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I am a male want to buy top-level racket

Mok noisy I'll have2010-02-14 07:02:13 +0000 #1
I want to buy a 17-year-old

yy relatively easy to control the strength of top-level badminton racket

very good

prefer to pull back court smash attack, but the net is not very good

master please beat their models, Line Type pull pounds left

(Having said that regardless of money)
Hengha brother2010-02-14 07:13:03 +0000 #2
my age is not big, but slightly larger than you!

feeling you should be very much like to play badminton, but I think there is no need for that! This is just a game thing! after all, not a professional! Of course, if you earn 100,000 a month then I lifted the bar!

I like play billiards, to buy rod when there is no too expensive!!

look at the economic strength of your own!!
Wu Li God2010-02-14 07:22:43 +0000 #3
buy a bow and arrow 10 bar (Yonex ARC 10), I use is, pull 24 pounds
senstang2010-02-14 08:00:18 +0000 #4
right, upstairs was right. ARC10 greatest feature is not characteristic.

From another point of view, are characteristic. The capacity is very balanced, Taufik, Gade they do not always use ARC10, drive up and less effort, both before and after the field feeling quite good.

In fact, Lee Chong Wei used to AT900 you can also consider making under the old 700 though not so hard, in fact, he's in the shot, a medium hardness, but the attack is absolutely powerful, you can see the strength of Lee Chong Wei to kill the ball on the know, on the assumption that You have to have driven its strength. Lee Chong Wei of its evaluation is "kill the ball with the AT900, just like using a sledgehammer smashed like an egg."
To enjoy college life2010-02-14 08:10:35 +0000 #5
Oliver Flexon A badminton racket is suitable for beginners, attack type (the German's glory)

Price: ¥ 650.00 RMB Size: 668mm
155 Her2010-02-14 09:18:16 +0000 #6
Recommend NS9900, is for you. Line with the BG65, pounds 25.
Chen2008132010-02-14 07:29:54 +0000 #7
my information and you have exactly the same

I use the NS9000

I recommend that you use

NS9000 or AT900

AT900 racket head heavy, very suitable for attack
Bluetooth days Chong2010-02-14 09:51:52 +0000 #8
bow and arrow 7 well, known as magician on the pitch, basically to meet the needs of your price at around 1100 pounds, then 24, had too much bad enough control
you and I have four pigs2010-02-14 08:36:28 +0000 #9
bow and arrow can be considered 10, 95-line 24-27 lbs

super-easy to play

I am now in use
Security 9 Ju2010-02-14 10:23:23 +0000 #10
Yonex ARC 10 is absolutely no problem!

only a question of money



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