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Lee Jang-su after class, and national security will be able to win it?

shibingbutuji2010-01-20 19:02:00 +0000 #1
Results ball into the2010-01-20 19:11:02 +0000 #2
Star Master said, right, Lao Li is the scapegoat, in fact, the club management of a problem, which leads to today's results.

National Security is a style of work the club has always been a high-profile, from the beginning of the year Paul won shouted oath, gave the team a lot of pressure, the champion is not shouting out! Good deed goes unpunished, which makes national security became the target of attacks by the other clubs think of what is now the team is not only with the national security Sike?

If we say that the level of Old LEE No, Is 07,08 two seasons have not found, and today we discovered? Earlier this year, Lao Li said that Tiago would like to find a similar high-center and finally the club have signed a big grid, while the previous team play a great role in the Old Lee Martin, but also because of the small difference did not sign U.S. dollars 50000. Such a thing happen in the national security is not the first time, and I think back to the Jelic. The last big rush to sign under the Martin and the team still had not integrated.

Said that Li was employing a single fault, I admit, but the recent decline in league performance is by no means the fault of Old LEE, I think national security more than a decade, and could see that the recent few games some players have a big problem, go all out on the floor just a handful of foreign players and Yang Zhi. China is the coaching staff to lead the impeachment hear his name a few players is the main cause of the incident.

If I were an outsider, then listen to the national security players in the blog today, written by Guo Hui, a two sentences: "The walk did not go," "National Security? Champion?" Apparently refers to the first sentence is not hear his name, the second sentence of If it is fully expressed disappointment with the management of the club, as well as uncertainty about the future.

In short nothing more to say, and Old Lee has brought us a lot of fun, and we see him off.

Finally added, it is hoped the other super-teams coach next year, Lao Li, and beat Beijing Guoan.
rkohhh2010-01-20 19:35:54 +0000 #3
Now the top few have the opportunity, national security, too, is why he was replaced at this time
xvfengchu_se9wl2010-01-20 20:08:25 +0000 #4
Lee Jang-su is not school hours, the National Security winning no hope, Lee Jang-su after class, and national security to win there is still hope! Take a look at several recent national security goals, it can be said to Lee Jang-su seems a bit late after class.
angel_sun2010-01-20 20:56:06 +0000 #5
there is still hope, however difficult it may be good to play four consecutive road.



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