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BG80 and BG95 line of each What are the characteristics?

jjfdn2010-02-14 06:02:17 +0000 #1
, Such as title, while the number of pounds of each line to wear more appropriate, that can begin to play a line should be performance.
peidaoyan2010-02-14 06:06:34 +0000 #2
BG-80: 0.68 mm in diameter, the line core material for a new high coefficient "VECTRAN" fibers, the outer layer resin material prepared for the oval bundle fibers, shots, has excellent flexibility and explosive comprehensive performance, and vigorously to kill the ball with excellent results. Colors are: White (White), Blue (Royal Blue), Purple (Vilot).

BG95 (NBG-95) Line: YONEX Badminton line is the best overall performance of a line of the ball. Hitting a sense of moderate hardness, with excellent flexibility. 0.69 millimeters in diameter, using a unique nano-scale carbon composite fibers, so that the surface of cross-film lines, vertical cross-section of the concavity reduced by 15%, to obtain high strength and high rebound durability unity.

About Pull pounds:

key to see the user's hand and wrist strength, strength through more than 25 pounds can be pulled easily control racket.

Force is small, even when pulled 25 or 26 pounds, has played a line of best performance, but the user can not control the racket, like the overall performance can not be brought into play. Therefore, the line pounds the size of the power users to see the size of the key.

Men in general are an amateur with between 22-25 pounds to 23-24 pounds up to.

Ms. amateur and generally are between 20-23 lbs ,21-22 pounds up to.

Amateur masters, the pursuit of faster speed and accuracy of the impact point, select pulled pounds and can reach 25-28 pounds.

28 pounds or more, professional choice, most people little touch is better, easy to wrist injury.
haibara_wch2010-02-14 06:42:44 +0000 #3
80 linear elasticity the best, but relatively easy to break, suitable for offensive players, 95-line pull-hanging, then a more balanced better, control is very accurate and comprehensive for the different lines for at least 24 pounds to play to its advantages



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