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exterminate the southern one million soldiers2010-02-19 21:10:56 +0000 #1
we stress the importance of the AT700 with yy should be born with a good quality can play.

All right. I said I was born with supernatural power that be all right. I am also quite strong explosive force.

An old version of AT700

it says there is no new version of AT700.

Killing the ball, the new AT700 Genghen. Or AT900p Genghen?

New AT700 has a few U's?

AT900 did not 2U do?

Prices please say a few words
intellimouse2010-02-19 21:26:37 +0000 #2
at700 and at900p are 3u and 4u, without 2U.

900p in the pole than the new seven hard, so the power is strong enough, then you can take 900p.

From a singles point of view, at700 has the advantage because the bar a little soft, so to accelerate more easily, you can not adequately made in a number of occasions, forced hair force strength. Lindane use it is because of this, because it is characterized by lindane can always speed. Lindane is now using softer rod in N90. 900P has the advantage because the bar hard, so more accurately control the placement of these.

If only the pursuit of attack, you can refer to beat doubles players. YY doubles player who is now, with many of 900P with at700 with no. . .

Price, at900p than the new at700 expensive, 900p original price 1680,700 original price 1450. A common discount is more than six fold. You take what came out. . If you dare to go Taobao, but also be lower. .

Want to Genghen, you can go to consider ti10 II (Fu Haifeng Li Ning, changed is this before). . . 2U of the ARC-Z, 2U of NS9000X. . .



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