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Badminton pad on the issue

Meng wife _D_ Karp2010-02-14 06:01:33 +0000 #1
brother runs a badminton court, to the kind of very thick capped with a ball pad, concrete materials, clear, long aging time, the ball raised to the middle of the mat, no matter what pressure Ye Hao, how get Ye Hao Ping is not, help you greatly! !

Do not know if I did not describe the well! ! !
vieto_yoyo2010-02-14 06:04:44 +0000 #2
you want to say is that the plastic floor Mody?

Aging that is not help. But most of the training are small plastic stitching, so for a small piece broken on it. Of course, capital is not a problem, then the exchange as a whole.

After the attention of 2 points:

1. Is prohibited on the golf course hard shoes

2. Non stick oil (vegetable salad oil gasoline kerosene, etc.), it is necessary to deformation of the oil thing a stick. There is also careful not to sprinkle juice beverages cola jacket above. If this is the case, remove them immediately.



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