or even get a score of 0, the two athletes are in their respective right service court serve or return of serve; when the ball side of the score is odd, the two sides athletes are in their left service area serve or return of serve.

Doubles: race, when the score is 0 or an even number, the ball from the right service court diagonally sent to the other venues right next service area; when the score is odd, the ball left the tee box from the right angle to each other venues issued Left access service area. Competition, only when one continuous score, the players must be made in the right or left turn serve the service area, while the return of serve position players change sides. Other cases, the player should stand on a round of their respective service area remains unchanged, in order to ensure the players made the turn.

Doubles matches, whether at the beginning or in the race are all run alone the right to serve, meaning that each party the right to serve only once. Serve side error is not only lost the right to serve will also lose 1 point, if the time was right to serve the party scored an odd number, then the service area must be located on the left of the players serve, if the time was right to serve the party score is even, one must be a player in the right tee ball.

Doubles players can play only the return of serve return of serve, return of serve if their peers or the ball touches the "unauthorized" and sentenced to serve side scoring, when the ball was hit back after the ball can be any one of two people hit back, no batter , so round-trip until the dead ball. Doubles serve, the ball players and then players must stand under the service area and the return of serve and return of serve serve the region, and their companions stations can be unlimited, but without prejudice to the other side. Athletes serve and return of serve the order is incorrect, the score had been too effective, correct position or order.

Race intermittent mode

every game the system have adopted three games. When either party to get 11 points in the game, the competition will be intermittent 1 minute; the interval between the two Councils game time 2 minutes.

Badminton rules of the game - match the common offenses

pass-through offense - driving while in the moment shots, hair should point to the players shoot below par. Otherwise, will be sentenced offenders.

Over waist offenses - driving while in the instant hit, the whole players made the ball should be lower than the waist. Otherwise, will be sentenced offenders.

Swing a standstill - serve after the start of swing movement is not coherent, will be sentenced offenders.

Feet move, touch-line or not to serve the region - from the beginning to the serving end of the tee, made the players or the receiver's feet must have some contact with the court on the ground not moving, and all must stand on opposite oblique serve the region, feet should not touch or pick up service area service area boundaries. Otherwise, will be sentenced offenders.

Sweet spot not on the initial care or serve the ball failed to hit the ball, will be sentenced offenders. Sweet spot not on the first tee is that when serving, the racket touched the first feathers or feathers and the ball hit at the same time care.

Serve, the ball does not fall under the return of serve area, will be sentenced offenders. Such as: sent the ball did not fall on the right field corner, but within or network, or hung on the line, stopping at the top and other networks. Under the ball over the net, or mesh, or touch the ceiling or near the heart through the athlete's body or clothing, will be sentenced offenders.

Ball touches stadium, or other objects or people, will be sentenced offenders. Ball-point network, which extends upward over face, that is, in each other over the ball field area, will be sentenced offenders.

Athletes racket online, offline hacking field area to prejudice the other party, or dispersed or impede each other's attention to each other, blocking each other's legitimate shot near the net, will be sentenced offenders.

The same player twice in a row hit the ball swing, or two doubles players on the same side of all hit the ball straight time, will be sentenced offenders.

The racket on the ball stopped, followed by towing thrown, will be sentenced offenders.

Athlete of serious violation or repeated violations of the provisions of the continuity of the game or the player misconduct, will be sentenced offenders. Such as: right to leave the venue water, wipe their sweat, changing rackets, accept off-site guidance, or willfully change the ball or destruction such as badminton or rude behavior.

Badminton competition rules - re-serve

re-serve, the original round invalid, the players to re-serve the original hair.

In addition to serving, the ball over the net, after hanging in the top-line or stop the network and sentenced to re-serve.

Serve while making their rounds at the same time players and the players convicted of illegally sending and receiving, will be re-serve.

Fat players then the players are not ready made, the ball is issued re-sentenced to serve.

The ball is in flight, the ball is entrusted with the ball the rest of the complete separation and sentenced to re-serve.

Referee for the round does not make a decision, it will be re-sentenced to serve.

Unforeseen circumstances and sentenced to re-serve.

Badminton rules of the game - the exchange of field area

the first game end of the game, the two sides should exchange site.

If the Board when the number of 1:1, in the third game before the start of the two sides should exchange site.

In the third game, leading the score to 11 time-sharing side, the two sides should exchange site.

If the venue should be exchanged without exchange, if it is found to be an immediate exchange, acquired scores valid



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