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To buy badminton racket should pay attention to what issues? extreme beam2010-01-21 14:01
, Such as title, I am a rookie, has just started to play badminton. Want to buy a 100-200 to beat, b
The technical aspects of badminton I am what I2010-01-21 14:01
play all year, and recently played are more than a year ago, technology is of course a lot of progre
Badminton old points system - 15 points system Romantic Swordsman2010-01-21 10:02
I do not know how the old system of calculation points, stations (singles and doubles). Which can ex
How does the backcourt in situ badminton smash? Jump smash it? carlosyz2010-01-21 05:01
Is always labeled as lofty goals, pay attention to the film surface and under the pressure of the wr
I'd like to send the leadership of the Deputy badminton rackets, Shayang good? Badminton racket Personalized Custom2010-01-21 04:02
Unit leaders like playing badminton, I would like to match up to send Vice badminton racket curry fa
A little bit lost, I am away from the Badminton ah hijoni2010-01-21 01:02
bar has been a year now, so watching them. I'm one badminton enthusiasts it, why say "considered"
Xie Bo in the end what is illness? Why introduce competition? indonesiajakarta2010-01-20 16:01
Badminton choreography instance? Small New2010-01-20 15:01
My fellow teachers, I was learning presentation of badminton, hope can give me some specific example
Badminton 15-point scale how the kind of tonywmrc2010-01-19 11:01
Where can I buy the book describes 15 of the points system, thank you
LG Habayashi registration address to which the General Assembly? To eat beans a clique2010-01-19 03:01
Some of the skills on the badminton? Angel2010-01-19 02:02
1, singles, when, when the left ball, when the right serve, serve, what skills? 2, when the double
You heroes, how can we sell badminton winding line of the machine? cppwhl2010-01-18 22:01
Unit to buy, the convenience of staff, I do not know how can be sold, nor Internet search, first Tha
Badminton how to fight sail2010-01-18 17:01
badminton after the field is very difficult to play, how to practice this technology ah.
Not long ago the Indian Open badminton tournament Bao Chunlai was defeated by whom? Drop Diamond2010-01-18 14:01
What brand of badminton racket is better fjzhi422010-01-18 13:01
In addition to yy, the Kason's how like? Level than the pure fresh water better, it should be what
Why did I beat her? Flying Swallow2010-01-18 11:01
Me and she is a heterosexual middle-aged friends, we know through the network. Now, often together t
Non-slip wood floor badminton zihuai73802010-01-18 11:01
I often play badminton in the wooden floor, but the feeling no matter what shoes to wear are a good
Badminton problems (troubles) I am what I2010-01-18 07:01
I is an acceptance of more than half of professional people, (that is, my coach is trained in) the b
Badminton Cycling years2010-01-18 04:01
hearing a friend say, "Badminton" is a noble exercise, what is incorrect? Xiang Jie!
LG Habayashi Assembly Habayashi treasure what ah? 1coolboy12010-01-18 01:01
Badminton Video hijoni2010-01-18 00:01
I would like to see badminton games online video, but not inside Baidu, who was introduced to what i
About Badminton Cycling years2010-01-17 20:01
Recently, I was infatuated with in badminton, every day the same gang of people with a university to
Rookie question mark badminton Cycling years2010-01-17 20:01
badminton hand on the rubber, I only played a few players on the dirty gum, this is a clean or new o
What to wear badminton shoes would have been better, and he has a comfortable and non-slip? Iekiningall2010-01-17 16:01
Color Problems on the line YY Silence de Ha Mody2010-01-17 11:01
I are accustomed to using Qinghuang color line, as BG65.80 Both have the colors. But I yesterday t
Playing badminton out before the game, can not climb someone else how to do jnqdm2010-01-17 03:01
badminton others can not climb out before the game, how to do
Sports Happy every day2010-01-16 10:01
East Asian Games badminton conditions
Badminton mixed doubles match - the possibility of female members out to work off? Asian Clock2010-01-16 05:21
Formal competition, mixed doubles players can stand to work off? Are there any rules of the game thi
Wing Yan badminton well? Where can we buy it? fjzhi422010-01-16 03:01
Badminton Tutorial How can Qiao Li Fa Downloads fanpengwu2010-01-16 00:24
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